Strictly Lax GunLaws

Strictly Lax GunLaws

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you: Arizona has some of the worst, most lax gun laws in the nation. The Brady Center for the Promotion of Gun Violence gave the state a zero (out of a possible 100) on its report card rating for gun laws, it’s so bad.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:
Arizona has extremely strict gun laws, with everything remotely criminal against the law, usually several ways, with steep fines, long jail time and vigorous prosecutors. You can be put to death in Arizona for the worst violations.

What Arizona has that makes the left and the anti-rights mob so angry, is robust protection for the civil rights of any average resident to keep and bear arms, without interference with this right.

The “news” media may call that lax, but to people who know, that’s called freedom, and it’s desirable. The left is increasingly the party that stands against individual freedom, with some parts of the right unfortunately not far behind.

Because the “news” media sets the tone of debate for the nation, people championing freedom and individual rights are cast as destructive, and must respond defensively. The truly destructive people, like the Bradys, are portrayed as the moral high ground — precisely opposite of reality.

This is what passes for an informed public. It’s no wonder the nation is in distress.

People who are against gun rights and other freedoms, or think a law that protects us from government interference is a bad thing, are in essence preaching socialism and dominance of the state over freedom of the individual.

This is wrong, and bad, by definition. Knowing what the Brady scores and “news” media really represents, activists in the state were pushing for a minus score.

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