Panteao Productions introduces New Colt 1911 Documentary

Colt Model of 1911 DVD
Colt Model of 1911 DVD
Panteao Productions
Panteao Productions

Columbia, SC –-( Panteao Productions introduces a new DVD in the Panteao Documentary series of videos called Colt Model of 1911 – 100 Years of Service.

The Model 1911 is the most widely copied handgun design in firearms history. Today virtually every major firearms manufacturer offers a version of it.

Colt, however, is the only manufacturer to produce the 1911 continuously since its adoption by the US Army in 1911.

Panteao Productions had the rare opportunity to go to the Colt factory in West Hartford, CT to document how Colt produces their 1911 handgun. We follow the manufacturing process from beginning to end, watching new and old technologies and machinery working together. We also pay a visit to the Museum of Connecticut History where the Colt Firearms Collection is on exhibit.

Orders are being accepted on Amazon and by Panteao. The video is also available streaming to Panteao website subscribers.

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About Panteao Productions
Panteao Productions is a video production company that produces instructional videos from the top firearms instructors in the world. For more information about Panteao, visit You can follow Panteao on Twitter and find us on Facebook.

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