Help Tom Berg Repeal the Koko Shooting Complex Fees

Hawaii Koko Head Shooting Complex
Hawaii Koko Head Shooting Complex

Hawaii ––( gun owners, Councilman Berg is at it again, and needs our help.

In response to the $15 per hour fee now being charged at Koko Head Shooting Complex, he has introduced two new bills, Bills 1 and 60.

These two bills will be heard by the council on the 25th of January, so as in competitive shooting, speed is of the essence!

Both bills pertain to the charging of fees at Koko Head Shooting Complex, a topic which is near and dear to all our hearts.

Bill 1 would change the wording of the fees to exclude non-profit charities from the fee, while Bill 60 would clarify that the $15/hour fee is to be charged only when an organization requires a Parks facility to be open outside normal hours and staffed by an attendant.

These are good bills for the shooting public to support, so please don’t hesitate to send in your testimony, or if you’re available on Wednesday, 25 January at 10:00am, register to speak. The meeting agenda, details on how to register to speak or submit testimony, as well as the text of the two bills, can be found at the city of Honolulu’s website.

Mr. Berg has been appreciative of the hard work all of you have done in writing testimony for various bills relating to the shooting sports on Oahu. Please be sure to submit your comments. Even if you’re not going to win a Pulitzer Prize for your writing, it will at the very least demonstrate to the city council that there are a large number of people on the island who care deeply about their Second Amendment rights.

I will edit this post to add a sample testimony letter, once I’ve had a chance to write my own testimony. Thank you all for your past and continuing support.

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