Your Chance to See Gun Rights History in the Making – Nordyke v King

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Your Chance to See Gun Rights History in the Making – Nordyke v King. IMG: iStock-1245041394

California –-( Don Kilmer will be arguing Nordyke v King in front of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, March 19th, 2:30 PM.

Phone: (415) 355-8000
Hours: 8:30AM – 5:00PM

You are strongly encouraged to ARRIVE at the courthouse at least ONE HOUR EARLY. The last hearing was packed out! Many people had to observe in the overflow room. Business attire is strongly recommended (coat and tie…or at least coat and a collared shirt.)

You will be subject to security screening upon entrance to the building. Please call the court to ask questions about cameras etc. There are numerous parking lots in the area.

If anyone in the San Jose/ Santa Clara wants to form a carpool, send a message to [email protected] with your name and telephone number. The carpool can meet at Harry’s Hofbrau where we have our meetings. If other locations are desired, we can coordinate.

Here is the link to the case:

Here is the link to the location:

About the GS2AC

The Golden State Second Amendment Council is an independent firearms rights organization dedicated to the advancement of the right to keep and bear arms in California. Formerly organized as the NRA Members’ Council of Silicon Valley, we have reformed ourselves as an affiliation of Second Amendment activists in order to do those things a Member’s Council generally can not. In summary, there is a void to be filled in the firearms rights community and we seek to fill it. Our core concern is that the Second Amendment community must go on the offensive if we are to retain our right to bear arms in this state. Visit:

Golden State Second Amendment Council

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This case has langished long enough. Delaying is a fine way to deny ordinary rights to others that include right of assembly as within a gun show, a gun show that had nothing to do with a hot head shooting people at a carnival. How could anyone have protected their rights from a narrow minded attack by a city council either? The Pleasanton gun show wasn't even running at the time. This is the CA half-brained logic of the type of "leaders" elected here. Let's all be sure to thank Mr. Kilmer for hanging in so long on this case… Read more »