North Carolina Restaurant Carry Bill Passes Committee

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North Carolina Restaurant Carry Bill Passes Committee

North Carolina –-( There were a few modifications made, some good, some not so good, but if enacted our main goal of concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol will be achieved!

Additional restrictions to and penalties for weapons possession by felons have been added, along with clarification of park areas wherein carry is permitted.

The modified park language will improve statewide uniformity that has been cynically attacked by several municipalities following the enactment of last year’s HB 650.

Improvements include carrying specifically allowed on bike paths and walking trails. Disappointing exclusion of carrying within certain restroom/dressing/storage facilities has now been added.

If voted into law, restaurant carry becomes effective Jan 1, 2013.

GRNC Volunteers Attend Judiciary II Meeting
A newer member of GRNC’s Assembly watchdog team, Josette Chmiel gave important testimony in favor of HB 111. Her testimony was so compelling it has been quoted in the News & Observer’s coverage of the meeting. Josette’s powerful words flipped the votes of at least two Senators who, just prior to the meeting, had pledged opposition. As a result, the bill was unanimously passed. Here is a brief excerpt of Josette’s testimony:

“Not everyone who frequents a bar or restaurant drinks. I regularly enjoy going out with friends to restaurants that serve alcohol. When I leave that restaurant & walk to the parking garage, I automatically become a potential victim. Look at me. I am your wife, your daughter, your fiancé. And I can be a victim of a crime and not be able to defend myself because I was not permitted to carry in the restaurant. Every time I leave a bar or restaurant, I put myself at risk.”

If you meet Josette, thank her for a job well done!

Turfed to another committee?
Although in our grasp, victory remains uncertain. For reasons we are not yet sure of, HB 111 was routed to yet another committee rather than immediately to the Senate floor where we are confident we have the votes to pass it.

We will have more information about the reasons for this routing and their implications soon. Additional pressure may need to be applied to move this bill to the floor for the vote IT DESERVES!

Watch for upcoming alerts – only YOU can apply the leverage required to get this important law enacted!

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