Oversight Committee Releases Resolution, Report for Today’s Contempt Vote

U.S. House of Representatives
Oversight Committee Releases Resolution, Report for Today’s Contempt Vote

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has released in advance a resolution and report defining the case it will be making in today’s contempt vote against Attorney General Eric Holder for his failure to respond to a subpoena in the Fast and Furious gunwalking investigation. The three-part resolution and 270-page report establish the committee’s authority and provide a detailed history of the investigation to include “additional and minority views.”

Today’s proceedings may prove explosive if a planned walkout by the Congressional Black Caucus is any indication of the level of resistance partisan administration apologists are prepared to resort to in protest against not just the scheduled vote, but the entire investigation. This will be tempered in actuality, if not perception, by the anticipated “defections” of a significant number of Democrats from more “conservative” states, although they will not be joined by former NRA Director Rep. John Dingell, who represents the Michigan district where slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry grew up.

The vote also follows in the wake of an 11th-hour tactically-planned release posted yesterday by Katherine Eban of Fortune/CNNMoney, essentially claiming that everyone has it wrong and no gunwalking occurred. This was actually something Gun Rights Examiner has been anticipating for some months, particularly the detailed effort Eban made to discredit whistleblower John Dodson. As a reminder, addressing long-expected smears with sourced facts was actually the subject of a report this correspondent has been holding back at the request of a source, something referred to in an earlier column. That said, Katie Pavlich of Townhall.com produced a comprehensive rebuttal in short order, including a statement from Becca Watkins, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform spokeswoman, stating “Fortune’s story is a fantasy made up almost entirely from the accounts of individuals involved in the reckless tactics that took place in Operation Fast and Furious.”

“Of course you have to give the Evil Empire credit, they timed the release beautifully,” citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh explained to his readers at Sipsey Street Irregulars. “I grew concerned earlier today when I was told that wavering Dems were having the article waved under their noses and were being warned that ‘it was all a lie so don’t vote for contempt.’”

“However, my sources on and near the Hill dismissed the reports, saying no one believed that it would get any traction,” he continued. “Said one, ‘They waited too long. If they had done this six months ago, they might have crafted an alternate storyline, but then the Committee could have had the time to debunk it as well.’ Another said, ‘This won’t survive the publication of the contempt Report tomorrow.’”

As to when this historic vote that all eyes are watching will take place, that’s a story in itself. Noting it did not appear on the schedule on the House of Representatives website at this writing, nor did a schedule appear on C-SPAN, this correspondent called the House switchboard and they were unable to provide a time. Next, the office of the Press Secretary for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform was called, and their spokesman did not know but said to call the office of the Speaker of the House. After listening to an interminable selection of patriotic John Philip Sousa marches, the option was offered to press “3” for “Fast and Furious,” resulting in a prerecorded message to check their website for any questions.

Redialing and going through “Stars and Stripes Forever” for what did seem like forever, a live person finally presented himself, who did not know when the vote would take place, said the schedule is actually set by the Majority Leader, and for future reference to check The Republican Cloakroom website, which at this writing still lists yesterday’s schedule. He explained so many things change, etc., but thinks the site should be updated soon and advised to keep checking, then offered that they’ll probably set rules around 1-1:30 p.m., go through some debate and then may do the roll call vote around 2:30-3.

With nothing to do but keep an eye on when the apparent best-kept secret in Washington will finally be unveiled, when it is, live proceedings can be watched at the House of Representatives website and on C-SPAN.

UPDATE: C-SPAN has live proceedings happening now. An overlay on the bottom of the screen reads “AG HOLDER CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS RESOLUTION LIVE APPROX. 12:30pm ET”

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