More NJ Animal Farm As Police & Prosecutors Look the Other Way

Editors Note: We are in full support for more Open and Concealed Carry in NJ, what we can’t stand is the favoritism of those with political connections that get to do what the less equal can not.

Lawyer Jimmy Binns
Lawyer Jimmy Binns sported an authentic-looking Philly police uniform, complete with an unpermitted .40-caliber Glock, at the 2010 Hero Thrill Show in Margate, N.J.
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Manasquan, NJ –-( Long time readers will certainly recall my column from last Winter, when I made the case that when it comes to NJ Firearms Laws, they eerily follow the main theme of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm

Its truly one of the worst kept secrets in the State. Those that are famous, or politically well connected in some fashion will, as a matter of routine; quietly have their FID Card applications, Pistol Purchase Permits and Concealed Carry Applications rubber stamped for approval.

Now comes the revelation that apparently, if you are one of those “special class of Citizens “ or, to use Orwell’s description in the book, considered to be “more equal then others” , you can even blatantly flaunt carrying a firearm, openly and in public, in full view of police officers, including and with the knowledge of the Chief of Police of a South Jersey Shore town and no one will bat an eye , let alone detain, arrest or even charge you with a crime!

What am I talking about? I’m talking about an incident that took place, in 2010 , but only recently was reported on by the Philadelphia Daily News this past Summer , involving Philly Area Attorney and Police Dept fan boy Jimmy Binns.

According to the Daily News article, Binns made an appearance in the “Hero Thrill Show” in Margate NJ in August 2010, in full Philadelphia Police Dept Uniform, including openly carrying a holstered and presumably fully loaded ( likely with hollow points, those “extra deadly” bullets the Legislature has deemed to be to dangerous for mere Citizens to have ) .40 Glock on his hip; in spite of the fact that Binns is not a sworn Law Enforcement Officer in Pennsylvania or New Jersey .

That’s at least a bare minimum of two blatant felony crimes committed by Binns. Carrying a Firearm without a NJ Concealed Carry Permit and illegal possession of hollow point bullets, if the gun was loaded, both committed with the full knowledge and awareness of Margate Chief of Police David Wolfson, who, when asked by the Daily News about the incident, explained that “it would have been an embarrassment for Binn’s” had he taken any action.

Even though he admitted that Binns did not have the required permit to carry a firearm and in fact had applied for one and was denied prior to the Thrill Show appearance.

The Daily News article also points out that NJ Police Officers have essentially no discretion when it comes to offenses like this, which, as I pointed out is an automatic felony, carrying a mandatory 3 to 5 year sentence. And that’s not counting the assumed illegal possession of hollow point bullets, not proven but highly likely, which is an automatic sentence enhancer under State Law.

I have contacted the Press of Atlantic City, a paper that is almost always firmly in support of more gun control laws, asking them about what seems to me at least to be a willful indifference in exposing this incident. The person I spoke with claimed they did write about it, but perhaps not as extensively or as critically as the Daily News did.

I also reached out to the spokes- person for the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office, inquiring as to why they, with fully independent authority to investigate criminal acts, separate from local police, have allowed this incident, involving a sworn Chief Law Enforcement Officer essentially turning a blind eye to the blatant commission of multiple felonies, committed in his presence and obviously by his own comments with has full knowledge to have taken place without so much as even an investigation and was met with the standard “No Comment”.

I also contacted and spoke with an aide to State Senator Jim Whelan, former Mayor of Atlantic City and ardent Pro Gun Control Advocate seeking his feelings or comments on this incident. After multiple calls, I have not received even a call back saying “No Comment”.

Contrast and compare this incident involving Binns and Margate Chief of Police Wolfson to the travesty of “justice” that was the Soviet like “show trial” of former NJ Resident Brian Aitken. Aitken, who was legally transporting his lawfully purchased and owned firearms and ammunition, after consulting the State Police for guidance on how to do so, was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced by a rabidly Anti Gun Ideological Judge to seven years in State Prison for “crimes” that pale in comparison to the actions of Jimmy Binns.

It was only the public outcry and common sense of Gov Christie that resulted in Aitkens being granted clemency from such a draconian sentence. While Chief Wolfson and The Atlantic County Prosecutors Office decided to grant that clemency to Binns on the spot and without question.

In the end, what we have with regards to this incident is numerous officials of local and State Govt, who all swore the same Oath to uphold and apply the law equally to all, without passion or prejudice; flat-out ignoring severe violations of the law, for fear it might “embarrass” the offender. The phrase “dereliction of duty” comes readily to mind. If anyone should fear embarrassment here, its Wolfson, The ACPO and the media.

It would be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to find a more damning example of Orwell’s premise in Animal Farm. “All the animals are equal, but some are more equal then others”. The problem is, Animal Farm wasn’t meant to be literally followed as a “How to Manual” for governance, something far to many people in NJ need to be reminded of.

Its repugnant, biased, criminal (at least morally) and it simply MUST BE STOPPED! “We the people” is not just a flowery phrase at the beginning of the Declaration of Independence. It is much more, it is a responsibility , a DUTY , for all Citizens to stand up , united and hold people accountable for these blatant double standards. And incidents like this, and many, many others simply will not stop until we do.

More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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Amazing! Who discerns what is above the LAW!


Ben, read the article again, I clearly wrote, more then once that I didnt KNOW for sure it was loaded . Such as " presumably fully loaded" and " if the gun was loaded". That being said, I do feel its a strong probability it was in fact loaded. If the guy was going to so blatantly violate the law on carry, knowing he was under the "protection" of the Chief, then why would he be worried about it being loaded ? The carrying itself is an automatic 3 to 5


Not to play devil's advocate, but how do you know the gun was loaded?


These LEO and elected officials, would they be democrats?

Your governor would be more laudable had he given Brian Aikten a full pardon and restored his rights rather than only commuting his sentence.

I thank the Gods I am not forced to live in such a moral swamp as new jersey.