‘No Easy Day’ by Mark Owens – Book Review

No Easy Day

Mark Owens No Easy Day
Mark Owens No Easy Day
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Manasquan, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- The book ‘No Easy Day’ by Mark Owens is a personal account of the Navy Seal experience, from training to the ultimate mission to take down the top leader of Al Qaeda network Osama bin Laden.

This is an entertaining book with a timely release to put the record straight on the mission that ended the life of Osama bin Laden. In an election season our current President can not seem to repeat himself enough, that we citizens of the United States are all so much safer due to his fearless decision to strike at the leader of the terrorist network.

No Easy Day sets that record straight.

“Since my first deployment as a SEAL and the attacks on September 11, I’d dreamt of being involved in the mission that would kill or capture Osama bin Laden. I was lucky enough to play a role.”  Mark Owen

Mark Owen primary Weapons Heckler & Koch-MP7
Mark Owen primary Weapons Heckler & Koch-MP7

Now, after Obama has made such a big deal of spiking the football on the Osama bin Laden killing, Americans are learning that the war on terror is far from over.

The recent killing of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in the Libyan Embassy of Benghazi is proof that the current President’s strategy of using the Osama bin Laden killing as a political medal of honor for himself has in fact put a spotlight on his own presidency’s poor leadership and poor decisions which have caused the death of American citizens working abroad.

Barack’s “armchair” account of the Osama bin Laden killing is far different than the first hand account given by Mark Owen the Navy Seal, who was there when the Osama bin Laden fatal shots were fired.

What’s great about the book, No Easy Day,  is that it disputes the current President’s narrative on the operation and offers a clear, understandable and very logical explanation of the events without jeopardizing the operators who conducted the raid or the intelligence gatherers who helped find Osama bin Laden.

Our current President could have used some help when it comes to protecting national secrets in the Osama bin Laden killing. The president was quick to politically capitalize on the killing by giving a personal debriefing of the events to the Hollywood elite so that they might quickly produce a release his version of the event right before election day. This briefing has the special forces and intelligence community very upset with the current president.

Obama’s minions were quick to put out a lot of information on the killing, tactics, equipment and other information that did reveal far too much about the operation and potential future special operations. Funny how the same political appointees attacked Mark Owen about his book even though the President and his men had already released far more revealing information about the raid prior to the book being published. Lets not get lost in facts, the president has an election to win and lets all remember that Barack Obama promised the most transparent presidency in history. I must say that the currents presidents motives are transparent , even at the expense of our own country’s security.

I strongly recommend reading the book “No Easy Day” by Mark Owen, A quick easy read that provides exceptional information about one of the most important events of our lifetime, the killing Of Osama bin Laden

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