Is Feinstein Pushing A New Semi-Auto Ban?

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USA –-( I’ve been tracking down a rumor, partially corroborated by a piece in The Shootihng Wire, that anti-gun Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s staff has been meeting with ATF officials to propose a new federal “assault weapon” ban if Obama is reelected.

Here’s an email forwarded to me, reportedly from NSSF:

I just heard that Sen. Feinstein’s attorney is meeting right now with folks from FTB and ATF legal (Eric Epstein [legal], Todd Martin [Legal] and Earl Griffith [FTB] and others) to discuss a new SAW ban, that she would want to start pushing through as soon as (if) Obama gets reelected.

– – No pistol grip allowed
– – No HC Mags
– – No grandfathering
– – No sale permissible if in possession

That is all I know right now

I’ve made inquiries to NSSF, which has not responded at this writing, and also to other insider sources who tell me those are the right players, but the higher-ups are visibly absent. My source also shared a very interesting prediction that ATF is “toast” no matter who wins. I’ve written up a more detailed report in today’s Gun Rights Examiner column.

Click here to read it.

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