Encouraging words from Rev. Kenn Blanchard To American Gun Owners

Kenn Blanchard
Kenn Blanchard of Black Man with a Gun

Upper Marlboro, MD –-(Ammoland.com)- Kenn Blanchard, pastor of patriots, pistoleros and paladins, the producer of The Urban Shooter Podcast, gives some advice, encouragement, and support for American Gun Owners, reeling from the horrific tragedies of sick and broken people that have used firearms to murder, maim and kill the innocent.

It has hurt us so deeply that even law abiding gun owners are wondering, what next?

He asks us to hold on. Keep the faith. Continue to do right.

Take care of your families, be sensitive to others and respect all.

Rev. Kenn Blanchard

Kenn Blanchard
The Urban Shooter Podcast “The Pro-Gun Variety Show”
“Holla” 1-888-675-0202

Kenn Blanchard is a contributer to AmmoLand Shooting Sports News and Producer of the Urban Shooter pod cast. In addition Kenn Blanchard is a pro-gun media producer & marketing profesional that helps small businesses by providing information, entertainment , inspiration and support to the sport shooting community through blogs, voice -over, podcasting and professional speaking. Visit: www.kennblanchard.com

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add: i suggest if you have not yet read ken's book i recommend it to your attention.


i've known of kenn blanchard since his book "black man with a gun" came out. outlining the racisim of gun control, and its historical roots in the democrat party and kkk in the post civil war era, and reaching back to the slavery era. i consider him a wise man, well worth listening to.