FFL’s Are You Interested In Signing Up For ATF’s E-Check

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- I have received many calls about signing up for the NICS E-Check.

I have attached a brochure explaining the benefits of the NICS E-Check. One major positive, this time of year, is once a NICS E-Checks transaction is submitted, a NICS Examiner, on average, will begin processing it within 20 seconds.

In order to enroll with the NICS E-Check, you will need to complete the NICS Enrollment Form. Even though the NICS Enrollment form was completed when the FFL initially enrolled, this form must be completed including the NICS E-Check questions 12-14.

The forms can be found on the NICS FFL Web site at www.fbi.gov/nics-ffl. You can fax the completed form to 1-888-550-6427. Once the form has been faxed go to the E-Check Web site (a link is located on the NICS FFL Web site listed above) and click “Request to Use the FBI NICS E-Check”.

Once the process is complete, the NICS E-Check Examiners will issue a Digital Certificate and E-mail it to the address you provided in the request.

Once you receive the digital certificate, if you have problems with downloading it to you computer, you may contact the NICS E-Check Group at 877-324-6724, Option 2 then option 5.

Hope this helps.

Kim Brown
NICS Section FFL Liaison Specialist
[email protected]

National Instant Criminal Background Check System NICS E-Check