MOLON LABE!!!! ~ Come and Get Them

Editors Note: Many have asked what are these two words, Molon Labe, mean that have, for years, been on the bottom of every page of the AmmoLand Shooting Sports News website?

Molon Labe on AmmoLand
Molon Labe on AmmoLand
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AmmoLand Gun News

New Jersey –-( Two simple Greek words of defiance, MOLON LABE or Μολὼν λαβέ, echo through the ages to Americans here and now , thousands of years after the Battle of Thermopylae.

These two words signify the refusal to simply roll over and submit to the demands of a tyrant with overwhelming force at his disposal demanding free people to lay down their arms.

Molon Labe Ancient History

Through out human history there is example after example of Citizens exhibiting extraordinary courage in the face of overwhelming force and superior technology to fight for and if necessary die for their freedom and the freedom of future generations.

When King Xerxes swept across the European Continent on his quest for World Domination, he encountered such iron willed determination and irrepressible spirit of resistance in Leonidas and the Spartans defending Greece.

Xerxes demanded the Greeks lay down their arms in submission and subservience to him. The response from Leonidas and the Spartans was simple, MOLON LABE! Greek for “Come and get them!”. Outnumbered 300 to 1, and facing certain annihilation before the one million soldiers of Xerxes Army, the Spartans stood defiant willing and prepared to sacrifice their very lives in a stand against tyranny and oppression.

Though every one of the Spartans, including their leader Leonidas, was killed during the Battle of Thermopylae, they exacted such a terrible price from Xerxes troops that they lost all taste for any more fighting.

Molon Labe USA

The same spirit of resistance in the face of overwhelming force and tyranny gave birth to the United States, when new America threw out the British. It was repeated again during WW II by a tiny band of innocent Jews in the Warsaw Ghettos of Poland who, heavily outnumbered, starving and poorly armed held off more then a company of the most fearsome troops in Hitler's war machine, the SS and Wehrmacht for over a month.

It was repeated yet again in Afghanistan in the 1980s , when simple villagers and farmers took up 100 year old rifles to fight the Soviet Army.

Two well known axioms apply to the current fight over the issue of gun control in the United States. “History repeats itself “ and “Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it “ . Given the statements and press releases coming from the Offices of the usual suspects in Congress regarding new gun control measures, it seems neither lesson is being heeded.

Comments and proposed Legislation by Dianne Feinstein, Frank Lautenberg, Barbara Boxer , Carolyn McCarthy and NY Democrat John Adler reveal their ignorance of history and what has happened time and time again whenever tyrannical forces raise their heads and seek to disarm Citizens.

Molon Labe

And so it would seem that the lesson must be taught once more, at the cost of enormous bloodshed on both sides. Those so called “leaders” in Govt are so helplessly out of touch, so swollen with undeserved and unearned hubris that they cannot conceive of any possible resistance to their insidious plot. They cannot bring themselves to begin to understand that millions of American Citizens will NOT comply with their unconstitutional and dictatorial demands to disarm, Congressman Adler was actually quoted as saying as much, that he felt it was ” insane” to even consider the possibility that Americans would be willing to shoot other Americans over new, draconian gun restrictions.

They are so out of touch, so in love with their own power and willingness to abuse that power against those they claim to serve that they are apparently quite willing to sacrifice innumerable lives of Citizens on the altar of their Anti Gun Ideology.

We are treading dangerously close to 100 more Waco Massacares and Ruby Ridge assassinations if Congress refuses to learn from history, refuses to listen to the Citizens that are their bosses and pull back from their gun banning scheme.

You can only push people so far before they push back, and Feinstein and her cronies at the Federal and State level seem single-mindedly determined to shove as hard as they can. What they can't comprehend is the blowback that is a certain reaction.

There are MILLIONS of Americans who have simply had enough of elite rulers ordering them around, violating their Oaths and chipping away at our freedoms and rights under one false pretext after another. If cooler heads in Congress don't prevail in the coming weeks of the debate on gun control, it is a virtual certainty that there will be bloodshed on both sides.

Thermopylae, Hastings, Lexington, Concord, Warsaw, the Hindu Kush, all of these locations scattered around the globe have at one time or another born witness to man's indomitable spirit of Molon Labe and resistance to tyranny. No one yet knows what the next location will be, Dallas? Cheyenne? Atlanta? Green Bay? , but rest assured, if Congress falls for the pied piper tune of Feinstein and others on gun control, the list of places where freedom stood toe to toe against tyranny will certainly grow several pages longer.

And the defiant cries of MOLON LABE will once again echo through the air around the Country, as free Citizens once again display superhuman courage and bravery in the face of tyranny and oppression and willingly give up their lives in defense of freedom for future generations.

Molon Labe
MOLON LABE!!!! ~ Come and Get Them

About Dan Roberts
Dan Roberts is a grassroots supporter of gun rights that has chosen AmmoLand Shooting Sports News as the perfect outlet for his frank, ‘Jersey Attitude' filled articles on Guns and Gun Owner Rights.As a resident of the oppressive state of New Jersey he is well placed to be able to discuss the abuses of government against our inalienable rights to keep and bear arms as he writes from deep behind NJ's Anti-Gun iron curtain. Read more from Dan Roberts or email him at [email protected] You can also find him on Facebook:

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    1. Well said Dan. Having been bred n raised in Brooklyn, I understand what an unpleasant experience navigating the seas of red tape is for prospective gunowners in the garden state as well as NYC. To have those already curtailed rights face the prospect of further withering can and probably will drive a few over the proverbial edge. Personally, my fear is that those individuals would provide impetus to those whose sole purpose in life is figuring new reasons to justify relieving Americans of our Constitutionally held right to firearms.

    2. What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t these mental midgets like Diane Frankenstein understand.

      MOLON LABE! “Come and receive them!”

    3. But they’re doing it FOR US! They do everything FOR US! They want to save us from ourselves, can’t you see that? Someday, we’ll thank them!

      Reminds me of a parody of a washed-up movie star, where she’s sitting at a desk with a drink, a bottle of booze & a half-smoked cigarette, crying, hunched over and looking like a raccoon, saying “They love me, don’t they? Don’t they love me?”

      Personally, I can save myself from myself- I’m buying a gun so I can save myself FROM OTHERS.

    4. If these out of touch and self serving liberal elected officials, think that Americans will not rise up and defend their rights they need only to look back to the Civil War to get a true perspective. Because of the polical power lines of the times the south had basically been castrated when it came to having a say in their own self government. Rather than rolling over and taking whatever the northern controled government would droll out to them the south simply said we want out so we can control our destiny and govern ourselfs. What resulted was four years of the bloodies war in history. Bottom line, don’t think that it can’t happen again. There are a lot of Marines,like myself, and other military and armed citizens who are not going to let the few tell the many what constitutional rights we will have to give up just so the government can have more control over it’s citizens. I love my country and I fought in Vietnam so that all Americans, even those that I strongly disagree with, could live their lives in accordance with the constitutional guarantees and without government interference.

      I hope and pray, yes I did say pray and I mean to God through Jesus Christ, that our elected officials will stay out of the peoples business and focus on the current issues that are crippling our country and imprisoning its citizens in government sponsored programs that are not only not sustainable but are in place as a means to influence votes.

      “Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it”

    5. I’m with the many others out there that are willing to defend our freedoms. I swore an oath to protect the Constitution of this great nation against all enemies both foreign and domestic. I know longer where the uniform but that doesn’t mean I’ve rescinded my oath! Molon Labe

    6. No right is absolute and unrestricted, not even those identified in the 2nd Amendment. Neither is any reputable official, group, or political party calling for guns to be banned in our nation.

      The idea that certain types of firearms and their related accessories are somehow constitutionally exempt from any time, place, and manner restrictions on their possession or use conflicts with the law going back to the vary beginning of our country.

      Suggesting that armed rebellion and insurrection is an appropriate response to our laws, even if you strongly disagree with them, is the same act now as it has always been: treason.

      1. Bullshit.

        Rights are God-given, that’s why they are unalienable. And as far as I can tell they haven’t eradicated God.

    7. Hey there ‘skipping dog’, what you advocate is the mutable and ever changing “new” Constitution, where government interprets the laws to the benefit of the government, and there are no rights accorded the subjects.

      If you wish to subsist under that form of government, may I suggest you move to cuba, mexico, venezuela, or any of the other socialist dominated countries where they ‘protect’ their population from the fear of too much freedom.

    8. Not at all, Huapakechi. What I advocate is a government of “ordered liberty.” That’s exactly what our founders intended when they created our Constitution.

    9. Give up my only defense against an out of touch elitest government that is passing laws that deny my freedoms by being throw in jail on ITS whim and held indefinately! Surely you jest. This government under the misdirection of Barry Nobama has crossed a line.

    10. When I was 14 years old I received my 1st firearm. I am now 79, & own well over a dozen firearms. None of these firearms have every taken a life from my doing. But that is not to say they won’t,if they come to get them. Back in the ’50’s, I, too, swore an oath to defend my country, I hope to do so as long as I have ammunition and heart beat.

    11. Skipping Dog,
      You are in error in every aspect of your post. You need to come out of your cave into the real world. Read the Declaration of Independence and the United States Consitution. Those documents are very specific on any course of action. There are a number of “elite” residents of the United States that are calling for a total ban on all firearms regardless of type. Until restrictions were placed on fully automatic weapons in the 1930’s there were none.Also, the military oath calls for dedening the United States against enemies both foreign and domestic.

    12. We need a leader. We need someone who can rally the patriots around the just cause. Millions of patriots assembled together cannot be refused. Where is our Washington, Leonidas, Patton? The politicians have made a mockery out of our republic. They have blamed all of this nations ills on the very people who have made this nation great. The cabals in D.C. from both parties have disgraced our forefathers. I pray for a leader who will rally the patriots of our nation before it is too late.

    13. The Hero Texicans who fought at Goliad during the Texas revolution also carried a battle flag with the message “come and take it” when Santa Anna demanded they turn over their cannon to his troops.

    14. Gun control is not about guns, it is about control.
      The destruction of the gun owner right to be armed is also the destruction of the Constitution and Bill of rights which is your only protection from the politicians and evil doers.
      Your guns and unity with other gun owners and patriots who are like minded are the only hope we have left in this country.
      Any honest Cop will tell you that many police desk jockeys’ (who might possibly be called out on emergencies) hate rapid firing semi-auto rifles and high capacity magazines for the very same reason that the NAZI enforcers hated them. These technologies put effectively into the hands of citizen protesters and guerrillas the same deadly strength that they themselves possessed. An unarmed citizen is easy to control and presents no threat to the dictatorial domination of totalitarian-minded government entities, which the NAZI were and America is rapidly becoming.
      Best that people understand that gun control equals Registration then Gun confiscation then slavery or death.
      The Constitution is the law of the land in America, let’s keep it that way and stay free. Government not the law abiding citizen are the law breakers when they write laws that violate the Constitution and your rights.
      Join a Constitutional Militia (NOT FEDERAL) find others who are like minded as you are and stay strong and free. Your freedom depends on unity with others who will back you up.

      People who plan these mass murder events count on you being unarmed and easy prey.
      It seems most are under the influence of drugs and along with that there are no
      moral guide lines. Mass murder becomes very easy. All that is required is an easy target.

      That makes a very good reason to keep your guns as a matter
      of protecting your family and yourself. Other than that, there are very good
      reasons politically to keep your fire arms. Be ready to defend your Constitutions rights.

      The battle to control and to enslave others for personal reasons has been going
      on since Cain and Able. Government uses gun control to control its people.

      Many of these poor people who were killed and hurt in these planed incidents
      could have been rescued if there had been a gun in the hands of a competent
      person present. A gun is nothing more than a tool in the hands of the person
      using it (for good or evil). A tool that keeps you free or a tool that allows others to control and enslave you.

      America became an armed nation when its good people fought for its independence
      from Britain. As a result America is America and not a British colony simply because
      good people were armed and fought for freedom against and evil ruler who wanted
      to enslave the people he was suppose to care for. It stills works the same today.

      It is a God given right and Constitutional right to live as a freeman and to
      own gun(s) to protect that right. Be it self defense or defense from the politicians who would enslave and drag you into a (NWO) New World Order. Give up your guns and this country is done for.

      It is a God given right to protect and defend and not allow others
      to do harm to you, your family or neighbors.

      You want protection and security? Then arm and train yourself and you will be
      free and respected.

      The only way to protect our schools and children is for good people to protect

      “Train and Arm the school faculty” so they can protect themselves and
      their students!

      YOU GET TRAINED, so you can serve and protect yourself and others.

      Restore the Constitution, morally and the Bible in our schools.

      Anyone who thinks you can disarm all the people of this country is delusional.

      And even if all the guns were removed from the public there are still knives,
      clubs and other forms of weapons available including your automobile. (GET

      Only an idiot or fool would give up his guns and leave themselves open to
      attack from the thugs in public and in politics.

      Your public servant would soon become your public slave master and you would be
      an easy target to murder, rape or steal from.

      Before you commit yourselves to that type of servitude and death, you had
      better think about it real good.

      It is and easy conclusion for me.

      Stay strong and grow in faith.

      Never will I turn my family and myself over to be abused

    15. I took an oath to defend the constitution, and what part of shall not be infringed upon to they not understand. I will not surrender my guns! The back of my truck says it all! MOLON LABE

    16. We live in a time where arrogance, the desire for power, and nuttiness seems to be running rampant in our country. If we don’t stand up for our rights we won’t have any and then we will say, “wha happon?” (what happened). You don’t have to be a prophet, rocket scientist, or a wizard of smarts to see where we are headed. The question is how far down will we allow it to go? it is up to you the people and no one else. Well, there is someone else but He is being forgotten more and more.

    17. Steven – You seem to be mistaken. It is not only your country, but mine as well. You and Daniel might want to learn a little bit about the intentions of our founders when they wrote our constitution, as well as about the concept of “ordered liberty” on which our entire constitution and system of law is based. No less an authority than Russell Kirk, one of the founding fathers of the modern conservative movement, wrote extensively about its application to our rights and obligations, including all of those listed in our Bill of Rights.

      Do yourself a favor and become informed. That way when you actually engage in the struggle of ideas that is part of our constitutional democratic republic, you’ll at least appear to understand the precepts on which we were truly founded.

      1. Skippy, you need to read and understand what’s contained in the Federalist Papers regarding the idea behind the 2nd Amendment before you go off half-cocked on how ‘lack of informed’ you think others are.

    18. Skipping Dog is obviously one of those “it can’t happen HERE” type people. By the way, they ARE saying BANNING, and they ARE saying CONFISCATION, as well as registration, fingerprinting, local LEO approvals, $200 tax per weapon, BATF approval required to take the weapon out of your home state, and other nonsensical requirements. Skipping Dog, if you do have any guns, you will be just like the rest of us, either a criminal or a patsy who rolls over. I don’t understand where people like you acquire their opinions on this issue unless you are undercover trying to cause disruption. You won’t change ANYbody’s opinion here.

    19. I have over 20 firearms, most of them handguns among which several are black and scary. If you’ll look at my posts you’ll find that I’ve never claimed “it can’t happen here.” In fact, it is entirely possible for there to be significant restrictions on firearms at the federal and state levels that will still be legally compliant with the 2nd Amendment. Even the Heller decision supported a licensing requirement for gun ownership and Justice Scalia, the most conservative and pro-gun justice ever to sit on our Supreme Court, clearly stated that the Constitution had nothing in it to prevent severe regulations and even prohibitions on military style weapons.

      I’m not here to change anyone’s mind, and don’t really care what you think. However, if you want to do more than puff out your chest and make “do or die” pronouncements about your future intentions without having the real means to back your play, you’ll be doing yourself and the movement a great service by becoming educated on the requirements and limitations present in all of the rights we share.

    20. I agree with the author’s insights but not his final conclusions. There WILL NOT be 100 Ruby Ridges or 100 Wacos; What WILL transpire? America will resemble 1970’s Beirut when the conflict gets into full swing. Allow me to paint a picture;

      Law enforcement officers will quit in droves. Those that will do the federal government’s bidding will be taking a boatload of sniper fire every single day while patrolling the streets in cruisers, and police stations will become deathtraps. Driving a police cruiser will become a death wish. Remember the Viet Cong? They would assault quickly, then melt back into the local populace and vanish like ghosts. I guess there was a bit to be learned from Giap and friends that will certainly be applicable if these idiots move forward toward confiscation, and we are 20 TIMES the size of Vietnam……. That’s an awful big shooting gallery.

      Communities will band together to protect against those that group together to loot and pillage,rape and murder, and they will be given NO quarter, and be shot on the spot with no police intervention, as they SHOULD be. They will become the new fertilizer for the local populace……. Many of the unprepared will die from lack of food and water. This is where not heeding the preparation warnings WILl kiil you and those in your charge. Those that own NO firearms will be the most vulnerable.

      Retaliation against non-compliant gun owners will be harsh. As soon as the FAMILIES of said gun owners begin to be harmed, the families of law enforcement, cooperating local military personnel and federal grade folks that come door kicking will be targeted in return. It will become a town by town and city by city bloodbath. Remember the door kickers of Hurricane Katrina? Think how BAD that would have turned out for the door kickers had everyone in Louisiana been anticipating their arrival, and were proactively pointing THOUSANDS of guns at EVERY SQUAD on EVERY street? THAT’S what a pissed off America will look like if these morons proceed……..

      Those of the federal stripe that would surround a Waco, will be not only taking fire from the front, but they will be taking fire fron the flanks and rear as well. Ever hear of surrounding the surrounders? WE have the numbers; THEY don’t. They cannot possibly be everywhere at once, and occupy large swaths of geography. They simply WILL NOT HAVE the numbers. The MOMENT they become static, they become vulnerable.

      How many hunters with bolt action rifles do we have in this country? 1 million? Five million? 10 million? EVERY movement by government forces will be plagued by these hunters with rifles designed to bring down deer and heavy game. Virtually every roadway and highway they travel, they will be ambushed and shot at. And remember; a hunter’s bullet is considerably MORE capable of penetration and damage than a bullet fired from an AR-15 or an AK-47. To those that know, a few .308 or 7.62x54r bullets will demolish a truck engine or truck tires, especially the heavy ball ammo. This is the LARGEST sniper army in the world, and most of em are pretty damn good shots. MANY are deadly shots WAY past 500 or 600 yards.

      Folks will organize and unite. A people’s army WILL grow quickly. America IS NOT Thermapolaye; there are over 100 MILLION gun owners with over 350 MILLION firearms at their disposal and tens of BILLIONS of rounds on hand, so I do not share the author’s fatalism. Quite the opposite, in fact. From where I’M sitting, this is federal suicide. At MOST, what can local, state and federal governments muster to their cause nationwide; 1 million soldiers under arms? 2 million? And further, MOST in the military would back the citizenry. Not all, but most. The very weapons the government will bring to bear will be turned against THEM! These citizens are their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, neighbors and friends. When push comes to shove, they will stand with family, community and Constitution FIRST. Think the National Guard of every state will do the fed’s bidding? I think not. And if the federal government was STUPID enough to illicit the assistance of UN troops and try to order the US military to stand down, the military will go NUTS! THAT one requires little elaboration…

      Let’s be clear; they risk a revolution that has EVERY chance of toppling them from power. If they do this, it is for ALL the marbles, and there is NO turning back. If they lose, they LOSE EVERYTHING.

      Government forces will be shot at from windows in virtually EVERY city street, firebombed and sabotaged at every turn, and be ground down slowly. The 2.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo they’ve ordered doesn’t matter if there is no one to FIRE it. They will be left to conscripting federal office workers and building janitors to fill the ranks.

      Folks will fight like cornered tigers when family and community are threatened. Will the same zeal be brought to bear against US by socialists defending a mere ideology? I think not….. Ideology alone WILL NOT sustain your soul through a protracted mess like this. When push comes to shove, those that would do the federal government’s bidding will walk away in droves, JUST LIKE the New Orleans Police Department, to be with and protect their OWN families.

      Remember 1 other important thing; the US dollar is in dire straits right now. The government is BROKE! They can print money ALL THEY WANT after a collapse, and it will STILL be worthless. A revolution of the magnitude we speak of here WILL collapse the final integrity of the dollar. NO country with a cumulative IQ over 43 would TOUCH a US dollar if we decended into a revolution. What does the US government plan on PAYING their people with once that happens?

      Forgive me for writing a book here, but i’m sick of hearing how outgunned and outmanned we are as citizens when EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE! I’m tired of hearing people tell us that it is a losing battle to take on the government. BULLSHIT! What is missing is RESOLVE! Folks simply need to wrap their heads around a new reality and make their peace with the fact that they may be called upon to execute some very unpleasant things to bring America back to a Constitutional Republic. It’s time to look upon your wives, children and loved ones, and recognize the true peril this government has put them in. It’s time to get mad people. It’s time to steel your resolve. It’s time to DECIDE.

      Molon Labe, indeed. Only NO Thermapolaye; If you come for our guns with force, you WILL die, and your rule over America WILL die WITH you.

    21. They our dear leaders have no idea how pissed and aggravated many of us feel. Every single day I dread looking thru drudge report or other news sites to see yet another so called “Right” or “Freedom” that is getting attacked for a war of drugs, terrorism, or fill in the blank. Literally almost every single day theres another attack on us. They wont be happy till we work and give them everything we have then go home in a prison so they can control what we eat, when we sleep, how much exercise to do, What ever it is they want us to do that day. Im really to the point of looking at another country to move to because I fear the worst needs to happen and not sure I want to put my family in this position. They spy on everything we do online through your websites, email, and listen to you phone calls and nobody gets in trouble. We have a government that breaks its own laws daily every single day and no officer or justice department official does a thing. The amount of injustice is insane and unreasonable. The highest levels of our government has been taken over and nobody knows what to do. In the end it will play out like many in history with a crash and bang. The hardest part of all this corruption is that its fixable, if some or any level of justice did their jobs instead of revenue generation. I dont think those people believe this country will become what they are making it into while they are around but one has to ask what about their family thats left behind. In history the people who open the guard gates to massive corruption and allow the likes of hitler are the first to get killed. In this system they eat their own first since they are the ones who know whats going on and to prevent them from telling anyone is to eliminate them. We have come full circle in this country which I love but fear my government with which has been taken over by foreign bankers.

    22. great article, just keep in mind folks that there are people in higher levels manipulating this whole thing. we cant just play right into it unless we are absolutely forced to do so. we have to be smarter than the people pulling the strings here. they have contingencies upon contingencies for just about any scenario. were going to have to organize and really think about the best way to deal with this before we are pushed into a corner, which is very close by the way. they have engineered this society to be the way it is now. just look, the new american patriot is a wellfare collecting crackhead sitting there with his or her hands out, or so they hail them. it doesnt matter what color you are or what religion so long as you love freedom and are willing to defend it with your lives if neccessary. god bless you all and stay safe, long live the republic.

    23. There are a group of people in Viet Nam called the montenyard,they make thier own weapons (crossbows,etc)and have been very effective killing communists. As far as i know, to this day the commies do not mess with them. SAT CONG

    24. Well written article – a bit extreme, but well written.

      SKIPPING DOG: I appreciate your well-articulated, respectful responses. Would be nice if all other responses were as respectful (hey – we’re still WAY better than YAHOO!)

      Having said that, I believe I disagree with your position. As I read it, the intent of the founders was that a skilled and effective (“regulated” like a clock is regulated) general populace (“Militia” = every able-bodied male over 17) be aremed in like manner as the troops. The reason being specifically to have the ability to overthrow tyranny, State or Federal.

      In that light, “AR’s” (including full auto) and high-cap mags and handguns of all sorts are exactly what we all should have. Also in that light, firearms saety and marksmanship and responsibility should be taught in grade school (and why not? We teach about sex and drugs, so that “with the information they can make better decisions.”).

      IN any case, let’s all pray, and be politically active, so as to prevent the civil insurrection the author describes.

    25. Ants at a picnic folks. As soon as obama appoints a liberal judge to the Supreme Court the 2nd Amendment argument will be over. The new interpretation of the 2nd Amendment won’t allow you to own a slingshot let alone a gun. You will fight or you will disarm. In any event, there will be suffering in your future.

    26. Its quite obvious that the current administration wants to move this country to a one party communist government. To deny that this is happening is to just not be honest. Since 50% of the nation supports this administration and its policies, then 50% of this nation desires to become a one party communist government. So, there is a 50% chance that your next door neighbor is a want to be communist. Remember that and act accordingly when the SHTF.

    27. well for me the destruction of society has started and gaining momentum. The reason I say this is just yesterday the subject came up at a family function. As most of us know when a hot subject like that comes up and some are pationate over their possition, it tend to come complete with temperment. Well this discussion almost went that far. My lodest daughterwho by the way voted twice for this bunch had the gall to tell her parents how wrong we are for our beliefs. She does not think that if there is any confiscations we should stand our ground. She told us that there is no way the economy is going to crash or anyone going to have to go hungry. I think she has hit her head some where. But any way,, I feel proud of myself after being told how stupid how stupid we are for our beliefs to just simply walk away and go home. I do not intend to go to her house any time soon. I wonder how many other families are having to deal with this type of thing. But in the end she can think what she wants I think she’s wrong and as an oath keeper I will honor my oath taken so long ago. If I have to live in the wilds to get some peace then I guess that is the way it has to be. But I will keep my firearms no matter what. If they want them then lets go. I’m an older man but I can still stand my ground and make it count! sorry about the spelling and the drama folks. lets hope god intervenes to stop this bull crap!

    28. They will come and get them. At three oclock in the morning while your sleeping in bed with your wife, your kids all tucked in and dreaming the dreams of children. Or they may just send a drone in. Tell your neighbors you were making meth and your house exploded. darn drug makers. Or you could have a gas main explosion. It’s already going on.

    29. Lets keep our fight to the task at hand. I believe in this country, our 2nd amendment, have served in the army. I am not a christian, though I am religious. Irritates me every time a political discussion about our country comes up instead of taking care of business like we should about our guns, someone wants to throw in “bible’s in schools.” Its part of why the republican party is such a mess lately, focusing on things like abortion when we needed to be protecting our rights and our economy. Embrace people who think alike on your task at hand, and don’t muddle it with statements that make it into something it isn’t losing valuable allies in the process. Let’s save our guns, keep our country from becoming like the Soviets, and then sit down for a convo on bible’s in school if you want. But lets stay together on this.

    30. Oh please, Spartans standing against oppression? Ancient Sparta was about as oppressive as human society can get, the 3rd Reich on steroids but without the modern conveniences.

    31. “Comments and proposed Legislation by Dianne Feinstein, Frank Lautenberg, Barbara Boxer , Carolyn McCarthy and NY Democrat John Adler reveal their ignorance of history and what has happened time and time again whenever tyrannical forces raise their heads and seek to disarm Citizens.”

      I would argue that they are not ignorant of history at all. They know exactly what they are doing.

    32. Try to avoid it, but if it happens, bypass everything and go straight for the bankers and the
      politicians. Whatever else happens, the bankers and the politicians shall be taken apart.

    33. I nominate Johnny Geetar for POTUS!!! Excellent response my friend. It’s time to WAKE UP people. This aint Wonderland! Alice is in real trouble folks!

    34. This article was awesome and so correct. These bastards are about to find out what its like to live in hell cause that is what they have created and they are the ones foolishly starting it. They seem to think thier high walls and armed bodyguards can hold back the flood of justice that is coming. They will be hunted down like dogs, they will meet the same fate that Gadaffi and all evil tyrants face when vengence comes.

    35. Any restriction that is put on the 2nd amendment needs to equally apply to the 1st amendment. Reporters and all news programs need a back ground check before the release a story, The number of stories a reporter or news agency release a month needs to be restricted, The number of words and type of words a reporter or news agency use must be restricted. All reporters must be registered with the government and there address placed in a national database for all to see.

    36. Very well put Johnny Geetar! They have no understanding what we are capable of once they start the war. The author is miss informed of the Waco and Ruby Ridge style standoff. There will not be any chance for a standoff and no quarter for those that surrender. Everyone I know will be on the attack and waiting.

      For everyone here, this revolution is going to happen, be ready and prepared. The communist in our capital are blinded by greed and power and will push through with the bill to confiscate firearms. Their main goal is larger than you think.

      I say anyone with a socialist point of view in our country should be pushed into the sea or thrown into the concentration camps they built for us.


      To answer the question.

      Molon Labe does not mean I will give up my weapons freely, without wasting a few thousand rounds on my enemy first!

    37. Molon labe. You macho folks already know that no one intends to confiscate your artificial manhood. So it’s quite safe to make all sorts of swaggering threats at a democratic republican government elected by the people (it’s not a “tyranny” if people voted it in). It’s called conjuring up imaginary threats. Very brave of you.
      Yeah, let’s talk about not learning from history. Last time a bunch of yahoo slavers committed treason by firing on their own country’s troops, they got beaten into the ground. 140 years later, they still haven’t recovered from it. Pretty glorious, huh?
      Wouldn’t take 5 years to suppress such foolishness, now. More like 5 days. The tanks and F16s bearing down on you don’t care whether you stupidly believe you have a right to violently overthrow the elected republican government. Better stick to voting.
      If Obama showed up at your door and asked for your weapons (which you know he’ll never do), you’ll soil yourselves and hide under the bed.
      Molon labe just means “OK, take the damned guns. Just don’t hurt me!”

    38. Actually much of the quotes from the movie the “300” were taken out of context or taken from different times in history. And as for the 300 fighting all the Persians alone, well, they did not. There were about 4,300 total soldiers from the Thebans and Thespian armies that came to fight the Persians with King Leonidas. Some did leave before the final battle but due to very few fitting in the narrow pass but these were the ones that stayed.

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