Wilson Combat announces the Hide In Plain Sight Concealment Pistol Pouch

Wilson Combat Hide In Plain Sight Concealment Pistol Pouch
Wilson Combat Hide In Plain Sight Concealment Pistol Pouch
Wilson Combat
Wilson Combat

Berryville, AR –-(Ammoland.com)- The Wilson Combat H.I.P.S. Concealment pouch allows you to carry a legally concealed compact service pistol comfortably on your belt-anywhere- without anyone ever knowing it was there!

Designed by Bill Wilson to appear to be an ordinary belt storage case, the H.I.P.S. Concealment pouch easily and comfortably carries your compact service pistol and accessory items out of harms way-every day without fear of “printing” or exposing your carry gun like traditional holster carry can.

The high belt position of the H.I.P.S. Concealment pouch ensures comfort for long-term seated positions like driving and the sealed construction protects your pistol from the elements. The rugged 1000 denier Cordura Nylon construction is hard wearing and available in your choice of all black or black with gray front cover. A two-way YKK zipper accesses your handgun from a universal holster that you can position to suit your preferences.

An external secondary pocket is useful for a spare magazine, flashlight or emergency item of your choice.

The H.I.P.S. Concealment Pouch will truly allow your carry gun to Hide In Plain Sight.

  • Manufactured from Durable 1000 Denier Nylon
  • 8″ High x 7.25″ Wide x 1.5″ Deep
  • Two Way Heavy Duty YKK Zipper
  • Main Pistol Compartment
  • Secondary Pocket for Spare Mag, Flashlight, Etc.
  • Zippered Front Pocket for Keys, Ink Pen, Etc.
  • Universal Internal Holster Velcro’s in Position of Your Choice
  • Double Belt Slots Fit Up to 1.5″ Heavy Gun Belts
  • Rides High on the Belt for Optimal Comfort when Seated
  • Available in All Black or Black with Gray Front
  • $54.95

H.I.P.S. Fits the Following Pistols:

  • 1911 Compact – 4″ Barrel or Smaller
  • 1911 Commander without Beavertail Grip Safety
  • Glock 19/23 and Smaller
  • S&W M&P 9C, 9, 40 or 45C
  • S&W M&P Shield
  • S&W SD9/40
  • Springfield XD Compact, XDS
  • Kahr CM45 and Smaller
  • Sig 224/228/229/239
  • Sig 220 Carry
  • S&W 3913 or Similar
  • Ruger SR 9C, 40C
  • Browning Hi Power

Contact Information:

Wilson Combat

Founded in 1977, Wilson Combat has grown to include more than 50 employees – no one else in the custom gun business has as many professionals, as many years of experience, or as much history with hand-crafting custom guns as we do. Here’s an idea of the type and number of years experience you will find at Wilson Combat: Vist: www.wilsoncombat.com

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Clark Thompson

May be useful to some I still use the agent holster or the serpa on my strong side


And this is invisable how ? The only people wearing it will be carrying .


You can buy a "fanny-pack" for less than that