Feinstein’s Gun Ban to Affect Millions of Law-abiding Gun Owners

But Universal Background Checks still pose the greatest threat to gun owners right now.

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- Late last week, Senator Dianne Feinstein reintroduced her much anticipated gun ban.

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee spent several hours discussing her bill and other gun control proposals.

Her bill (S. 150) would ban millions of shotguns, rifles and handguns that Americans legally own, and possibly — depending on statutory interpretation — could ban all magazines of whatever size. It would do this by supercharging the 1994 semi-auto ban by:

  • Banning all semi-autos with just one cosmetic feature (pistol grip, forward grip, folding stock, grenade launcher, barrel shroud, threaded barrel);
  • Banning all semi-autos with fixed magazines of over 10 rounds (but see below as to how a sneaky “loophole” may use this to ban ALL magazines of any size);
  • Banning any part that is designed to accelerate the rate of fire of a semi-auto (use your imagination concerning what parts might help you shoot faster with greater accuracy);
  • Banning all “AK types,” “AR types,” or any “variant (i.e., any weapon which is similar to most of the popular firearms in America — and use your imagination with respect to what is similar enough to be a “variant”);
  • Banning all Glocks (because there is a full-auto version which these are, arguably, a variant of);
  • Allowing for grandfathering and transfer of semi-autos (but prohibiting the transfer of magazines and prohibiting the transfer of semi-autos without a Brady Check); and
  • Banning all magazines that can be “readily restored … [or] converted” to accept more than 10 rounds. (QUESTION: Does “readily” modify “converted” or does it merely modify “restored”? How will the ATF interpret this? If it’s the latter, the bill will ban ALL magazines of whatever size.)

While Feinstein’s gun ban would be horrendous, if enacted, there are many reasons to believe that it faces an uphill climb in the Congress. And this means the most dangerous threat to gun owners right now is the expansion of background checks to cover ALL PRIVATE GUN SALES.

So our Senators need to hear the American people saying that NO GUN CONTROL is acceptable.

ACTION: Click here to contact your Senators and urge them to OPPOSE all the gun control that is currently on the table: the Feinstein gun ban (S. 150), Universal Background Checks and all the President’s initiatives. The only “gun proposal” that we will support is repealing the Gun Free School Zones gun ban!

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Feinstein is way out of place, she is in need of some ones attention. Her bewitching ideas are so stupid, she is such a mocker, amd a big bully, just can't stay out of the Americans Freedom!

Johnny Nightrider

If Senator Feinstein's unconstutional bill should pass congress and signed by President Obama.I will fly my U.S.A. Flag on its Flagpole upside down.Thats all I will write for now.This is the line in the sand my Brothers and Sisters in Arms.God Bless you all.

Johnny Nightrider

Senator Feinstein is a enemy of the State and a enemy of the United States of America.She has introduced a unconstituonal bill to Congress.She should be impeached for Treason.And if convicted forced to resign at the least and at the maximum.Put to death by Firing Squad for Treason during Wartime(Afghanistan) as a enemy of the state and United States of America.

Ron Jones

Every single piece of gun legislation that Washington's government has enacted since [and including] the 1934 National Firearms act has been blatantly unconstitutional, outside of its charter, and should be considered null and void by any state.

Shawn Grammont

She's on something.

Mr. Jonz

Just say "NO" to Fineswine.

Dave Dubé

Just EXACTLY what does UNIVERSAL mean in the context of Background checks? Please.


The second A in not (just) about hunting:

it's about the right of self defense and protection of one’s life and property, a natural unalienable birth right.

It's about an armed citizenry as a balance, a deterrent against possible oppressive authoritarian tyranny.

Constitutional infringements by the establishment and other authorities is dishonorable and illegal.

Bruce Hayer

The evil actions of the few should not dictate the regulation of the many. Apply this thought process to the many activities that occur in society and you can understand the stealing of our liberties.

Gene Major

Howard I agree 100% The Goverment has too much info now. Keep your powder dry This thing is going to get very ugly I know it

Oathkeeper Vet

And my thoughts are that I will not allow a right to become a registered privelege. The Federal government is out of control. NDAA/"Patriot acts 1 and 2 , revocation of Posse Comitatus act, etc etc etc. As long as this government lives outside the confines of the US Constitution, and conspires to deprive its citizens of their rights , any talk of comprimise with regard to our second amendment rights is foolish at best, and dangerous to the very core of our liberty. The very "representatives" deciding such further restrictions to our rights,(that supported ndaa etc.) should in fact… Read more »


The anti-gun supporters have always gone too far. They demand what isn't theirs to take,they vilify and criminalize those they want to control. Contact your congressmen,vote your conscience,don't sit on the sidelines shrugging your shoulders like an idiot.

Howard Hudeck

Joe,because it is just more of the Gov.getting info.on law abiding gun owners.Would you sell a firearm to someone you didn't know to be law abiding?..I wouldn't. It is none of the Gov.business !!! They have more than enuf info on us as it is,…just a setup for full scale confiscation ! HBH