Wisconsin GOP Attacks Pro-Gun Activist, Todd Welch

Wisconsin Gun Owners
Wisconsin Gun Owners

Wisconsin –-(Ammoland.com)- Dear Activist,

When I learned how the Wisconsin Republican Party was mistreating Todd Welch, I got angry.

You see, Todd is the Wisconsin State Coordinator for Campaign for Liberty. I count him as a friend.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Todd in the trenches and he’s an ideal champion for the conservative cause and Wisconsin gun rights.

He’s young, energetic, smart, politically-savvy and most important rock solid in his pro-gun views and defense of all things liberty.

And just like Ron Paul, he’s a real gentleman – just the type of rare talent conservatives need to encourage.

Todd was instrumental in fighting alongside me and Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO) during the last session for Constitutional Carry. And he’s an honorary WGO member, too.

So why is Richard Rust, Dunn County GOP Chair, making up phony rules to kick Todd Welch out of the Republican party?

  • Could it be retaliation for Todd’s holding the party establishment’s feet to the fire at the RNC?
  • Or his consistent demanding of pro-gun initiatives that keep angering the compromisers within the GOP?

This is where the real fight takes place – right here in the grassroots. And I know what it’s like to be attacked and kicked in the teeth and have no one stand up and vouch for you.

So I want you and all WGO members to do two things.

  1. Send Todd Welch an e-mail with some words of encouragement. Read his note below. Then e-mail a quick note thanking him for fighting a battle of principle. In this thankless job, we need to stand up for those who stand up for us. Believe me: It goes further than you may ever realize. I know he’d appreciate hearing from you. You can e-mail Todd at [email protected]
  2. Contact Richard Rust at the Wisconsin GOP at [email protected] and tell him you’re disgusted with the manner in which he’s mistreating Todd Welch. Ask him why he’s working so hard to derail the conservative cause. And insist he explain why he’s kicking one our best pro-gun activists in the gut. We conservatives need to stand united, and Todd Welch has been an example to all of us in the liberty movement.
Yours for Freedom,
Corey Signature
Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. – Here are the e-mails for the Wisconsin Republican Party leadership, should you wish to express your displeasure:


Read Todd’s Letter Below

Dear Friend,

I have a confession to make…I’m a Republican.

Or at least I think I am. The reason I’m not sure is because I received a certified letter from the Dunn County Republican Party chairman Richard Rust that said I was being denied membership in the party.

While Campaign for Liberty is a non-partisan organization, I have been personally involved in the GOP for years, so this letter came as a shock to me because I just represented Wisconsin at the national convention as a delegate. It was also shocking, because to tell you the truth, I didn’t even know there was an application.

Why is there a sudden interest to kick me out of the GOP? I believe part of it stems from my insistence that Republican (and really all) elected officials should be voting for limited constitutional government. When elected officials don’t, then it’s our job to let them know we are not happy.

It could also be that I fought against rules to silence the grassroots at the Republican National Convention, a naked power grab by the party elite.

I will let you know that I did contact Richard Rust, to give him a chance to retract his denial of my membership, explaining to him why he was wrong. But he would not hear it.

I want you to know, I’m not going to resign from the GOP in protest. I’m not going to give the party insiders a victory by trying to sweep this under the rug, and I’m certainly not going to quit letting you know when politicians (even Republican elected officials) take away our liberty or property.

For instance I believe Campaign for Liberty members should:

Hold Paul Ryan accountable for voting for the fiscal cliff bill to increase the debt and taxes, despite a public pledge not to
Contact Ron Johnson, who is ignoring the GOP platform and won’t support Audit the Fed
Let both of them know we are opposed to their vote to allow indefinite detention of American citizens without trial

Mr. Rust has his priorities in the wrong place. Instead of punishing members, he needs to be working with us to hold ELECTED officials accountable to their promises, Republican principles, and the Constitution, which they took an oath to defend.

Today we are fighting back with the rules, since what Richard Rust is attempting to do is outside the rules. You see, since the Dunn County GOP did not have anything in their party constitution about denying membership, they must follow Roberts Rules of Order.

Roberts Rules of Order does not allow for denial of membership, and requires anyone charged to be allowed a trial with a jury of their peers. In addition, it is recommended that I be allowed thirty days to prepare, and I am allowed council.

I am asking for your help to ensure Dunn County Republican Party chair Richard Rust knows that this attempted denial of membership is unacceptable and that he must follow the rules.

If you agree that the GOP should be following its own rules, can I count on you to call Richard Rust at 715-235-1485 and email him at [email protected] Please let him know you’re upset that he is abusing his power.

This is an important fight, because once the party elites of any political party get the idea that they can win by simply removing people who disagree with them personally, we will have lost an effective tool to fight for freedom.

And please don’t think I’m asking you to quit the GOP or any other political party in disgust. That just gives the party insiders more power and control. I encourage you to join and get involved in the party of your choice so that the self-appointed elites are in touch with the grassroots.

With your help, though, we will win this battle for the future.

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
State Coordinator
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Please help me stop this attempted abuse of power by Dunn County Republican Party Chairman Richard Rust. Call him at 715-235-1485 right now and demand he reinstate me as a member of the Dunn County Republican Party and follow Robert Rules of Order.

Tell him that if we are going to win, we must fight for our principles and demand our politicians be held accountable to them.

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. Donations made to Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. are not deductible for income tax purposes. Thank you!

WGO works for grassroots gun owners, not politicians. While many gun lobbies fight for “reasonable gun control,” WGO sets a higher standard: Defining the terrain of pro-gun political battle. Sure, many groups claim they’re “pro-gun” – all the while they provide cover for anti-gun deals cut by politicians – but only WGO truly informs gun owners, remaining committed to a 100% pro-gun position. We oppose all gun control – regardless of the political party – and work tirelessly to restore the Second Amendment. Visit www.wisconsingunowners.org

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Shane Waldsmith

Who is this idiot Richard Rust? He must be some sort of establishment progressive piece of beetle dung. We not only have to fight the commies, union thugs and left wing liberal morons. We have to fight an idiot globalist so called republican like this piece of crap.


This should be a clear indication there is no difference between parties. The common theme between them is control over the population, not individual rights. Both "parties" will flush anyone who doesn't toe the "party" live.

Ter ber

This blindly following the corrupt 2 party system is helping to kill this Republic. Everyone should be held to their own beliefs and get away from this party mafia. Its either your for the Constitution or not. Plain and simple. Everyone it time to wake up. Get Charlie Daniel's video: Behold a pale horse. We have not much time left. beholdapalehorse.tv

John I.

I think that both conservative and liberals want to do the right thing.The difference between the two is that liberals don't think in terms of first principals. That leads them to think in terms of situational ethics.It only follows then that they can say that they believe in the second amendment but still believe gun control.It is a contradiction in terms.Which means it is illogical.Its confusing to most people, but collectively it looks like people don't understand and get turned off from the political arena.Don't! The first principal is the right to life.If you have the right to life, you… Read more »

Dale McMahan

Todd: As a member of the retired American's in this country, and your neighbor in the state of Iowa. I want to say keep up the fight and don't let the little things like taking on the statis quo stop yoy from supporting what is right. Sometimes we need to step back and look at the bigger picture in America, just to see the arguements from both sides. This does'nt mean we are wrong, just a little more on the side of what is right. Good-luck on your continious fight to keep the checks and balances in the system guessing… Read more »

orrin potter

After the last elecion I to have begun to wonder if the Republican Party has changed to the point that I can't support it anymore if the so call Wisconsin leaders can't stand up for someone with enough guts to stand behind the second ammendment then maybe I need to chnage parties. Looks like its time to flush the Wisconsin "leaders" out!!

Scott Schoemann

I have been shouting the warnings of what has been happening with the "purchase" of the Wisconsin GOP Since the election of The Criminalistic Governor Walker. Walker's actions speak loudly yet his smokescreen of union busting distracts every one, he has done nothing to fight for our Second Amendment Rights in the onslaught since Sandy Hook, He has slyly supported Obama Care instead of moving to ban it within the state, or allowing our AG to file federal suit against it. The Wisconsin GOP Stands Strong with his actions and is heavily supported by out of state residents and money… Read more »


Any person elected to public office, Starting from the White House down to the local level, who takes the oath to protect and to serve the Constitution of the United States, who then tries to subvert any portion of said document for political gain should be arrested and tried for treasonous acts against the people of the United States. Should we the people continue to sit idly by and allow politicians to subvert our God given rights & freedoms? Or should we assemble ourselves to announce our displeasure with the actions of those who would steal our heritage and freedoms.… Read more »

Ed ave Williams

In your spirit of non-partisanship, I submit that the majority of incumbents, of both parties, as the team who has enabled, fostered, and foisted the present dismal state of affairs on we the people need to be sent packing back into the real world, given that they have proven that they do not have our best interests at heart.

JohnnyAngel Advocacy

Wisconsin,Minnesota and Iowa. Whenever these three states are mentioned,think waffles and pizza with a lot of oil! That is politics in GOP liberal lala land.