Cheaper Than Dirt’s Support of the Second Amendment Questioned

Cheaper Than Dirt
Cheaper Than Dirt

Fort Worth, Texas, USA –-( Yesterday on the Cheaper Than Dirt! company blog “The Shooter’s Log,” we posted an article after interviewing Allen Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation.

The title was ‘I Support Toomey-Manchin and You Should Too.’ We received a number of comments regarding the support of this legislation by Cheaper Than Dirt!

Nothing is further from the truth. The article was the opinion of Allen Gottlieb, and does not represent the opinion of Cheaper Than Dirt!

The mission of “The Shooter’s Log” is to provide information, not opinions, to our customers and shooting community. Part of that mission is to present pending gun legislation—the good and the bad. We want our readers to be able to make informed decisions, and to do so requires knowing as much information as possible.

The information provided does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

Cheaper Than Dirt! fully supports the Second Amendment and the responsible use of firearms. In 2013 alone, Cheaper Than Dirt! has donated or raised nearly $2,000,000 in support of the Second Amendment.

Cheaper Than Dirt! prides itself on being America’s Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter since 1993. Cheaper Than Dirt! boasts over 100,000 items available for purchase through their website and catalog. Articles, photos and videos appear daily on the Shooter’s Log at

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Azang Bugs

Sounds like sour grapes from people who do not shop around. Their prices and availability on the mags and ammo I need are competitive, I.e., nothing left or very expensive crap.. Just like their competition. Never had a problem with them. Still do not.


Your response to the claims of where you stand on the 2nd Ammendment read like a politicians speech without ever actually admitting to EXACTLY where you stand. Yes, you claim to support it but to what degree? Really, doesn’t matter because like the others, I’m jumping ship. My dollar may not make much different but the principle is worth much more than feeding you and yours.


Cheaper than Dirt should change their name to Cheaper than Gold. It would be a lot closer to the truth.

Native Texan

Your opinion is your own and you can keep it. I myself am not independently wealthy and able to convince my wife to pay gouging rates of 500% or more for ammunition. Your logic doesn’t make sense. Sooner or later that dealer will have to sell some ammunition to stay in business. Customers will remember the lower prices and recognize a scammer when they see one.

Jim D

I think a lot of these comments about CTD are unfair and uninformed and sound an awful lot like anti free enterprise liberals. Don’t confuse CTD with a vendor who offers a box of ammo for $20 and the item is not in stock and not backorderable. CTD may sell the same item for 2-3 times as much but it is in stock. A vendor can quote whatever price he wants if he does not have the item in stock. Is CTD price qouging? Sure they are. But if you absolutely gotta have it now, they are/were the only place… Read more »


CTD justifies their ammo price gouging to “supply and demand” ! HNH

David Friedlander

I will not make any future purchases from CTD. I can only assume their owners plan to sell their business soon as their greed and actions are amazingly short-sighted. I just bought boxes of PMC 115 grain FMJ 9mm for $15 each from a LGS, the same CTD had online for $69/box. The world is much smaller with the Internet, social media, etc., CTD will regret their actions.

Bill Butler

In my opinion,they have never, in my experiance, been “Cheaper” than anything that I could ascertain. Once I discovered sites like and, I pretty much haven’t done business with them, or have I recommended them to my customers. Yes, they have “donated” $$$ to the NRA, but that money came from customers who “rounded up” their bill to the next higher dollar. CTD collected that money and donated it to the NRA. Guess who got the tax deduction and the bragging rights???!! I do not trust them when I see many items, in their catalogue, without prices. I… Read more »

John Harrold

I made a purchase from CTD of three Magpul Pmags and then the next month they had raised their price for the Pmags by over $10.00 each. I thought I was getting them for the same price as they advertised in their catalog. In an email they said when their cost increases, they must raise their prices. I full understand this as part of business. I contacted Magpul Headquarters and was told their price was the same all thru 2012. NO increases to dealers. I found out CTD did the same thing in 2008, and if I knew that information… Read more »


Pantera Vazquez: I agree with you. They faltered after Sandy Hook, now let them lie in their own bed (The enemy’s). They can go out of business. I never bought from them, nor will I ever and I will tell everyone that I know not to. AmmoLand you better state where you stand as well. The True American people on done being shamed!


It is sad that cheaper than dirt has become so greedy. When i saw how much they raised their prices on mags, ammo and other gun related products, it was sick. They were one of the first to do this and still continue. They lost my business for sure. American companies screwing over Americans. Pretty sad we have enough problems with obama and his anti gun trolls and many policiticans creating idiotic anti gun laws. Pretty sad cheaper than dirt. I refuse to buy anything from them.


maybe CTD was an appropriate venue for alan..who sided with politicians…his mistake and integrity


Talk about a company that needs to go out of business…price gouging on ammo, political hypocrisy, and more. They will never see another dime from me…or anyone else I can convince to do business elsewhere.

Kenneth Waggoner

Lost me as well, between their dead silence and their price gouging they are no longer an option.


I say, let them eat dirt. IMO, their business practices have been questionable for a while. Stopped dealing with them 14+ months ago.

RockHard should change their name to either or just


I too am done with CTD. When a $16 box of 9mm target rounds goes to over $65, they no longer deserve our patronage. Manufacturers price increases can’t explain that gouging, simple greed does. My local pawn shop beats them in firearms prices by 20 %as well. Let the marketplace be the judge.

Pantera Vazquez

CTD is history, as in past history as far as I am concerned. They claim to support the 2A, yet they weaseled out after Sandy Hook. Their website was bookmarked in my computer. Tis No More………………


CTD seems to have it’s “heart” in the right place…

OTOH, piracy on pricing doesn’t endear you guys to your public…

It’s probably hard for folks to realize that your price today needs to account for resupplying the items at tomorrow’s prices…

But Cabellas Brick and Mortar stores didn’t see nearly the price surge… so some more ‘splaining might be nice to hear.

Like how your prices were more than twice the competition?


Sorry but CTD burned the last bridge with me…..after I witnessed FIRST HAND how they tried to bilk customers out of money on the PMag issue…..a 16 dollar mag went to 59.95 over night after sandyhook…I know, I shopped that store every week as well as Cabellas. They had a big bin of at least 100 mags… I know it’s not a shortage issue….Cabelas had the same stuff that was only 2 dollars higher……..

They got a lot of sprainin to do… will be hard for them to get me back…….