PlotWatcher Pro Camera Review

By Glen Wunderlich

Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Camera
Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Camera
Glen Wunderlich
Glen Wunderlich

Lansing, Michigan – -( With spring turkey season upon us, every hunter would like to be able to pattern the birds’ activity before deciding on an ambush site.

Scouting is a great way to begin, but finding time to hide and watch is difficult for anyone attempting to make a living. That’s where assistance from the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Camera comes in.

This compact trail camera is designed to perform surveillance work during daylight hours and is just the ticket to scout in absentia. And, so far, I like what I’ve seen.

Imagine watching an entire field from sunrise to sunset through a review process that takes mere minutes. Time is money and this camera pays dividends after the one-time retail price of approximately $250 is paid plus the cost of an SD memory card of $15 to $30 and eight AA batteries.

The Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro Hd Game Camera ( ) is a time-lapse camera that captures images at intervals set by the user. Mine is set to take photos every 5 seconds each day, which means approximately 10,000 photos per day. With a 32 GB photo card, it will store up to one million images! The PlotWatcher Pro batteries will last up to 4 months on a set of 8 AA batteries. With the easy-to-use software provided, the user can review them in forward or reverse at various speeds or even frame by frame. The date and time are on each scene completing the patterning chore.

Unlike traditional game cameras, which are triggered by the relatively close presence of game, this camera takes photos all day – game or no game – in an area 10 times greater than average trailcams. Additionally, wide-angle or telephoto lenses can be purchased separately for different set-up applications.

Day 6 Outdoors PlotWatcher Pro
Day 6 Outdoors PlotWatcher Pro

Here is what I’ve liked about the camera after using it afield for two weeks. It’s easy to set up and use with the 2 1/1-inch LCD screen providing camera setup and status messages. When it says, “Close door to start”, flip the door latches and photos begin immediately.

The camera’s internal components have remained dry throughout all the rain we’ve experienced lately. (I wish I could say that about other cameras I’ve used.)

On the negative side, image resolution is satisfactory, but only if images are relatively close. Those shots across the field cannot depict detail such as a turkey’s beard. However, by adding traditional game cameras on travel routes shown with the PlotWatcher, the patterning picture can be completed.

The camera has done everything expected and a recent photo file has made the effort worthwhile. On April 10th at 4:47 pm, the first images of wild turkeys were captured this season at approximately 125 yards.

The hard part is leaving the camera out there, but that’s the inherent beauty of it. Rain or shine, the PlotWatcher has earned partner status as a welcome addition to my bag of tricks.

Day 6 Outdoors definitely had the hunter in mind when it created the PlotWatcher Pro trail camera. Not only can it save up to 1 million images directly to video format for quick viewing, but it has advanced technology to make it last in the field. By far, the best advantage of the PlotWatcher Pro is battery life.

The PlotWatcher Pro lasts up to four months in the field with eight AA batteries. This is 20 times longer than other time-lapse trail cameras. Even if you do not step a foot near your food plot or scouting area for four months, the PlotWatcher Pro will continue to gather images and store them on a SD memory card.
Going on vacation during scouting season? No problem. Too busy to check the trail camera regularly?

No worries. Don’t want to disturb your prey near the food plot? The PlotWatcher Pro has you covered. Not only can you stop guessing where to hunt, but you can stop guessing if your trail camera is still working out in the field. The PlotWatcher Pro ensures you will have everything you need when you retrieve it, even after leaving it in the field for up to four months.

Put up a PlotWatcher Pro and go live your life between hunting seasons. When you’re ready to scout, the PlotWatcher Pro will have done all the work for you.

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Joe Wats

I would have some good things to say about the Plotwatcher Pro and was even about to buy 5 more with a friend of mine when mine quit working. Emailed and called them repeatedly and can never get a response. That is not bad customer service, that is terrible customer service. Might as well consider them to be disposable!