Recalls in the Firearms Industry

By Wes Doss

Recalls in the Firearms Industry
Recalls in the Firearms Industry
Guns & Tactics Media
Guns & Tactics Media

Las Vegas, NV –-( Recall! The single word that strikes fear and acrimonious bitterness in the hearts and minds of consumers, while throwing manufactures into full blinding panic.

While this term has become a standard in today’s society, thrown about with the ferocity of a group of teens egging a house on Halloween, the use of recalls to mend shortcomings with faulty products is really less than 100 years old and was brought about because of serious atrocities that occurred in all levels of industry at the time of inception.

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

Take a break from your high speed internet surfing and venture to your local public library and look for a book titled “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair to get a feel for what life was like not so long ago and when industry existed with little or no accountability. In this book, published in 1906, Sinclair graphically exposes the horrid unsanitary squalid conditions of the U.S. meat packing industry. Considering when the book was written it paints a graphic image that rivals the gore and goo of any modern psycho chainsaw killer movie, easily enough to convince many to become vegetarian.

Product quality and safety are the biggest branding tools available to a manufacture bare none! The power of word of mouth advertising and customer satisfaction is by far more powerful than any other form of marketing, but Internal manufacturing errors, design faults, and malicious tampering mean that instead of emphasizing the strength of the company’s products to customers, the exact opposite occurs, or at least it could.

The consequences to a manufacturer for a faulty product can be severe, and to a consumer they can mean both financial loss and physical injury.

Despite a company’s best efforts to design, manufacture and sell safe and reliable products, the possibility still exists that dangerously defective products may reach consumers. Now, in years past when a product defect was detected, a manufacturer had to launch an exhaustive campaign to notify consumers and then an equally exhaustive effort to get the defective product back in order to repair or replace it.

Today with the immediacy of information and wide spread method of communication afforded by the internet, the task, while still intensive, is simpler, faster and more thorough, but the same benefits also alter the risk landscape greatly.

The immediacy and anonymity of social media often causes a dangerous flip side when things go wrong, the self-anointed authorities of the World Wide Web,,,

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I love my Caracal C. Since the alledged problem I’ve been dropping it (unloaded) on carpet on concrete. Can’t get it to fire. Don’t get too excited over guns “going off by themselves”, the usual defect is the human.