ATI’s GSG 922 Pistol is Now California Compliant

American Tactical Imports GSG 922 CA .22LR Pistol
American Tactical Imports GSG 922 CA .22LR Pistol
American Tactical Imports
American Tactical Imports

ROCHESTER, NY –-( American Tactical Imports is proud to now offer the popular GSG 922 in a California compliant version (GSG 922 CA) and is now listed on the states roster for handguns allowed to be sold in California.

The GSG 922 CA is a .22LR version of an officer's size 1911 pistol. The GSG 922 CA is packed with features and is designed to make shooting fun and affordable.

The pistol has a 3.2” non-threaded barrel, a picatinny rail, skeleton trigger and a shortened beaver tail and grip safety. The California compliant version differs from the original GSG 922 by not having the threaded barrel for suppressor installation; thus, meeting all the regulations for California sale.

“We are very excited to have the GSG 922 CA,” says Joe Calabro, Marketing Director at American Tactical Imports. “The GSG 922 has been so popular across the country and the demand for this pistol in California is very high. All the regulations are now met, and the GSG 922 CA is approved for sale.”

ATI is the exclusive importer of al GSG products into the United States. A proven track record of selling affordable and high quality firearms continues with the addition of the GSG 922 CA. The GSG 922 CA has an MSRP of $389.99.

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    1. I watched one of my best friends shot and killed by a 22lLR round. Don’t discount a high velocity .22 round, Your body is a pressure vessel and a hole any size can be fatal. By the way 5.56 is a .22 round.

    2. Yeah, so does that mean it also has a microstamped chamber and firing pin?

      The drug cartels are all over Kalifornia. Even hunters are being stopped and inspected in the wild on a hunt by local police along with CA DFG and DEA in areas like Tejon Ranch. When 8-10 heavily armed tactical clad LE’s show up on ATV’s while you are in your hunt to check you out, you know your hunt is over. Every animal of any kind just left for the next county. On the other hand, just how dangerous is it when LE has to justify using such task-force’s forces in the wild?

    3. Good pistol for snakes, but that is about it. When you are being attacked you don’t want to fire something at him that is just going to piss him off even more. It’s better than nothing, but not much.

    4. Oh come on now! A .22 LR… uh… that ain’t much when the drug cartels running roughshod all over Commiefornia are armed with military grade weapons.

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