Economic & Portable, the SnapSafe Lockbox

SnapSafe Lockbox
SnapSafe Lockbox
MKS Supply

Dayton, OH –-( SnapSafe Lockbox is an economical and handy solution for many personal security concerns. MKS Supply, LLC the marketer for SnapSafe announces a great little concept with big results.

Whether it is a firearm or other valuables sometimes they must be locked up and the means to do that is not always handy such as when at work, in your car, residence and hotel or even on an aircraft (SnapSafe meets TSA airline firearm guidelines).

It is at these times having a place to secure items can be tough, inconvenient and sometimes overly expensive.

SnapSafe is a 91/2″ x 61/2″ x 13/4″ all steel, key locked, heavy-duty overlap constructed pry resistant box with ½” memory-fitting foam liner. Constructed of tough 18-gauge steel the robust box has an attractive black powder coated finish. The locking mechanism is extremely robust and uses matched numbered keys for additional security.

SnapSafe comes with a forty-inch long 1,500 pound test rubber coated steel cable that allows the box to be temporarily or permanently attached to a sturdier object such as a car seat frame if desired. The back has holes for permanent attachment to a flat surface.

The idea of an economical highly-portable good looking tough as nails steel lock box to keep valuables or restricted items in makes excellent sense for many uses.

MSRP: $24.95

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