Brian Aitken Interview on Politics and Guns Podacast

Brian Aitken
Brian Aitken interview on Politics and Guns Podacast
Politics & Guns Podcast
Politics & Guns Podcast

USA – -(  Host, – “It is an honor to have Brian on the show today.

You’ve heard about Brian when we spoke with Frank Fiamingo from the New Jersey Second Amendment Society.

Today we have the opportunity to speak with Brian directly. I’m familiar with your story, but would you bring our listeners up to date?”

Aitken- “In 2008, I began a move from Colorado to New Jersey. I finally found a buyer for my house and shipped my final load of goods, including my guns, by air to my parent’s house in New Jersey. I’d called and asked the New Jersey State Police how I should store and transport my firearms as I moved. Then I moved, or tried to move, to Hoboken.

The police called my cell phone and asked me to come back to my parent’s house. First, they said I did not have to return since I hadn’t broken any laws. Then they called again and said they’d issued a state-wide general alert to have me pulled over, have me arrested, my car impounded and have me returned to the Mount Laurel Police Department. I returned to my parent’s house to avoid this man hunt.

“We spoke for about a minute and the police figured out I wasn’t suicidal. They later used that as an excuse for questioning me for three hours before I was Mirandized. After talking to me for an hour and a half, they asked for consent to search my car.

“There are so many laws in New Jersey, I knew that could be a problem even though I did everything the State Police told me to do when I moved my firearms.

“The arresting officers said they would send me to a psychiatric hospital for a 72 hour hold if I did not let them search my car. My car would be impounded and they would search my car in order to inventory the contents while I was held. The police officers eventually unpacked my firearms. They thought they were legally stored, but decided to arrest me anyway and let a judge sort out the New Jersey firearms laws.

“The police were indifferent as they coerced me to return to my parent’s house. They were indifferent about getting a warrant to search my car.”

Brian was sentenced to seven years in New Jersey State Prison. He served 4 months before his sentence was commuted. His sentence was not overturned. Two charges were overturned on appeal, but Aitken remains a felon convicted of violating New Jersey firearms laws.

Brian Aitken is raising money for the legal appeal to clear his name and regain visitation rights to see his son. Listen to the interview and please donate.  Here is another half hour of the interview with Brian on the Politics and Guns podcast, Episode 170.  The rest of the podcast isn’t bad either.

The rest of the podcast isn’t bad either.


The Politics and Guns Podcast is a weekly show on the Gun Rights Radio Network that focuses on the news and events that surround the 2nd Amendment and our basic liberties as well as offering guns and gear reviews. Visit: the Politics & Guns Podcast at

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Robert Fowler

The true moral of the story; stay out of New Jerksky.


The morale of the story, don’t tell anybody you are shipping guns.