Mayor Bloomberg Drops 1 Million Dollars to Buy Corey Booker NJ’s US Senate Seat

By Fredy Riehl

Bloomberg the man and money behind Cory Booker
Bloomberg the man and money behind Cory Booker
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New York, NY – -( Just like in the Colorado recall elections New York City's overbearing Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is spending a cool one million dollars this week to buy Newark NJ's Cory Booker the NJ U.S Senate seat that is up for special election Wednesday October 16th 2013.

Booker has stumbled and fumbled a 30 point lead in the polls down to just a 3 percent lead against NJ conservative republican candidate Steve Lonegan. Lonegan is New Jersey version of Ted Cruz and a staunch supporter of the Second amendment and a active member of all of NJ's pro second amendment grass roots groups, like NJ2AS. And this is why Mayor Bloomberg is pouring funds into the senate race, as it would be another massive defeat if he can not buy this race in the state across the Hudson from Mike's home kingdom NYC.

It had initially seemed that Booker, a rising star in the Democratic Party whose Twitter prowess had given him far greater reach than the average city mayor, would coast to victory. But the recent tightening in the polls, combined with some recent missteps, including the revelations that he had engaged in banter with a stripper on Twitter, have raised concerns that he is under-performing against a far-right candidate in a Democratic state.

Now it appears that New Jersey voters are poised to send an independent voice to the U.S. Senate called Steve Lonegan.  As a former small town mayor, “Steve truly is a man of the people, and he will bring common sense back to Washington.”

Says Steve; “When I was elected [mayor] 4 years ago, voters were angry about Obamacare. Today, they still are. Every day, seniors, small business owners, and workers are learning that they can't keep their preferred insurance policies.”

Steve's election promises to be a referendum for New Jersey on Obamacare and the explosive growth of big government.

Unfortunately, with Bloomberg's money now raining down on the race Democrats can still squeak out a win if New Jersey gun owners fail to make it to the polls Next week.

  • 5 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg Drops 1 Million Dollars to Buy Corey Booker NJ’s US Senate Seat

    1. It’s a damn shame this crap goes on in politics. Everybody who does this needs to be brought up on bribery charges and fired from their elected position. This is not the only politician who does this but to come out in public and announce what he’s doing is unreal. Jail this asshole and pull what power he had, also ban the asshole from EVER being in politics for life…. No place for this B. S. In our society.

    2. A shortlist for the treason gallows:


      And on-deck, McCain an ex-hero. Let God sort them out. Biden gets a pass from the Foundation for the Intellectually Disabled.

    3. Maybe the people are waking up and paying attention now instead of paying dollars.

      Bloomberg’s fortune, or at least part of it is at stake by trying to buy his way into leadership instead of earning it. This is also obligating the people he supports by buying their positions.

      Hopefully enough people have woke up and vote for who is right instead of who is rich. If so, let Bloomberg waste his money, let him go broke trying to buy power.

      Its not the money that makes a man what he is, its what is in his heart. Nothing worse than a controlling rich man.

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