Jihawg Radical Terrorist Reactive Target

Jihawg Metal Reactive Target
Jihawg Metal Reactive Target
Jihawg Ammunition
Jihawg Ammunition

Dalton Gardens, Idaho –-(Ammoland.com)- Jihawg Ammo., makers of revolutionary pork infused anti-Jihadist Ammunition have come up with a terrorist hostile politically incorrect fun filled reactive target.

Powder coated with Jihawg’s (pronounced gee-hog) proprietary anti-Jihadist terrorist pork pink and Jihawg’s classic pork faced terrorist, these all steel heavy-duty metal targets are a blast to hit.

When hit with handgun (smaller targets) or rifle fire (heavier targets) they emit that classic metallic clang and flip, hop or roll over to expose another target surface-just keep on shooting and they keep on dancing. www.jihawg.com ( http://jihawg.com/targets )

Needless to say they are a blast to have two people trying to beat each other to the next hit.

These lighter1/4-inch thick 2.5 pound targets are 8″ tall and will take up to .380 ACP rounds. 21/2-inch strike face. MSRP $34.95

The heavy-duty3/8-inch 13 pound targets are 14″ tall and will take all handgun and most rifle rounds (not the .50 Browning or armor piercing rounds, come on folks!) Although we must admit for one shot it would be fun to see how far the big round would launch the “then probably ruined” target). The heavy-duty target has 41/2-inch strike faces. MSRP $54.95

Replacement terrorist face stickers a package of 36, MSRP $4.95

These all American made targets are electric welded and constructed of 12560 armor plate.

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