#GunRightsThug – New Target, Telemarketers

By Alan Korwin

#GunRightsThug – New Target, Telemarketers

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- Use telemarketing pests, don’t hang up on them.

Don’t just hang up on these annoying slugs like you do now.

Turn them into assets.

It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s a tactic that works.

I do it all the time, you can too. It’s a gas!

1 – Take control of the phone call after they ask their first question.

They always ask a question, that’s how telemarketing works.

You ask, “Can I ask you a question?”

They always say yes.

2 – Ask: “Do you own a gun?”

(You might have to repeat that for some of them.)

3 – If they say, “no,” or won’t say, remind them:

“Ya know, that’s dangerous. What if someone breaks into your home?”

Be silent. You’ve planted the seed.

Talk to them for as long as you like.

They have forgotten why they called.

You are reaching a person who needs to be reached.

Do it for freedom.

If they DO own a gun (or guns!) and start jawing away:

4 – You ask: “What state are you in?”

And then: “Are you a member of your state gun-rights group?”

Convince them to join every group there is, for all the right reasons.

It make us all stronger.

Now, I can also sell them books on preserving our gun rights, and knowing your gun laws and what to do after a shooting. ( Here is my short list of gun education books: https://tiny.cc/smar8w )

Hey, it’s a sales call. It’s a two-way street.

When I’m ready, I tell them, “Listen, I’ve got to go now, but thanks for talking with me. Have a great day!”

Stop wasting telemarketers on the phone.

Use ’em.

This really works.

Leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Many of them thank me.

Others don’t know what hit ’em.

You want to DO something. Do this.

Let me know how it goes for you.

About GunLaws.com:
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bad idea from my perspective. If the guy or gal on the other end happens to be a criminal you just gave them an indication that you have guns in your house. If they have your address on file the next call they make may be to some other “friends” so they can break into your house and steal the firearms.


I answer the call and if I get a live SPAMMER, I tell them to wait a moment. I then retrieve my handy “Duck Call.” I might ask them if they like ducks. If they say yes, I proceed to let go with a full lung discharge. After this I can assure you that they know they’ve been “ducked.”


You mean if the telemarketer has a sexy voice and I flirt with her, she can lose her job? Why I thought I was just using tired old “pick-up lines”?

Mike Crognale

I agree. Bad idea. We don’ want the calls but these folks are trying to make a living. Please don’t do that!


Bad idea. I taught at a phone bank operation, and every call is monitored. An employee who lets you drag them off course with topics like religious or gun ownership will be fired. Not a positive outcome, and a gun owner is to blame. Like I said, bad idea.