Crow Shooting Supply Named Red X Arms Exclusive Distributor

RXA15 Lower Half Receiver 6 Position Stock
RXA15 Lower Half Receiver 6 Position Stock
Crow Shooting Supply
Crow Shooting Supply

USA –-( Crow Shooting Supply takes great pleasure in announcing it has added Red X Arms AR-15 rifles to its expanding list of firearm offerings. Crow will have the Red X Arms AR-15s on display at the 2014 SHOT Show in Booth #10574.

Crow currently offers five models of Red X Arms AR-15s, all carbine style with 16″ barrels. Four of them are 5.56/.223 caliber and one is in 300 AAC Blackout caliber.

“We’re very happy to add Red X Arms to our lineup,” said Steve Crow, Founder of Crow Shooting Supply. “We have a great relationship with them and we’re honored to have been named their exclusive distributor.”

Red X Arms, located in Starbuck, MN, has been making parts for AR-15s since 2003, and selling under its own name since 2009.

“We actually manufacture most items in-house in facilities we own and operate, with 10,000 square feet of floor space,” said Red X Arms CEO Neil Schulter. “We have 11 fully-automated CNC machines and many secondary-op machines. We have greater control on quality and tolerances doing this in-house.”

Crow began distributing several popular makes of firearms in 2013. Red X Arms joins companies like Bushmaster and Daniel Defense, as well as Taurus, Rossi, Heritage, Remington, Marlin and H&R 1871 who all have full product lines distributed through Crow.

Crow Shooting Supply is a family-owned national wholesale distributor of firearms, ammunition reloading components and shooting accessories. Proudly serving retail gun shops, major sporting goods stores, gun clubs, shooting ranges and government agencies for nearly 30 years, Crow is a full-line supplier of nearly 100 of the world’s premier shooting industry manufacturers. For more information, or to inquire about partnering with Crow Shooting Supply, call 800-264-2493 or visit

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Craig Mullis
Craig Mullis
3 years ago

I ordered a $450 item along with $265 in accessories. The items malfunctioned and I attempted to contact RedX by phone, but the phone message said to send an email. I started an email thread where I contacted them 12 times and they responded only 3 times. I asked for assistance, reimbursement for postage for returned items, and requested that someone in management contact me to discuss this business transaction. I spent $64.51 to send all items back so that they could determine what was wrong. The postage included insurance since the cost of the items was over $700. They only responded that they wouldn’t pay for the postage. RedX did state that there was a defect, ‘The chamber was finished roughly and causing the problems you were having. An error in the machining process.’ I did receive all the parts from RedX and they functioned correctly. However, when I cleaned the parts after functionally checking them out, I found excessive carbon buildup and wear marks that indicated used parts were sent to me and not new parts. During this process it occurred to me to check if the Better Business Bureau had any information on this company. I found that RedX has an ‘F’ rating on the BBB. I should have checked before making a purchase.