Pentagon Yet To Answer For Death Of Navy Seals

By JB Williams
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US Navy Seals
Pentagon To Answer For Death Of Navy Seals
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Washington, DC –-( news comes from the White House of another election year withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan, which promises to leave the region in the same kind of terrorist run chaos as Iraq, a House Sub-Committee on Government Oversight of National Security is set to grill Pentagon officials on the single largest loss of SEAL lives in history, today Feb 27th 2014.

The Committee says the hearing is to “honor the heroes of Extortion 17.” But the families of those heroes have a very different interest in that hearing. They are not going to the hearing to listen to empty platitudes about the wrongful death of their loved one’s…

The families of the fallen SEALs want answers… North American Law Center submitted official questions to members of the House Sub-Committee more than 24 hours before the hearing, on behalf of Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn.

The hearing has received almost NO press coverage to date.

Billy Vaughn, Aaron’s father, released an explosive book titled Betrayed ( ) about his son and the circumstances surrounding the death of his son on 6 August, 2011 in Afghanistan. The mission was code named “Lefty Grove” and the CH47 was call sign Extortion 17.

The tragic event marks the single largest loss of life in Navy SEAL and Special Forces history, and it was allowed to happen as a direct result of Administration policies, a lack of mission readiness, and suicidal ROE (Rules of Engagement) which adds considerable threat to our brave young men and women ordered into harm’s way.

A list of initial questions was delivered to committee members more than 24 hours ahead of the hearing. Despite a history of do-nothing dog and pony shows by the Issa controlled committee, on matters like Benghazi, the SEAL families intend to do whatever it takes to get answers.

Because this committee is on Oversight of National Security, members of the committee must accept calls from Americans all over the country and Billy and Karen Vaughn have asked for everyone to make those calls in an effort to assure that these families will get answers to their questions.

Representative Phone Fax
Representative Jason Chaffetz 202-225-7751 202-225-5629
Representative Cynthia Lummis 202-225-2311 202-225-3057
Representative John J. Duncan, Jr. 202-225-5435 202-225-6440
Representative John L. Mica 202-225-4035 202-226-0821
Representative Justin Amash 202-225-3831 202-225-5144
Representative Kerry Bentivolio 202-225-8171 202-225-2667
Representative Paul A. Gosar 202-225-2315 202-226-9739
Representative Rob Woodall 202-225-4272 202-225-4696
Representative Trey Gowdy 202-225-6030 202-226-1177

These Representatives need to hear from the American people or this hearing will become just another “Benghazi” effort to sweep Administration failings under the political carpet.

This is NOT a partisan issue. It is not just important to these SEAL families. The story of betrayal of our armed forces is critical to every military family, especially all who have loved ones in harm’s way. We still have soldiers dying under insane Administration policies and they will continue to needlessly die until this matter is fully addressed and people are held accountable.

At 10:00 am ET February 27, 2014… after two and a half years of waiting for answers, SEAL families will sit in a Congressional hearing asking questions. Please help make sure that those questions are asked and answered.

The future of freedom and liberty in America is no more secure than our nation’s defenders of freedom and liberty.

Don’t sit this one out! If you support our brave troops, now is the time to stand with them!

  • 2 thoughts on “Pentagon Yet To Answer For Death Of Navy Seals

    1. These folks want answers to their questions about the deaths of their sons. But in using the language they use in the first paragraph, “Afghanistan, which promises to leave the region in the same kind of terrorist run chaos as Iraq,” they exhibit the same imperialistic mentality that is used to get these soldiers killed. Do they not see that if they get answers to their questions without addressing the issue of murderous policies and the degree to which those “terrorists” are the creation of our unquestioned “American” foreign policy and preemptive strikes upon other sovereign nations, and especially their people, which have not harmed us in any way, they only insure that it will happen again! If we were invaded and occupied by a foreign power we would call our resisters patriots and freedom fighters and not “terrorists.”
      So, in the end what has happened to American principles when, based in part upon the pernicious notion of “American exceptionalism,” they are used selectively and not as universals applicable to all people at all times?
      Yes, your sons and daughters are soldiers were sacrificed to motives they had no say in. Why not encourage them (and yourselves) then to fight against the lie that is our American foreign policy and show their mettle and warrior’s spirit on that battle field?
      Afghanistan and Iraq are not “terrorist run chaos” but chaos created by unjust, illegal, and unAmerican imperialistic policies undertaken to serve the economic interests of the few. That is the mind behind this chaos. The fist on the other end is our troops. But, in the end, going on just to get along is not the warrior’s way. Please think this stuff through with care and step outside the anti-principle that blood is thicker than water. It is not just about our sons and daughters; it is about the example we give to the whole world. And that is a spiritual model just as true warriors are spiritual warriors who serve the truth–not some cigar smoking fat cats on Wall Street! JWC

    2. Treason at the highest level, the Democrats Sold out our Military years ago, just like they are selling out the Constitution! bankrupted Social security and Created the Goose stepping IRS!
      Politicians are in CYA mode along with the political military hierarchy! no body has the intestinal fortitude to stand up; might make em’ look bad.
      Unfortunately the house has no teeth, they cannot enforce anything look at Holder Lying, and Benghazi hearings,
      Maybe the SEALS should take in the back room!

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