Open Letter To Wayne LaPierre & NRA National Leaders from Behind Enemy Lines

Wayne LaPierre
Executive Vice President
National Rifle Association
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
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USA –-( Dear Mr. LaPierre,

First and foremost I would like to thank you, the NRA and its members for defending our Nations Second Amendment Rights. I also thank you for sending me an offer to join the NRA.

From the first day I became a firearms owner I have wanted to very much become a NRA member and I still do.

However, I live in the state of New Jersey and I am sorely disappointed and embarrassed in the way the national branch of the NRA has abandoned my home state and its law abiding firearms owners.

This was disgustingly obvious during the 2013 hearings in Trenton NJ where gun owners were under fire and attacked by New Jersey’s so called lawmakers. I witnessed only our local Second Amendment associations such as ANJRPC and NJ2AS fighting to preserve our 2A rights in Trenton. Your national branches inactions continue to this day.

The national branch of the NRA has made a very strong statement via its non-actions that it is not willing to support and fight for its New Jersey members Second Amendment Rights. Rather, it has chosen to use New Jersey and other states as sacrificial lambs. An example of this is clearly printed on page fourteen of the January 2014 issue of American Rifleman. James W. Porter III wrote “Look at California, New Jersey or Connecticut where, prodded by the Brady Campaign and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, real bans criminalize gun ownership have become law”.

The fact that you know this and do nothing other than hang these states out to dry is 100% unacceptable and irresponsible of the NRA’s national branch. You may be wondering why I am referring to the NRA as the “national branch”.

I understand that ANJRPC, whom I am a proud member of, is the legislative branch on the NRA in NJ. The work that ANJRPC has done for the rights of firearms owners in New Jersey is outstanding. ANJRPC has done a great deal of work and gone above and beyond the call of duty to help fight the constant anti-2A battle in New Jersey.

However, given New Jersey’s current anti-2A political climate, ANJRPC cannot do everything. We law abiding New Jersey gun owners need the full strength and support of the NRA in the state RIGHT NOW.

You must also understand that what happens in New Jersey does not stay in New Jersey. Rather it slowly infects other states very much the same way a minor infection spreads and turns into a critical major life threating infection. Unless YOU and the national branch of the NRA and the force of its membership, take an active and aggressive role in helping the people of this state break free from the Second Amendment Iron Curtain, sooner rather than later the other so called “free” states will begin to crumble and become just like New Jersey.

You must realize that people from the free states move for various reasons. These people may start families in more restrictive states such as NJ and by default give up their rights 2A rights. Thus the NRA looses more members and unity due to its lack of support. In addition, as time goes on more anti-2A people move to “free” states and slowly begin to change and erode the mentality about firearms, which leads to the “more gun laws are better” mentality. As a matter of fact the NRA’s own home state of Virginia now has an anti-gun governor.

I am not alone in my feelings and there are many New Jersey gun owners that will not join or support the NRA for the very same reasons I have stated above.

In closing, I again thank you and the NRA for your membership offer. However, at the moment I must decline this offer until I see that the national branch of the NRA is truly willing to fight for New Jersey’s 2A rights and not simply looking to gain an extra thirty-five dollars worth of revenue while using its New Jersey members as sacrificial lambs. If you and the NRA are truly interested in preserving the Second Amendment Rights of our country and New Jersey’s citizens then YOU and the NRA will bring this battle to New Jersey, which is ground zero for the Second Amendment fight.


Javier Rojas

  • 26 thoughts on “Open Letter To Wayne LaPierre & NRA National Leaders from Behind Enemy Lines

    1. Right on the money, as a life member of the NRA, I too am ashamed
      of our NRA. They sure don’t hesatate to ask me for money to fight in other states, which I don’t give, I instead support the people doing the work the NRA should be doing. They also keep trying to get me to upgrade my membership and or donate to them, that will happen
      when I see them in NJ fighting for us..

    2. In answer to a number of respondents who think the NRA should hang NJ gun owners out to dry,, I remind you that not all of us voted for these clowns. My Assembly members voted no on this latest travesty. There are more non-gun owners in NJ than owners and most of them have no clue. I pay dues to the NRA and I expect to be defended. My gun club makes NRA membership mandatory and I don’t mind paying but I expect some action in return.

    3. For every one that wants to downgrade the NRA I have this to say. Lose the NRA and there support in this country and you will be lucky to own a BB gun .

    4. Freedom and Liberty starts with each one of us, not some group to shuffle the blame on to. The NRA is not perfect and believe me I can personally attest to observing where some changes need to be made, but the NRA is the biggest baddest dog in the house. And they do carry weight.

      If Javier or anyone wants to make a difference, start a movement to change NRA management. This one person crying in the wind doesn’t cut it. Get off your ass and get active. Lead a coalition like Neal Knox did years ago. It forever changed the NRA into a more political advocacy type group in addition to all the training they did and still do. and don’t forget the legal costs,their attorneys cost big bucks. So yeah the NRA is always bucks hustling, I read somewhere it costs a million a day to keep the NRA open and implementing all their programs. That is expensive. But the NRA does not have the dough the Republican or Democratic Party have. They don’t have Bloomberg’s Billions. What they do have is a lot of grassroots volunteers. That’s where their power is. Start organizing, it’s never too late to form an action group and call the NRA and invite them to take advantage of you. If they don’t move on it, take your grassroots to the next group.

      You are so right about the gentlemen shotgunners. They had and have no use for those black rifles or handguns until the anti-gunners outlawed lead ammo in CA. NOW even the shotgun crowd in the tweed jackets are starting to realize it is a divide and conquer strategy and they are on the list to be served up as well. Therefore what am I saying in a few words, educate, educate, and educate. You know Javier, I know, and so do most of the people on this list know but there are sooooo many firearms owners who don’t know what is going on and those are who we need to focus on any way we can to affect true positive change.

    5. Look at the ‘winning court cases’ for the pro gun side, in the last ten years..After ‘a court victory on the ‘law’..what happens…the politicians outright refuse to abide by ‘any court decision and /or rewrite yet ANOTHER law ,so that a victory in court is just that …in court…Does anyone really feel that any pro gun law lately passed has protected and enhanced YOUR God given rights to be armed or free from harassment pertaining to your weapon of choice….as for the NRA…when they built their HQ near Dc…and compromised with ‘the Brady bunch’ and gun grabbing politicians…any victory is NOT ,long lived….as we all will be the ONLY model as history shows, for protecting one’s rights….no paper or court or politician can do that,,only you and your desire freedom and liberty for you and yours…..imho…..Semper Fi

    6. Total lie about GAO, etc. Regardless as BigR says, it is up to the voters go get the liberals out of office. The NRA like any organization must pick the battles it knows it can win or has a chance to win–the losers for Amerika like NY, NJ, CT and others which are controlled by liberal unions, socialists and worse, all sponsored, supported and elected by those citizens there is nothing the NRA or ANYONE else can do until the dummys in this country get it–and they won’t. Pissing away good money for a guaranteed no win situation is just that, pissing away good money.

    7. the HORROR stories just keep coming about the NRA sitting on there ass and letting gun owners sink – it has been stated if it were not for GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA the NRA would have sold us all out and proposed a national gun registration

    8. I’m in the NRA to make my voice heard. Maybe if the gun owners in NJ would start backing pro-gun candidates instead of the liberal socialists, then something could change. The NRA is trying to put out fires all over the place. They can’t do it all by themselves, we need to get a lot more vocal, and in the local politicians faces. As long as these libs keep getting into office term after, things “AIN’T” going to change. Do like the libs do, start demanding not asking. The longer this goes on the weaker we’re getting. Start acting now, and loudly. The squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil!

    9. With the NRA getting FAT from all of the new members, why would they want to stop a good thing. NY is in the same place as NJ. I have sent e-mails to the NRA and of course the NEVER answer. And I should belong to the NRA??? But I do belong to SCOPE. NY thanks the NRA for NOTHING……

    10. As a Benefactor member I can tell you tht the NRA will support a Democrat IF they are pro gun (a few are). The NRA is NOT a political party supporter but a gun issues supporter fighting most of the heavy battles in courts, etc. And in Colorado they had their ILA national guy there all the time in that battle in which was a losing battle regardless since they were legislatively out numbered. They do a hell of a lot of good, believe me.

      However one thing that does tick me off is how they treat membership money. they pay the top dog well over a $ million and many many of the others way into six figures. The top people spend huge money at only the best hotels and travel costs do not matter. Additionally the NRA will spend and pay HUGE amounts of money to have entertainers, celebrities and others at the Convention. Many of those folks like Glen Beck and others last year charge big for that!

      The top NRA tier reminds me of how the Obama’s jive their vacation and fun trips all while we taxpayers have to foot those bills. Yet, even the NRA Board of Directors cannot learn the expenses or wages of the top NRA folks.–how does that work?

    11. My wife and I are both life members of the NRA. We lived in N.J for 50 years, before we left for a state where the 2nd Amendment means something. While its true the NRA doesn’t do much for N.J., it uses its resources on states where it can be effective. I’m tired of hearing gun owners who are NOT members complain that THE NRA DOESN’T HELP N.J.. Maybe you should join, contribute and prioritize how you vote. New Jersey is a write off because the Democrats buy the elections by giving the state away to minorities. Until the Democrats are removed from office, there will be oppression of the 2nd Amendment. The state has taken your rights away and you blame the NRA? If ALL firearms owners would join in N.J., you might accomplish SOMETHING. Go to town hall meetings, vote, volunteer, get involved. Don’t wait for an organization you don’t support to save you.

    12. I agree with you Javier. I left (escaped) NJ in 2009 and moved to PA where my 2A rights are recognized and acknowledged. I too was a proud paying member of the NRA when I was a NJ resident. I let my membership lapse and never renewed because of EXACTLY what you discussed here. I felt my membership dues where going into a black hole and I was continuously not being represented. Thanks for writing this Letter. If you can leave NJ, do it! After I moved, I never looked back!

    13. I belong to the NRA only because my NJ shooting club requires it. The writer is absolutely correct. The NRA will not make the effort because it is difficult to succeed in NJ. It would prefer to work in states where they are more likely to prevail. Good for them, not so much for us in NJ.

    14. The NRA is about its own survival – and its survival is ensured through gun ban legislation (that it helps write) and members ignorance thinking a gun club will ensure their rights.

      Rights are ensured by force not by member dues.

    15. The NRA gave Harry Reid $5000 and a ‘B’ grade in 2012. The same NRA gave Manchin (VA) a B !! So go ahead and send money to this compromised bunch of lobbyists, they will ignore your letters and emails. The NRA also supported the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act. I support NAGR and JPFO.

      As far as California goes, there is a MASSIVE NUMBER OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, and ballots are printed in many languages. If gun owners are truly concerned about their guns and their right to SELF DEFENSE without long prison terms, STOP AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! And put an end to the H1B racket. Big business will use its money to enrich and empower itself, at our expense.

      I cannot stress this enough. The GOP will not stop the Executive Orders or vote against amnesty unless they see the citizens rise up peacefully and confront them.

    16. The NRA is a gun control organization – go look at its REAL history. It has helped to write all the major gun legislation.

      It only survives as long as Gun Bill’s and Bans keep coming up.

      They will never get rid of what keeps your donations coming in and paying their checks.

    17. IN regards to Dr. Strangelove. I am a member of the NRA and I have paid and contributed and I am also complaining about the NRA’s apparent disregard for NJ and their 2nd amendment fight. Does the NRA hear me?

    18. Darren, please explain to me how supporting these restrictions helps the big gun manufacturers. Please note that the restrictions hit everyone; not just the little guy. If I used to sell 10 AR-15s a week and now sell none because the AR-15 was made illegal in the state, how does that help the big guy who used to sell 1000 AR-15s and now sells none for the same reason?

    19. Bear in mind that the NRA isn’t about gun rights it’s about the interests of big gun manufacturers, importers, & distributors. It obviously doesn’t want to see guns go away but it doesn’t mind restrictions that help the big players in the gun business kill off the smaller competition. Remember that economics apply to guns too.

    20. The writer is right on target with his letter, I have been saying the same for some time. NRA do something for the NJ Gun owners !

    21. It’s up to all Americans to join the fight for our Constitutional Rights. If you are not happy with the NRA then start your own organization. The NRA is just that. An organization of Americans that believe in the 2nd Amendment and fight for it. Same with Gun Owners of America. It sounds like some people just want to set on their lazy butts and complain and let someone else do the fighting for them. It’s up to every American to get involved and win this war against tyranny. The war for the 2nd amendment and the rest of our freedoms has already started here in America. Hope everybody realizes this.

    22. Why should the NRA waste the money I give them on a state where even the gun owners don’t vote correctly and are willing to give up so much.

      Look at the hunting clubs that sit by. Look at the hunters who say well who needs a hand gun. Hell look at the NJOA and what they have become.

      NJ needs to help themselves before the NRA poor money down the abyss. Yes those two orgs are great the association which exists mostly in North NJ and the nj2as which is fairly new.

      I left NJ in 2006 and have never looked back at that horrid place I used to call home.

    23. The same NRA has made PAC contributions to both Greenwald and Sweeney in the past. How brilliant! (These are the same clowns that the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance have endorsed since their inception. A group that tells its membership to join the NRA but have yet to show up at any event to stand behind members.) This is the best the NRA can do? If there really are a million gun owners in this state, they are not very visible. And that is evident in public range memberships, the waning hunter numbers, public events and rallies, NRA memberships, and more importantly; their absence in the voting booths is most evident. So, it’s no surprise the NRA has washed their hands with New Jersey. The NRA’s President showed up for New York at their rally in Albany last year when the SAFE Act was born to join in protest with the people. The NRA has been sorely absent from any meaningful event held in New Jersey, except of course for fund raisers.

    24. I’m sorry that I have to agree with on this with you on your plight.
      As much as I support the NRA, I too have found other groups that appear to fight harder for all gun owners, as the NRA appears to tip towards the hunters access and federal fights and forgetting the state level rights. This is why I also support the Gun Owners of America (GOA) Wjth membership and the extra financial support I used to send the NRA.

      The GOA appears to accomplish more even though its smaller and newer. The NRA needs to check the needs of its members. I still support both but the GOA gets the extra.

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