Safariland Features 7TS Holster Series at IWA

New duty and tactical holsters with the Safariland rotating hood retention system.

Safariland 7TS Holster Series
Safariland 7TS Holster Series

ONTARIO, California –-( Safariland announced today the presentation of the 7TS Holster Series at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2014 Show from March 7 – 14 in Nuremberg, Germany. Available in ALS (Automatic Locking System) models, the combination ALS/SLS (Self Locking System) and in SLS-only retention models, the 7TS holsters feature a patent-pending design which strengthens the holster body.

This unique design allows the holsters to be constructed of SafariSeven, a proprietary DuPont nylon blend. SafariSeven offers enhanced heat and cold tolerances, making it almost impervious to the elements and is highly durable, extremely lightweight and impact-resistant.

Currently for those seeking an open-top holster with a thumb retention, 7TS is offered in two duty (Models 7390 and 7395), two tactical (7384 and 7385), and three concealment models (7377, 7378, and 7379), in five fits for the Beretta 92, Glock 17/22, Glock 19/23, Glock 26/27, and S&W M&P.

For users seeking the combined internal thumb retention of the ALS with the external SLS rotating hood, the ALS Level III Retention duty holsters (Models 7360 and 7365), tactical thigh rigs (Models 7304 and 7305) and the mid-ride Model 7367 concealment holsters are now offered in two fits, the Glock 17/22 and the S&W M&P. Alternatively, for those who prefer the Safariland SLS rotating hood retention mechanism, duty Models 7280 and 7285 providing Level II Retention, and tactical Models 7004 and 7005, are available.

“The initial launch of the 7TS has been extremely well-received and Safariland is excited to offer the 7TS Series internationally,” said James Dawson, Category Director, Safariland Duty Gear.

These models are offered in both Black and FDE Brown. Additional fits for the Glock with lights, Sig Sauer P229R, Sig Sauer P226R, and S&W with lights will be released later this year.


Model Description                                                                                                                            MSRP

  • 7390    ALS/SLS Mid-Ride Level III Duty Holster                          $88.50
  • 7395    ALS/SLS Low-Ride Level III Duty Holster                         $88.50
  • 7377    ALS Concealment Belt Slide Holster                                                            $45.50
  • 7378    ALS Concealment Paddle & Belt Slide Holster                    $52.00
  • 7379    ALS Concealment Belt Clip Holster                                                  $45.50
  • 7384    ALS Open Top Tactical Holster                                                                    $139.50
  • 7385    ALS Open Top Tactical Holster w/ Quick Release  $149.50

Model Description                                                                                                                            MSRP

  • 7360    ALS/SLS Mid-Ride Level III Duty Holster                          $109.50
  • 7365    ALS/SLS Low-Ride Level III Duty Holster                         $109.50
  • 7367    ALS/SLS Concealment Belt Slide Holster                                        $95.00
  • 7304    ALS/SLS Tactical Holster                                                                                         $162.50
  • 7305    ALS/SLS Tactical Holster w/ Quick Release                                   $172.50


Model Description                                                                                                                            MSRP

  • 7280    SLS Mid-Ride Level II Duty Holster                                                 $88.50
  • 7285    SLS Low-Ride Level II Duty Holster                                                   $88.50
  • 7004    SLS Tactical Holster                                                                                                   $139.50
  • 7005    SLS Tactical Holster w/ Quick Release                                             $149.50


For more information about Safariland holsters and other premium duty gear products, please



About Safariland

Established in 1964, Safarilandhas earned worldwide renown and a leadership position in the industry for its technologically advanced holsters and other gear to the law enforcement, military, concealment and competitive sporting markets. Safariland holsters, belts and accessories provide users with high-quality tools to perform their jobs safely and effectively. Safariland is credited for developing the first Level III retention holster for the uniformed duty market. With a reputation for INNOVATION NOT IMITATION®, the Safariland brand continues its position as the worldwide leader in retention holsters. Safariland is a part of The Safariland Group family of brands. For more information, visit

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The holster has a unique design and the use of SafariSeven is highly helpful in increasing heat and cold tolerance. Amazing features such as impact-resistance and lightweight design make it handy and reliable, especially for difficult situations.