Lies, Damn Lies and Scott Brown…

Scott Brown
Lies, Damn Lies and Scott Brown…
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-(  Abraham Lincoln famously said that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but apparently nobody ever told Scott Brown, or for that matter, the leaders of the New Hampshire Republican party.

In case you don’t know, Scott Brown is a former Republican US Senator from Massachusetts.  He’s looking to win the Republican nomination in New Hampshire, for the US Senate race against the Democratic incumbent, Senator Jeanne Shaheen, this fall.

Our neighbors to the south are for the most part liberal extremists and vote that way, so any Republican in Massachusetts is a strange beast. Ideologically a Massachusetts Republican would be a left leaning Democrat in New Hampshire. And such is the case with Scott Brown, particularly concerning the issue that is of paramount importance to NHFC’s members and followers: our gun rights.

Scott Brown has no problem with the idea of banning guns!

Scott Brown has established a long and undeniable legislative record in the Massachusetts State Senate and in the US Senate by voting with the Blooburglars, as a gun-grabber.  He is a darling of billionaire gun-banner Michael Bloomberg.

Brown said: “As a state legislator in Massachusetts I supported an assault weapons ban thinking other states would follow suit.”

Jay Simkin told Politico on December 20 in Nashua, “His coming here is calculated disrespect, just as if he went to Saudi Arabia with pork chops in his suitcase… “If he wants gun control, he should stay in Massachusetts. Fact is, Scott Brown as a State Senator voted for the so-called Massachusetts Assault weapons ban that is now law in the Bay state.”

Despite the clear fact that this should make him radioactive in New Hampshire, he has somehow seduced Republican party leaders in the state into showering him with endorsements and praise.  These are people who should know better, like US Senator Kelly Ayotte, Rep. Gene Chandler and Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley.

They are delusional.

What’s even worse, Scott Brown has the audacity to meet with New Hampshire gun owners and lie to their very faces!  In a recent GONH meeting Scott Brown told the members of GONH that he’d been waiting on his pistol license for six weeks!  We know the licensing process can legally take no more than two weeks, because we worked hard on that provision of the law.

So, is Scott Brown a liar or a fool?  Or does he take New Hampshire voters for fools?

Normally, dishonest politicians wait until they’re in Washington before they start to forget their principles.  But Scott Brown will change his principles before your very eyes!  If he will openly speak naked lies to your face, how can you have any idea what he will do in the hallways and back-rooms of Washington DC?

Scott Brown has taken a play out of the Chicago manual of politics: pay lip-service to “transparency” while working entirely in secret, and silencing dissent.  Ask Rick Olsen about Scott Brown’s idea of government transparency. Mr. Olsen was escorted out of the building where GONH and Scott Brown were having a so called “public” question and answer session.

Seems more like Obama transparency than actual openness in government. The arrogance of our current administration is clearly acceptable to Brown based upon his own campaign’s cronyist goon-like behavior.

Let’s send this charlatan packing, to the left-wing Boston suburbs he crawled out of.  Tell Republican leaders that you’re incensed and deeply disappointed they would lend their support to such a weasel.

Gun owners must call Senator Kelly Ayotte and demand that she rescind her support for the gun banning Scott Brown.  Senator Ayotte’s support for Scott Brown shows her utter contempt and disrespect for core New Hampshire values.  Since this is a political and not a legislative issue, the best place to contact Senator Ayotte would be through her husband’s business, Daley Outdoor Services: (603) 424-0360 or Fax: (603) 424-0362. If Senator Ayotte had not privatized her cell phone and home phone after she got elected we would not have to direct these calls to her husband’s office.  She doesn’t even have an obvious email contact on her campaign web site. Another show of contempt for you, the citizens of New Hampshire.

You should also contact Rep. Chandler: (603)374-6603 and Senator Bradley by clicking here.  Tell Rep. Chandler and Senator Bradley the same thing, you will not tolerate their support for a gun banning carpet bagger.  Let them know that their actions are putting the entire Republican party at risk of electoral defeat.

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,
Jonathan R Evans”
President – NHFC

About New Hampshire Firearms Coalition:
The New Hampshire Firearms Coalition is New Hampshire’s only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization. While many so-called “gun rights groups” work to curry favor with politicians and the media, NHFC is working aggressively to hold politicians accountable and to put a stop to gun control. Visit:

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Kate Krueger

Scott Brown is worse than a RINO he couldn’t beat the Indian princess Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts to hold onto his seat so has taken his ball and bat and moved to NH to win one there. Why is NH not voting for a real Conservative? Bob Smith is a great Conservative and former NH US Senator and Karen Testerman is a Conservative activist. Both are worthy of NH not Scott Brown. Check out my podcasted May 29th interview with Ralph Demicco VP of Gun Owners of NH the day after GONH had Scott Brown at their meeting gp to… Read more »


(R) will have a majority without this sleezebag. Elect a real conservative or give the seat to Jeannie and we will nail her next time. Elect Brown and he is in for life. Remember Souter… Brown is brought to you by the same group of NH RINOS led by Papa Smurf. I rather see a conservative win the primary. Most conservative’s I know will not hold thier nose again just for an (R). I know I won’t.


It’s very simple really, would a Senator Scott Brown vote for Harry Reid as Majority Leader?
You know that Jeanne Shaheen already has, and will do so again.


Like it or not most republicans support Scott Brown and he also has the support of many independents who are needed on the conservative side to get rid of Shaheen.

One statement after Sandy Hook doesn’t define Brown’s stance on the 2nd Amendment nor military style long guns. There are already controls on some weapons, like fully automatic guns. Nothing wrong with having discussions.


What do you expect, look at how they vote in New England, just a bunch of dummies!