Never Again? Israel Has Yet To See About That Commitment From America

By John Farnam

UNM Students for Justice in Palestine
UNM Students for Justice in Palestine
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Anti-Jewish?

Leftists in general, and the BHO Administration in particular, have become a cheering section for the PLO and Islam, while never passing-up an opportunity to reprimand Israel.

Today, Jewish students in American colleges and universities are openly terrorized by Palestinian students and Palestinian campus organizations (mostly attending at American taxpayer expense).

University officials are, for the most part, casually unconcerned. But, let anyone say, even whisper, anything unkind about Islam, and they can expect to be immediately expelled!

This is from an Israeli publication. It obviously expresses their viewpoint, but it's hard to disagree with:

“…the Belgian government refused to acknowledge that the massacre of four people at The Jewish Museum in Brussels, by an Islamic French jihadi, was an anti-Jewish assault.

Jewish teenagers are kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists in Israel, but it' s all the fault of the victims.

An elderly, wheelchair-bound Jewish man was thrown over the deck of a cruise ship by Islamic terrorists, and America's premier opera house says it's ‘art.'

Jewish teenagers are violently assaulted on the streets of Europe, and Europe yawns.

There is a pattern here. And it has nothing to do with peace.”

Comment: As is historically obvious, being Jewish has never been conducive to good health, no matter where one lives! However, it strikes me that today Jews are, once again, being singled-out for violence, both in Europe and the USA. And, at the highest levels of government, here and there, there is little more than cynical obliviousness.

Obviously, no one cares!

Accordingly, American Jews, among all people, should be the group most jealous of our Second-Amendment rights.

Some actually are [see JPFO] , yet many still vote for leftist Democrats who have openly stated it is their goal to literally rip guns from the hands of all Americans (except their own bodyguards, of course)!

They say “Never again!” I wonder how many really mean it?

“I've known many who claim to yearn for a fight, when the enemy is far away. Precious few continue to so yearn when the enemy gets close!” ~ US Grant


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  • 9 thoughts on “Never Again? Israel Has Yet To See About That Commitment From America

    1. There is a level of irony that two of big government’s most ardent supporters are blacks and Jews. The first spent generations in chains because of decisions made by governments and the second was almost annihilated by a government corrupted. Nothing, I guess, like sticking one’s head in the sand and abdicating any and all responsibility. Until, of course, things go wrong and the government goons actually show up.

    2. Maybe gods chosen people should say it like it is.We want the US to support us by fighting our battles for us.We also want a few billion more annualy from the US because after all,……we are gods chosen people !

    3. The SDS is back again on campuses along with their 50 year sworn
      solidarity with the PLO and other Islamic terrorists organizations.
      UNM does not surprise me. Some of the old 1960’s heavy radical SDS
      people are presently there at the University and residing within the
      One of which is a “Bolshevik” Jew himself who turned on his own people in support of Anti Israel Organizations.

    4. One of the reasons America has been blessed is we have been gentle in our treatment of God’s Chosen people Israel. Before the founding of Israel the US treated Jews relatively benignly and we have helped Israel since its founding. I fear for our country and the world when we no longer do this/. By the way in case anyone wonders I am not Jewish I am a Baptist who loves what God loves. Ie His people Israel.

    5. I have always asked the question: “What in the Jewish experience, ‘ever’, gives American Jews total trust for their security too the state”. Jews are ALWAYS a pogrom away from disaster.And while American Jews have not experienced mass violence, we must not forget the rabid Jew hatred that left 6 million dead. And the US government was complicit. Look up the “St. Louis”. There wasn’t even room for the children!

    6. Most every leftist tryrannist gungrabber in this country last name has …stein or …berg in it ! Coincidence ? ..hell no !

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