New York: Legislature Close to Adjournment, Anti-Gun Bills Still in Play

New York Democrats are still wishing for a Microstamping bill to pass.

Charlotte, NC –-(  The moment that all law-abiding New York gun owners eagerly anticipate each year is nearly upon us — adjournment of the New York Legislature for the year.

State lawmakers are tentatively trying to conclude the 2014 legislative session today but the waning hours are a dangerous time when scores of bills are quickly and quietly passed.

Accordingly, it’s important that you contact your state Senator immediately and let him or her know that you are still watching for anti-gun action in Albany and are opposed to a pair of proposals that continue to have life.  Anti-gun activists and legislators are still working diligently to push these bills through before the clock expires.

New York Senate Co-Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-34) held a press conference last Friday pushing for more gun control.  Microstamping legislation has failed to pass at least the last six consecutive years.  Microstamping is easily circumvented by common household tools.  Other than making firearms and ammunition much more expensive, A.3244A/S.68A would have absolutely no impact on public safety or violent crime, and for that reason, your NRA continues to fight against microstamping legislation in Albany.

As if Senator Klein’s SAFE Act from last year wasn’t bad enough, he’s back this year pushing mandatory storage of guns.  S.7822 would force gun owners to store their firearms under lock and key or face serious penalties.  This legislation is extremely dangerous because it is simply one more tool to harass law-abiding gun owners, and it would render firearms useless in self-defense situations when seconds matter.

Since there is potentially only about 24 hours left in the 2014 legislative session, this is one of the most critical times to remain vigilant.  The Assembly has a large partisan divide and Governor Andrew Cuomo is one of the most anti-gun governors in the country, the only hope of stopping these bills is in the narrowly divided state Senate.  Please contact your state Senator immediately and respectfully ask him or her to oppose this legislation.

Contact information for your state Senator can be found here.

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