ARFCOM Retail Store Grand Opening, Canton, TX

ARFCOM Retail Store Grand Opening,  Canton, TX
ARFCOM Retail Store Grand Opening, Canton, TX

Honeoye Falls, NY –(  Grand Opening ~ Thanks to all who came out this month over the 4th or July weekend for the grand opening of the ARFCOM store at First Mondays in Canton, TX.

We had a good turnout despite the holiday, and managed to get the store complete enough to open on time. For those that did not make it out, in addition to the ARFCOM merchandise, we had:

  • Complete line of ARFCOM rifles, shotguns, and handguns
  • The Gun Cleaners – ultrasonic firearms cleaning
  • BoarGear – guided hog hunts and misc boar gear
  • TargetVision – wireless camera to use at the range
  • Ultimate Night Vision – large variety of thermal and image intensifying night vision gear

We also had a scavenger hunt going on, and one of our exterior walls for ARFCOMers to sign. Giveaways for the scavenger hunt and a raffle were awarded over the weekend as well.

New Products
There were a number of new products at the store opening some of which will be making their way to the online store shortly if not already there. These include:

  • Billet ARFCOM Domino Sets
  • ARFCOM Glocks
  • ARFCOM 5.56 M193
  • 2014 Texas Poker Chips and Challenge Coins
  • New Stickers
  • New Patches
  • New Shirts (exclusively available at the store)

We will also be working each month to bring you new products, vendors, and reps.


There were a number of giveaways during the weekend, including two rifles, some ATN Shot Trak cameras, and miscellaneous shirts and accessories. Thanks to all the donors, and congrats to all the winners.

One of the rifles was a raffle started at the M-79 range during the New Dawn event. Because all the tickets were not sold during the shoot, the remaining ones were sold at the opening and the prize awarded.

After the store closed, we gathered outside and grilled some hot dogs, hung out and watched fireworks. By far the best part of the weekend: the chance to get together with new and old friends, put faces to usernames, and enjoy the company of good folks. Thanks to all of you that were there, and especially those that travelled a great distance.

We hope to see a bunch of you this coming month, July 31-Aug 3rd 2014. For more details, maps, and other pertinent information, see this thread.

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omar kalaki
omar kalaki
5 years ago

nice place for marketing..big up

Charles Goff
Charles Goff
7 years ago

Where is the ARFCOM store located in Canton and what are the hours of operation?

Charlie Goff–Quitman, Tx

Larry fulton
Larry fulton
5 years ago
Reply to  Charles Goff

Market Place on highway 19 / free parking