Crimson Trace Equips S&W’s M&P Shield Handgun

Crimson Trace LG-489G for Smith & Wesson’s M&P SHIELD Pistols
Crimson Trace LG-489G for Smith & Wesson’s M&P SHIELD Pistols
Crimson Trace
Crimson Trace

Wilsonville, OR – -( Crimson Trace, America’s leading brand of laser sighting systems and tactical lighting products for firearms, announces the pending release of a Laserguard green laser sight – the LG-489G — designed specifically for Smith &Wesson’s M&P SHIELD pistols.

This newest Laserguard will feature a green diode and is designed to fit securely and unobtrusively onto the trigger guards of the popular polymer-framed M&P SHIELD pistols.

The LG-489G will feature Crimson Trace’s proprietary Instinctive Activation switch for instant on/off and will be powered by a 1/3N battery. This laser sight will be easily installed without special gunsmithing skills or tools and will permit easy windage and elevation adjustments with a provided tool. A free instruction booklet provides the full operation details to buyers.

Crimson Trace Laserguard laser sights are well known for their factory-like fit onto the pistol’s trigger guard and add little, if any, weight or bulk to the firearm’s footprint. The new LG-489G’s powerful green laser will aid shooter’s with precision aiming and quick target acquisition during threat encounters. The LG-489G’s Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price will be $299. Numerous holsters will also be available when the product is released in August.

Smith & Wesson’s M&P SHIELD is a lightweight, striker-fired semi-auto pistol that is chambered in either 9mm or .40 S&W. The M&P SHIELD has a slim (1-inch wide) profile that makes it a top choice for concealed carry. The new Crimson Trace LG-489G Laserguard also features fish scale serrations to match those found on the side of the M&P SHIELD’s slide.

Crimson Trace manufactures more than three dozen laser sighting products that are designed to fit a wide variety of Smith & Wesson handguns. Crimson Trace’s product platforms include: Master Series, Lasergrips, Laserguard, Lightguard, Rail Master, Rail Master Pros and the Defender Series. All Crimson Trace products are proudly Made in the USA.

Crimson Trace’s mission is to enhance people’s ability to protect family, home and country. More details on the company and its more than 160 products can be discovered at or are available by calling 800-442-2406.


Crimson Trace—based in Wilsonville, Oregon—is the acknowledged industry leader for laser sighting systems. The company’s many innovations, include: Lasergrips®,  Laserguard® and Lightguard™ — all with Instinctive Activation ™–plus the Defender Series™ and Rail Master®. These products are engineered and manufactured in the USA.  To reach Crimson Trace, visit or call 800-442-2406.

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