NJ’s Racist, Sexist, Gun Control Claims Yet Another Victim

New Jersey’s Racist Sexist Gun Control Claims Yet Another Victim; Allen Case Screams for Passage of National Carry Reciprocity

Shaneen Allen possesses a License to Carry Firearms issued by the City of Philadelphia
Shaneen Allen possesses a License to Carry Firearms issued by the City of Philadelphia
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

New Jersey – -(Ammoland.com)- Despite the fact that Shaneen Allen possesses a License to Carry Firearms issued by the City of Philadelphia…

Despite the fact that Allen has been trained in firearm safety and passed an NRA handgun safety course…

Despite the fact that Allen voluntarily presented her carry license to the police in conjunction with a routine traffic stop, as per her training…

New Jersey is doing its best to turn Shaneen Allen into a convicted felon facing a State Prison term of a minimum-mandatory 3-5 years with no chance of parole.

What heinous offense did Shaneen Allen — a hard-working single mother of two, with no prior criminal record — do to deserve such a fate? Last October, she travelled with her Pennsylvania licensed handgun loaded with lawfully purchased, low penetration self defense ammunition, into New Jersey.

That is all.

Allen never pointed the firearm at anyone, never threatened anyone, never removed the firearm from her car or even out of the purse in the backseat. Nonetheless, she is charged with unlawful possession of a handgun and unlawful possession of hollow nose bullets. Atlantic County is prosecuting her fully.

Recognizing Allen’s remarkable facts, the Atlantic County New Jersey PTI Director agreed to accept Allen into the PTI program— however, the Atlantic County Prosecutor is refusing to allow it. The PTI program would allow Allen to avoid becoming a convicted felon and serving prison time.

The Atlantic County New Jersey Prosecutor would rather see Allen serve the mandatory three (3) years in State Prison, and is pushing the matter to trial.

Due to New Jersey’s “Graves Act” firearm laws, if Allen is convicted, the lowest sentence a judge may give her must include a three (3) year prison term with no chance of parole.

Until last week, the Public Defender’s Officer represented Allen, but she has since hired the law firm of Evan F. Nappen, Attorney at Law P.C. to represent her.

When asked for a comment on the case, Evan Nappen, Esq., stated, “New Jersey has a history of racist and sexist gun laws. Women are denied the means of self-defense against larger stronger men.”

“New Jersey’s earliest gun laws banned Blacks and Indians from possessing guns. Apparently, not much has changed. End the madness. Pass the national carry reciprocity law in which gun licenses would be recognized by every state and be treated much like drivers licenses. No more innocent victims of New Jersey draconian, racist, sexist gun laws, that are out of step with the rest of America.”

Louis Nappen, Esq., of the firm, who appeared on Allen’s behalf this week in court, stated, “We will be doing everything we can to zealously represent her, but I see this sort of thing happening more and more. ”

“The ‘feel good’ legislation that turns mere possession into a “Graves Act” second-degree crime does nothing to stop true criminals and turns law-abiding citizens into felons. Ms. Allen is a prime example of this. It’s sad, and wrong.”

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    1. Bottom line is she should know the law and realize that her carry permit is not good outside of Philadelphia. So it’s her own fault. Nothing to do with race or gender just stupidity. Why do people always have to bring race to the table when they get caught doing something wrong.

    2. It’s the tyranny of the “official displeasure” that none other than SCOTUS justice Ginsburg warned against….except when it comes to firearms that is….

    3. I’m not saying Jersey isn’t ridiculous… because it is… but when you carry you gotta know the laws of every state you carry in… living right over the border you gotta know how strict Jersey is…im sure she just forgot about it or didn’t realize she had it and it’s a shame they can’t just send her back over the bridge with a warning but that’s Jersey for ya… while the were wasting our time and money prosecuting her for nothing towns like Bridgeton, Millville, Vineland, Pleasantville,… I could go on… are going to crap… bravo Jersey… bravo

    4. Is there a legal defense fund to help this young lady? Is there anything we can do besides sit by and watch them steam roll this poor woman into the ground?

    5. You can bet christies fat ass wont do nothing to help her ! I get nausious just thinking about that fu*ked up state !

    6. I don’t agree with NJ gun laws however she was in possession of hollow nose bullets, hollow nose bullets are not for protection and the permit she had was for P.A. not N.J. also there is a lot of gang active between N.J. and P.A. many now are women that you would never believe they were a gang member

    7. Her permit is good in PA not just Philly. However, a simple email to the NJ State Attorney General’s office asking what the transportation requirements are would’ve prevented this from happening. Also hollow points are illegal in NJ.

      A responsible gun owner checks the laws of any state they’ll be traveling in with their weapon. That being said, NJ’s gun laws are ridiculous.

    8. Another victim of an unconstitutional state. Alaska has no pistol permits , no required concealed weapons permit , one of the few states which understands shall not be infringed.
      NJ violates Federal law for interstate transportation of firearms , We should remove all Federal highway funding .

    9. Just to let people know, hollow point ammo is NOT illegal in NJ. You CAN use it at the range, have it at home, or transport it between them. It is only illegal to carry it in NJ. Even off duty police can not carry HP ammo legally.

    10. This has nothing to do with race or gender. It has to do with NJ being an awful state. I know a man who is currently in jail because he was hunting in the Poconos and when he left went straight to AC. He got pulled over. Has his license to carry, but since he was in NJ he got 3 years. Stupidest thing ever!

    11. “Hollow nose bullets are not for protection”
      Are you dense?
      She did nothing wrong. All she did was cross an imaginary line between nj and pa and now her life is being threatened.

    12. Where is the NRA on this? Don’t they usually provide free legal defense when unconstitutional laws are applied to a gun owner?

    13. I have sympathy for her plight, and hate New Jersey. But, it was her responsibility to know in which states her Pennsylvania carry permit, was recognized. New Jersey does not recognize Pennsylvania’s carry permit. It’s easy enough to go online and find out what states recognize what other states carry permits. And, even if your permit is recognized, once you cross into another state, you are governed by that state’s carry laws.

    14. “Hollow nose bullets are not for protection”

      The heck they are not. Hollow points prevent over penetration of a target that are quite common in full metal jacket ammo. They also allow for more energy of the round to be used in the target thus ending the treat quicker.

      When you carry you need to know the laws of where you are travelling. She should have been aware of the laws.

    15. Fox News has been blasting Mexico for 3 months over the mistaken entry and jailing of Sgt. Tahmooressi into Mexico with his guns. Everyone should contact Fox News and ask them to report on this injustice. Maybe we could get the laws changed in New Jersey if the media put the heat on over this case.

    16. Aries: Hollowpoints were designed specifically for self protection. Please stop spreading false rumors. Thanks from PA.

    17. I was just about to ask that aries moron about hollow points ! As that idiot calls the hollow nose (big indicator that hes an idiot) bullets. Remington Golden Saber hollow points are in all of my handguns !

    18. Tommy mc on July 8, 2014 at 8:01 PM said:
      “Bottom line is she should know the law and realize that her carry permit is not good outside of Philadelphia. So it’s her own fault. Nothing to do with race or gender just stupidity. Why do people always have to bring race to the table when they get caught doing something wrong.”

      Tommy, YOU are an idiot. A Philly-issued LTC is valid in ALL of Pennsylvania (it’s a STATE licence, you idjit), and carries reciprocity with numerous other states.



      It should be broadcast as a required public service announcement that the surrounding states will violate your Constitutional Rights.

    19. Sad case indeed. However, you need to know the laws of each state you travel through. I have to conceal mine in Texas, then display it openly in NM, AZ, and when I get to Cali, I’m in trouble, because not only is it to be unloaded, and no access to the ammo and gun at same time, my mag holds too many rounds.

    20. Aries – Full metal jacket rounds go straight through a target usually so they are not ideal for a defense round. The chance of your round going through the invader and hitting your neighbors house are significant with FMJ. Hollow Points transfer all their energy to the target so they do not pass through. Even a missed shot has very little chance of going through the walls of your house and into the neighbors house. So ideally your firearms should be loaded with hollow points or something designed for defense. So please stop spread the lie that hollow points were not designed for self defense.

    21. to avoid all this they should recognize all conceal carry permits from all states like drivers license to avoid all these problems for honest people.just my opinion.

    22. FMJ rounds in my opinion are for punching paper at the range but can be used as a self defense round. Hollow points is what you want in your weapon for self defense. Thats the round you use to “stop the threat” !

    23. First of all, the race and gender cards being pulled is just silly. Every state has messed up laws in its history, some still do.

      That said, while I think the prosecutor is being a little harsh (if she is truly a first time offender), she should have known better. Everyone in Philly knows that you do not travel into NJ with a weapon. If that means you have to stop at home to drop your weapon off then that is what you do. People who live in Maryland and Virginia that can legally carry have to do the same thing when they travel to DC. People who work on military bases can’t carry on base. It is common sense stuff. In no way am I agreeing with NJ’s dumb laws by the way.

    24. I love how someone said hollow point ammunition, is not a defense round…
      That is exactly what hollow point rounds are, defense rounds. Purely designed for defense purpose. Pass that reciprocity law already.

    25. GOD I hope and pray they DO take this case to trial.
      All they will succeed in accomplishing is showing the entire nation that NY/NJ have gone off the deep end with their draconian gun laws.
      This young lady followed the law to the letter by providing her CCW permit along with her license and registration and proof of insurance.

      Yet I strongly believe there is a nefarious motive on the part of Bloomberg and company. The motive is to turn law abiding gun owners into felons. As a felon she will no longer be eligible to carry a firearm and her firearm(s) will be confiscated.
      One down, 100 million to go

      Even worse is hearing the Chicago Police Chief blame the deadly weekend ( roughly 20 injured and 9 killed)on WEAK gun laws. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the CONUS.
      Seriously I strongly believe there is a method to their madness and that is to chip away at our right to own firearms little by little.

      This is deliberate, planned, and is ONLY the beginning.

      Kinda looks like a storm is brewing on the horizon

    26. Robby Robinson – actually she did NOT follow the letter of the law, she was not allowed to have that weapon in New Jersey and she knew it.

      I don’t want to speculate too much here but I think this is a case not unlike people who speed: they do it all the time and never get caught but once they do they make a big deal about it.

    27. I moved from NJ to TX and there’s such a different mentality here. I got pulled over a few days ago, presented my CHL along with my DL… got greeted with a smile and sent along with a warning.

    28. I think this is a sad case… She will be prosecuted… no if ands or buts about it…Police officers and retired police officers cant carry across state lines, pretty much in the whole country.. What happened to the 1000 points of light to protect the citizens of the country…

    29. Such a shame. A lady goes thru all the hoops to legally be able to protect herself in PA, but when she goes to NJ, she has to have a ‘no guns allowed’ sticker on her car for protection. I was born and brought up in joisey, hunted there, but wouldn’t go back for any reason. That state has become a marxist heaven. How can we help this young lady???

    30. “hollow nose bullets are not for protection ”

      Are you ignorant? You always use hollow-point bullets, precisely because they are safer. Hollow-points break up on impact, which lowers the chances of shooting someone through a wall or having a bullet pass through a target to the person standing behind the target.

    31. Apparently, in New Jersey, hollow point bullets can go through a bullet proof vest. A detective told me that while I was being busted on false charges. I laughed at him thinking he was joking, but he was serious! I asked him where he heard that and he said everybody knows that! That’s why they’re called “cop killer bullets” in New Jersey. Seriously!

    32. If you don’t like stupid laws like this in New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, California, and elsewhere, stop voting for democrats.

      If you are for Marxism and/or communism, continue voting for democrats.

    33. She made a mistake! Have you ever made one? Has the libtard, cowardly prosecutor ever made one? He’s obviously a libtard or he would be agreeing to the prosecution under the section that permits some judicial discretion and would almost certainly allow this young woman to avoid jail time. He’s a coward because he would prevent women from having the means to defend themselves. If she has a clean record and just neglected to ensure that she was in compliance with NJ carry laws, cut her a reasonable amount of slack, put her on some type of non-invasive probation (if she re-offends, they can bring the house down on her) and send her home to her job, and, more importantly, her kids. Our legal system is not in business to provide justice, it’s a political horse that is ridden in service to the political agenda of the office holder, be it judge, prosecutor or defense attorney. Shakespeare had it right: “Kill all the lawyers, kill them tonight!”.

    34. To say this law is racist and sexist makes the lawyer that provided the quote in this article the true racist and a complete idiot. Here’s another newsflash for you. PA has the SAME EXACT LAW you flipping idiot!!

      With that being said, James McClain, the Atlantic County Prosecutor should drop all charges as this is stupid.

      She should know the law, but it shouldnt cost her 3 years in prison.

    35. The NJ AG is the acting country prosecutor for Atlantic County. It sure seems like it’s Governor Christie’s AG that won’t let her get PTI and is pushing for a 3 year sentence. The same Governor who’s been pretended to be pro-gun for the last 2 years while he still hopes he has a chance at the white house. The Real Governor Christie peeks out once in a while.

    36. I didn’t see how race or sexism played a role. The only thing she really did wrong was having the gun loaded.. she was allowed to transport the gun. Had that gun been unloaded she probably would have been let go

    37. With all of the other real issue that face New Jersey and the urban areas therein, how does local law enforcement and the County Prosecutor find time for this kind of meaningless trivial crap? How is the public good served by demonizing a law-abiding citizen and turning her into a felon? I just do not understand that inane east-coast mentality.

    38. Race has nothing to do with this. As a concealed weapon permit holder you are required to know the laws. If you do not know the law of another state concerning concealed carry, look it up. I always look up the state laws before I travel to another state.

    39. The constitution states not to infringe. !!!! and it is not posable to know the laws every where. IE all city and state.travel the nj turnpike how many cities are along that one road .If you have a CCW you have been vetted by state and fed goverment.nor can you have mase over 3/4 oz can and tasers are not alowed in nj this is crazy. AND ALL SHOULD BE LEGAL IF YOU ARE NOT A CRIMINAL.

    40. I will agree the race/sex had something to do with this, if someone can show us that someone else got off for doing the same thing. Let’s face it, if the cop let her go and she went on a killing spree, people would be saying “Why did they let her go? There are laws for reasons!” etc…
      Allen did what she was trained to do in her permit to carry course. You have a gun in your car, an officer comes up to the car, you hand them you drivers license, and carry permit (or tell them you have the gun, and permit to carry), and you keep your hands where they can be seen. Then you follow the direction that will come, and answer the questions that will be asked.
      In this case, Allen had a carry permit from a state that she wasn’t in, and a loaded gun in a state where it was against the law. Again, in the carry class, we are trained to know the gun/carry laws of any state we plan to travel in with a gun. Don’t take a gun into a state if your permit doesn’t cover that state, or if you don’t know their laws.
      Yes, if everything being reported is correct (we all know how the news twist things around to fit their agendas)it would be nice if the judge/system showed some leniency.
      As for the comments about hollow point bullets not being for protection. The reason hollow point bullets are used is because the person firing the gun is responsible for the bullet that come out of their gun. If a person legally shoots an intruder in their home, and the bullet travels through the intruder, through an outside wall, and then kills someone walking down the street, the shooter goes to jail for killing the person walking down the street.
      The reason hollow point bullets are uses is because when they hit their target, they expand and slow down dramatically (or stop). Same intruder in the house, the hollow point bullet hits them and slows down enough that it doesn’t make it through the wall. If the bullet misses the intruder, and hits the wall, there’s a good chance the bullet stops in the wall, or if it does it doesn’t travel much further.

    41. Wow, and I bet this same crime fighting zealot has plead away many cases involving real criminals. A law abiding citizen carrying a legal gun? So What! What is this prosecutor doing to stop real gun crimes? How many real gang members has he put away under this bogus law? I bet none, all plea deals.

    42. Something to remember if you think police won’t ever take your guns away. Police have discretionary powers. Knowing this, the officer could have had an original thought and said to himself; “Hmm, mom with kids, lives in the free state of Pennsylvania, she has a license to carry a handgun recognized in multiple states, acknowledged the presence of a firearm when asked; maybe I should tell her to unload and secure the firearm in her trunk and return to Pennsylvania without pressing the issue?” Instead, that doesn’t happen, and an over-zealous prosecutor wants to push the issue to the full extent of the law? New Jersey is an absolute mess! Maybe we need stop and frisk in places like Jersey City, Camden and Paterson, to catch some real bad guys?

    43. They should go to jury trial and push for jury nullification.
      NJ constitution in article 1 section 6 states that each jury has the duty to judge the law on tge bases if it is eyhical and just. All they need is a hung jury and the law is nulified.
      Obviously the graves act is unethical and unconstitutional.

    44. She may as well have crossed into Mexico.
      Stay out of these communist states that violate peoples civil rights, and don’t vote for Chris Christie. He is NOT a republican. He is a progressive liberal. Just look at his state. Is that the model you want for the USA?

    45. Look bottom line is she’s a single hard working mother . Trying to protect her children and herself from real criminals.. Sending her to jail is not the answer.. Taking her away from her babies destroying her record and sanity is bul crap… She has already been through enough with this crap.. She harmed no one and simply forgot her fire arm was in her trunk until she was stopped… I have my licensed to carry from pa … No handbook is given out . No instructions… Your left to research all that on your own… With these crazies out here you damn right a woman needs to protect her babies and herself… With the law being that it is in. Jersey still does not mean exceptions has not been made in the past for different scenarios … This should not be a reason for this woman to be taking away from providing for her babies or to receive a record… Damn get the real criminals out here.. All you’ll focused on is the bullets and the law… What about children her being a upstanind mother and citizen all her life… Working to jobs just to make ends meet.. Laws are changed all the time … Not only that if she has to do anything for this so called offense let her do at home with her babies if the judge has to prosecute her .. Give her probation… Damn…

    46. Legal Defense Fund for Ms. Allen:

      Facebook page regarding her plight:

      Donations can be sent directly to her attorney, NJ gun rights lawyer Evan Nappen:

      Evan F. Nappen Attorney at Law PC
      21 Throckmorton Avenue
      Eatontown, NJ 07724
      C/O Shaneen Allen LDF

      Any question about the veracity of these links, look up Mr. Nappen’s office yourself and ask.

      I urge anyone who can help to lend assistance to this case. This young lady has two kids, works in the medical field and has done everything she could to try to do things the legal and honest way. She does NOT deserve to be tossed into a cage like an animal for making one simple, understandable mistake.

    47. Congratulations to the officer and Liberal government officials for arresting an INNOCENT citizen.

      ALL charges against Shaneen Allen should be dropped immediately.

    48. What else can you expect from a state run by a bunch of democrats? It’s liberalism at the peak of injustice to all (except those doing the running).

    49. New Jersey the dishonest state.
      When you have criminals running the government. You shouldn’t expect anything for the honest people…..

    50. A few years ago , my wife and I visited Washington DC. We stayed in Virginia, a state which allows reciprocity for out of state CHL permits. Naturally, I did not carry my pistol into DC. When we left Virgina, we decided to go to Pennsylvania and visit Gettysburg. To do this, we had to drive through Maryland. I knew Maryland is a firearms hostile state. We stopped before we crossed the state line. I unloaded my pistol,put it in a case, and place under the luggage of our car. If we had been stopped, I would not have mentioned having a firearm. If they wanted to search, I would have advised them to obtain a probable cause search warrant as allowed under the constitution. Also, being as we are older people, driving a Toyota van, and having no decals indication membership in NRA or anything on our vehicle, the probability of being stopped was nil. Be advised, when traveling to the northeast be careful. If you are from the south, don’t drive your F150 pickup with all the political decals on it. It will save you a lot of trouble.

    51. Stopped for an “unsafe lane change” or stopped for being black? Christ, I’ve been driving in NJ recently and thought unsafe lane changes were mandatory??

    52. That judge need to be shot cause he or she has all timers. They let killers run free but somebody who took the correct and proper steps 100% to be able to carry a weapon sure is getting time for no reason.

    53. Hey people. Judges hate when it’s done. But, it only takes one person on the jury to refuse to convict because of ‘Bad Law’. Jury Nullification. Publicize this all you can in NJ. And hope like hell her counsel, Evan Nappen makes the right pre-emptory challenges. I don’t think he’s allowed to mention it in the courtroom
      Best of luck to you Shaneen.

    54. I live in PA and have a CCL. Why is it that when I leave PA and travel to NJ, NY, MD, DEL etc. my CCL becomes null and void? My drivers and marriage licenses are valid in every state. Call your legislators in Washington and insist that they support H.R.2959 National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2013! Vote for pro gun candidates! Get involved!

    55. I live in PA – have a permit to carry – certified in basic handgun training – no criminal record…I didn’t know the law of reciprocity. There but for the grace of God go I. Let’s change the law!

    56. I live in Alaska – no permit carry – open carry ok , why do my Constitutional right require a “permit” to exercise my rights in other states. Don’t believe the lies your states have given you since you were born. It is all about control and the most populated states know they are taxing themselves into a revolt one way or another.

    57. That is the worst law I ever heard of and I hate guns!
      She legally got a gun.
      Send her back to PA with her gun and say “you cannot bring this here maam.”
      Really , is she a threat to society?

    58. After Heckler v. DC I can’t see how this law is not struck down in it’s entirety. Making examples of honest people is not a deterrent to crime. It IS a crime. Now she is truly a target to any opportunist and so are all women now that the word is out. Still feel safe in New Jersey?

    59. Learn your history or be doomed to repeat it. All Communist and Dictatorship countries disarm their people to gain absolute control. Then they take all your property and money. Poverty, slavery, rape, murder, etc. prevail. Only the wealthy afford protection with armed escorts. Sound familiar Mr. Bloomberg?

    60. Bringing guns or pot from states where they are legal to states where they are not is a big problem. Same with certain states not honoring the legal marriage of gay couples who were married in other states. Let’s stand up for national reciprocity for pot, guns and gay marriage. Gay marriage is protected under the Constitution as are guns. Pot….well… it’s just stupid not to allow it.

    61. This state is BULLSH*T. this is one of the top reasons we moved out of NJ and right to Texas, never to look back. I have no desire to even visit that shit hole. Also the taxes and living costs are so high, but the roads are shit. What a rip off. No rights, keep ya poor thru the ridiculous theft they call taxation there. Also too many damn liberals. So sick of that sh*t. Glad to be gone, glad to have rights once again. And it’s a plus to be around more people who respect trump as well. Fu*k you NJ and all that you produce. I’m sorry I can not apologize that this comment will offend. NJ sucks sucks sucks so bad. So grateful to be out I can’t say it enough I suggest anyone who can to get the hell out of there bc it’s one of the worst states to live in let alone go to. No desire to ever visit there I was there 31 years and that was enough. Texas is better but if you’re lib please stay out don’t be trying to come ruin this beautiful state with your shitty values. Anyway back to the point f*ck NJ Get out if and while you can, people. Unless you’re a liberal you’ll love it then that’s on you

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