Virginia Democrat Candidate Mike Hymes is For Registration & Gun Bans

Democrat Candidate Mike Hymes
Virginia Democrat Candidate Mike Hymes is For Registration & Gun Bans
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( Democrat Mike Hymes, who is running for Phil Puckett’s Virginia Senate seat in the 38th district, answered the Virginia Citizens Defense League Candidate Survey Very Pro-Gun.

HOWEVER, a recent recording has come to light where Mr. Hymes says he believes that HANDGUNS OUGHT TO BE REGISTERED and that AR-15 RIFLES SHOULD NOT BE SOLD TO ANYONE BUT LAW ENFORCEMENT!

After listening to the recording (link to the recording is below), it sounds like Mike Hymes is of the mindset that the only good guns are hunting guns.

In fact on the recording he says, “I’m not against registration of handguns.  Because you don’t go hunting with handguns.”  Mike also says that, “Virginia gun laws are pretty dog-gone liberal,” as if that’s a bad thing.

On the recording, he also laments that the assault weapon ban sunsetted.   Mike may know something about hunting and hunting guns, but he doesn’t know anything about the “assault weapon” ban.  It was nothing but about pure cosmetics.  During the ban a person could buy a gun, like a Ruger Mini-14, that could shoot the same type and same number of rounds as an AR-15.  The Mini-14 could shoot the rounds just as fast and just as accurately, but simply didn’t look like a military gun.  It was a really bad joke played on the American People and, apparently, Mike Hymes.

Clearly, Mike’s support for the “assault weapons ban” and his statement that AR-15 rifles should not be sold to anyone but law enforcement conflict with his answer to Question 10 on the VCDL Candidate Survey ( in which he said he would oppose all gun bans.

Let’s contact the Mike Hymes’s campaign and politely, but firmly, insist that Mike 1) take a public stand against gun registration and gun bans and 2) apologize to the voters in his district for even considering either one..

Running against Mike Hymes is Republican Ben Chafin ([email protected]), who is endorsed by the VCDL-PAC and turned in a very pro-gun VCDL survey, and also Independent Rick Mullins ([email protected]), who also turned in a very pro-gun VCDL survey.

Here is the audio recording of Mike Hymes.  It is a little hard to understand because of the background noise, but the key parts are clear enough.  The gun-control discussion begins at the 9:30 minute:second mark with the question being asked to Mike, “My brother was at Virginia Tech when all the shootings happened.  What can we do to stop that?”:

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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Dave D

First, the tape is doctored. spliced together to say what chafin wants it to say. second, i know both of these men. I am voting hymes, as I think most republicans in this district will. Third, I am disappointed in VCDL – PAC in their choice. It shows poor evaluations. Mike Hymes has voted progun everytime an issue has come up before the board he is on. Including carrying in parks, endorsing arming teachers in schools, and opening the market to sale firearms on county property. Stupid.


@Janek I think the “D” stands for the 3rd option you mentioned. 🙂

I bet the slimy boy has ARs himself but is too greedy and mistrusting to let other people exercise their 2A rights.


Did the word DEMOCRAT not say GUN GRABBER to some people!!!???


Good to see that both sides of the politician’s mouth work at the same time. Hard to believe a democrat would actually “lie” about something so American. But that seems to be a popular activity of democrats these days. And they seem to be so good at it.


another one of those ‘fake right,turn left’ moves !


Does a ‘D’ after a politician’s name stand for ‘deceiver’, ‘defective’ or ‘dumb a$$’?


A good first step to ending this nonsense is to vote straight ‘R’ in 2014 and 2016.

Tom L

Surprise, Surprise! A Democrat is calling for more gun control.