The Shadow Patriots by Warren Ray

The Shadow Patriots by Warren Ray
The Shadow Patriots by Warren Ray

USA – -( The action begins after a series of devastating events that brings America to it’s knees, which include an invasion by the Chinese military in California.

This startling incursion rallies young people by the thousands to sign up to fight for their country.

But after decades of military budget cuts, casualties soar in a disastrous war, and in desperation, the government puts out a plea for anyone to volunteer.

Cole Winters, a middle-aged man with no military background, decides to answer the call of duty, but quickly finds himself thrown into a different nightmare when he discovers himself in the middle of another war, a war nobody knows exist.

After stumbling upon a secret plot to kill the recruits before they even begin their training, Winters tries to stay one heart-pounding step ahead of corrupt forces as they try to capture him.

In a frantic race against time, he saves as many other recruits as he can, while seeking to find out who is behind the murder of thousands of American volunteers.

This new book by Warren Ray is a gritty thriller filled with themes of duplicity and betrayal that illustrates how easily life in America can spiral out of control when power and control is the driving force.

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