Connecticut Citizens Defense League Kicks Off ‘Connecticut Recall Week’

Connecticut Citizens Defense League
Connecticut Citizens Defense League

Connecticut –-( The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (The state’s largest grass roots gun rights group) kicks off the week before the November 4th 2014 election by hosting two prominent 2nd Amendment activists from Colorado and Ohio.

CCDL President Scott Wilson Comments on this:

“The Connecticut Citizens Defense League welcomes Timothy Knight from Colorado and Sean Maloney from Ohio. They are taking their personal time to come and help raise critical awareness in the run up to the election this week. CCDL will be digging it’s heels in this week by helping endorsed candidates as much as possible”.

“We appreciate their coming to Connecticut to help trigger the 2nd Amendment vote on November 4th. It is our sincerest hope that gun owners and constitutional rights supporters show up like never before and help protect our rights”.

  • Timothy Knight was the founder of the Infamous Colorado Recall elections in 2013 in which sitting legislators were removed from office for their anti-gun votes and positions in the Colorado State Legislature.
  • Sean Maloney is an attorney, 2nd Amendment Activist and Leader of Buckeye Firearms Association.

A Morning Press Conference at the Capitol will be held Monday at the Capitol in Hartford. The time set for
9:30am on the North Side Steps.

For more information visit:


About the CCDL: The Connecticut Citizens Defense League was formed in 2009 by a small group of concerned citizens as a non-partisan organization to advocate second amendment rights in the state of Connecticut. Since their founding, the group has grown to nearly 16.000 members.

Thanks to this large supportive base across the state the CCDL has become a fixture of the capitol, and well recognized by committees that  see firearms related bills.

As the go-to organization in the state they are consulted regularly by lawmakers who have questions and concerns about pending legislation or existing laws. For more information on the CCDL please visit

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K Riley

Am I mistaken, but I thought ELECTIONS were held on NOVEMBER 4th not OCTOBER 4th. Just was wondering.


It is CRITICAL that these folks slow down a bit and get all their tactics set very clearly and operations correct from the beginning. Ensure their website is done clearly, that requests for donations is set up correctly and legally and that they get their Secretary of State regulations and requirements locked in rock solid. And most important of all–watch the infighting, petty bickering, and internal power moves–it is going to happen! The people involved will be motivated, ticked off, and will want things done their way (or the highway) and the key is to do this in a professional… Read more »