Introducing The Firefly Training Laser From Laser Ammo USA

Laser Ammo Firefly Training Laser
Laser Ammo Firefly Training Laser
Laser Ammo
Laser Ammo

Great Neck, NY –-( Laser Ammo is proud to announce its new training laser – The Firefly.

A cost effective custom build laser trainer platform that will support Laser Ammo’s military, law enforcement and simulator customer needs in converting fully operational or mock-up blow back hand held firearms (CO2 / Blanks / Airsoft ) into a laser emitting training rifles or pistol custom tailored to interface with their existing training systems.

Large Organizations, Military, Law Enforcement, Simulator Companies and users can benefit from the Firefly’s many advantages:

  • Full compatibility with existing systems
  • Easy conversion for “off the shelf” non-weapons or service weapons into training tools
  • Quick Installation and removal
  • Custom programming enables these advanced features: multiple user ID’s, different pulse lengths, bullet counters, aim tracing and more
  • Dual activation option: vibration and/or dry fire trigger switch
  • Adjustable vibration sensitivity
  • Perfect miniature size to accommodate different firearms from pistols to rifles
  • Large variety of laser wavelengths for order – visible or IR
  • Use with any simulator or force-on-force application (including MIELS!)
  • Works with any electronic targets
  • Different mounting options based on integrated picatinny rail
  • Adjustable windage and elevation
  • Standard battery

How does it work?

After receiving complete specifications from the customer, Laser Ammo will configure the PCB to receive the sensor interface type chosen. Thus, Laser Ammo will program the microcontroller, install requested laser module including wavelength, output power and collimation. If needed, Laser Ammo will also supply customer’s designed mounting brackets and/or adhesive. Once configured, the customer receives the custom kit and self installs.

Technical Features:

  • Available laser wavelength: 635nm, 650nm, 780nm, 850nm, 905nm, 980nm
  • Laser output power: 0.8mw to 7.5mw
  • Narrow or wide beam collimation
  • Environmental durability: IP65
  • Vibration sensor, programmable sensitivity and response
  • Input connector (2 wires to jack, programmable response): tact switch, REED, switch, trigger switch
  • Adjustable elevation and windage
  • Dimensions: L 62mm, W 27mm H 20mm (not including picatinny)
  • Battery: CR14250

Examples of Programable Features:

  • Pre-defined shooter ID’s by length or binary code
  • MILES code – including distinct SPID
  • Constant pulsing, single different length pulse when trigger is pulled

Prices vary according to specification and volume – starting from as low as $352 for a minimum of 15 units. (additional programming or custom fees may apply.).

More about Laser Ammo – Laser Ammo Ltd. develops and sells firearms training products for civilian, law enforcement, and military markets. Owned and operated by former Israeli and US military combat veterans, Laser Ammo is dedicated to providing serious training for serious professionals. Our products, including the SureStrike™ dry fire training system, electronic targets, and more are used by military, law enforcement agencies, NRA instructors, and firearm owners worldwide. The Laser Ammo family of products allows operators to utilize their specific weapons platform, including Air soft or recoil conversion systems, for dry fire training. From basic reactive target systems through high end Simulators, to fully customizable solutions for Force on Force (MILES) training, Laser Ammo is simply serious training for serious professionals.

The Company’s R&D is conducted at its Israel office. Laser Ammo USA, a fully owned subsidiary, and Nordic Laser Ammo in Europe are chiefly responsible for sales and marketing. The Company’s presence in Israel puts it at the crossroads of leading weapons technology development. Laser Ammo benefits from the input of numerous professionals in engineering and weapons training for civilians, the military, and law enforcement, which has led to the creation of products that are ideally suited for each sector. Having our R&D at the Company’s Israel headquarters also allows field-testing by top military and police units. At the same time, our US and European locations ensure that we are close to our retailers and end users. Our products were created as a result of user needs, and we intend to maintain that development philosophy. Laser Ammo USA and Nordic Laser Ammo keep us close to the action.

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