Texans, Use Your Concealed Handgun License as ID and Vote Early

Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-(Ammoland.com)- Yes, your Texas Concealed Handgun License is acceptable identification for voting! It’s on the list, as well it should be!

Early voting for the Texas General Election begins this coming Monday, October 20th, and runs through October 31st. Vote early if you possibly can! The General Election is Tuesday, November 4th.

Click on the this link to look over the 2014, updated TSRA-PAC Voter’s Guide or go to www.tsrapac.com and check out the new website.

Remember the Statewide endorsed candidates include:

Governor’s Race
Greg Abbott, rated A+ by TSRA-PAC. Rated A+ in part because, as the Texas Attorney General, he negotiated dozens of reciprocity agreements which allow law-abiding Texans with a concealed handgun license to travel safely between states.

Lt. Governor’s Race
Dan Patrick is rated A and endorsed thanks to an excellent pro-gun, pro-hunting voting record as a Texas Senator.

Attorney General’s Race
Ken Paxton is rated A and endorsed because of a perfect voting record on behalf of Texas gun owners while serving in the Texas Legislature.

Comptroller of Public Accounts
As a Texas state senator, Glenn Hegar is rated A+. He was awarded the Doc Brown Legislator of the Year award for his untiring dedication to the passage of the “Employer Parking Lot” bill providing commuter safety options for Texans traveling to and from their workplace. It took eight years to get this important personal protection measure to the finish line and Glenn Hegar led the charge.

General Land Office
George P. Bush is endorsed and rated with an AQ which is an A based on his answers to a candidate questionnaire shared between TSRA-PAC and NRA-ILA.

Agriculture Commissioner
Sid Miller is rated A and endorsed with years of pro-gun, pro-hunting votes in the Texas House.

Railroad Commissioner
Ryan Sitton is rated AQ based on his answers to the same questionnaire mentioned above.

Question marks usually indicate the candidate did not return the questionnaire.

An A+ indicates the incumbent successfully carried a TSRA agenda bill, or provided a remarkable service for Texas gun owners. A perfect voting record is an A.

Scores on Federal candidates come directly from NRA-ILA and are never altered.

You have the Power! Now Go Vote!

Don’t forget donations to the TSRA-PAC. This is the time to help elect or re-elect gun-friendly candidates. Donations can be made through the TSRA Sportsman, on the website, or by calling 512-615-4200 during office hours.

Consider a small monthly gift billed to your credit card.

As always,
Keep the faith.

Alice Tripp
Texas State Rifle Association
Legislative Director

About:The Mission of the Texas State Rifle Association is to protect and defend the inalienable rights of the individual Texan to acquire, possess, transport, carry, transfer ownership and enjoy the right to lawful use of firearms for self preservation, for the defense of family and property and the common defense of the Republic and the individual liberties of the people. Visit: www.TSRA.com

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Them liberals sure as hell were trying to get rid of that voter ID law. Them liberals just aint never met voters fraud they dont like ! Texas will stay RED ! I will use my CHL when I vote !


Its really cool that alot of Republican candidates in TX want voters who have a CHL to use it as voter ID on 4 Nov.! I sure as hell won’t disappoint them ole boys either ! ‘Texas like a whole other country’ !