Turns Out the Brady Scorecard Is Meaningless to Criminals

Violent Crime and the Brady Score Card
Violent Crime and the Brady Score Card
Gun Facts

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- I love it when ideologues prove the oppositions’ point.

Every year the Brady Campaign – the aging gun control group with fading influence – publishes their scorecard of state gun control laws, listing which states have “strong” gun control and those with “weak” ones.

Every year it makes me chuckle.

The source of the humor is that a simple diagram shows the meaninglessness of their analysis. Every year I plot states by the Brady Campaign ratings against various forms of crime, and every year there is no covarience. None. It is a simple yet savory summary that gun control laws make no difference in crimes of violence.

But this year I noticed something I had never noticed before.

On the far left of the chart is California, state that the Brady Campaign believes has the strongest gun control laws. It ranks #1 according to Brady. On the right is #50, Arizona, the state with almost no gun control at all. [shown above]

They have nearly identical violent crime rates. California has 423 violent crimes per every 100,000 residents and Arizona has 429. Not a dime’s worth of difference.

To my growing group of reporter friends: Don’t bother covering the Brady Campaign Scorecard story next year. The stats show that the story is meaningless.

Yours in Liberty
Guy Smith

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TSgt B

Just like the rest of the leftists, the Brady Bunch has NEVER been right about one damned thing.


Another worthless article. How about charts we can actually get useful information from. How about popups with the state tied to each gold dot ? How about adjusting out gang violence since they never obey gun control laws and their murders are concentrated ?

Larry R. Herron

The Brady Bunch makes me sick. Criminals do not obey gun laws or any other type of laws. That’s why they are called CRIMINALS! All the Bradys and their ilk try to accomplish is to make it harder for LAW ABIDING citizens to own firearms.


This is a dumb-ass story. Just a bunch of meaningless dots on a chart which defines nothing. Which states are all of those other dots? Where is the link to the chart where we might — just MIGHT — make some sense of it?


Percentages are commonly used as a farce like saying Alaska homicide rate is high per capita. It is because we only have a small population. Anchorage has 25-40 murders a year . Half are drug and alcohol related , quarter is DV , leaving 5-10 unknown . our popuation swells with summer close to 550,000 at times . While winter around 300,000 . easy to manipulate numbers like that.
I am safer here than say than Chicago at 377 murders already.