Faxon Firearms Releases First Ambidextrous Ejection AR Upper Receiver

First ambidextrous ejection upper receiver compatible with the AR platform!
First ambidextrous ejection upper receiver compatible with the AR platform!
Faxon Firearms
Faxon Firearms

Cincinnati, OH – -(Ammoland.com)- Faxon Firearms, manufacturer of the ARAK platform, is proud to announce the addition of the ambidextrous dual-ejection window ARAK-21 upper receiver to its family of ARAK products.

Historically, the ARAK-21 has always been left-hand shooter friendly, but required customers to choose from a right or left-hand ejection receiver.

The latest introduction allows shooters to choose their ejection side in the field, by swapping the bolt during normal field-stripping 180-degrees.

“At first glance, this is a boon to just left-handed shooters,” says Bob Faxon, President and Founder of Faxon Firearms.

“But, it also has tangible benefits to right-handed shooters. During routing weapons manipulation, the dual window allows shooters to see into the chamber without having to take the firearm out of the shoulder and rotate. Press-checks, diagnosis, etc. are all faster with dual ejection windows.”

The dual-ejection window receiver models will be available with optional covers for shooters would prefer to keep either opening closed. The covers will be available in matching colors, black anodizing, FDE Cerakote, and OD Cerakote.

The ARAK-21 Ambidextrous Ejection Window is available for order now. There is no additional charge for the dual ejection window. The ambi window receiver replaced the option for left-hand only ejection.

Lead time for ARAK receivers is currently 3-4 weeks. Covers will be available in 6-8 weeks.

About Faxon Firearms:

Faxon Firearms manufactures the innovative ARAK platform, ISO quality certified firearms barrels and unique firearms accessories. With a rich history in manufacturing for aerospace, medical, automotive and the defense industries, Faxon Firearms is dedicated to incessant innovation and quality manufacturing. Faxon Firearms’ flagship product, the ARAK® platform is a family of long-stroke gas piston complete upper receiver assemblies designed to seamlessly interface with the standard AR-15 and LR-308 systems.

For more information on Faxon Firearms visit them online at www.faxonfirearms.com .

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Chris Jensen

Faxon should not make claims it has no right to. As stated by Jim, Quality Arms in Rigby, Idaho is on Gen II of their ambi uppers and they work fantastically.

Quality Arms Idaho
Retail Shop
350 North 3rd West
Rigby Idaho 83442
(208) 881-0570
[email protected]


Quality arms idaho have had an ambi upper receiver avalable since 2011 and works with any at. They now make a complete ambi ar (complete control and ejection) from 17 Remington to a 50.