FFL Design Launches Online Gun Search Software for Gun Dealers

FFL Design vArmory
FFL Design vArmory
FFL Design
FFL Design

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- FFL Design today announced the launch of vArmory, its online gun search software for gun dealers. A beta version of vArmory was first introduced at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, NV.

vArmory is free for all federal firearms license (FFL) holders.

vArmory is the first software of its kind in the shooting sports industry. It allows gun dealers to search multiple vendors from a single login, reducing the time it takes to find a product and compare price and availability.

Any dealer with a valid FFL can set up an account and start searching multiple vendors immediately. Currently, dealers can access over 200,000 products through seven suppliers, including distributors and manufacturers. Over the next several months, FFL Design plans to grow the number of products on the platform significantly.

Please click this link to watch a brief Explainer Video of the vArmory search tool.

vArmory is the first product launched by FFL Design. Plans for future products include: 

  • DealerDirect – A portal that will allow manufacturers to sell directly to retail gun stores through the platform.
  • DealerExchange – A private exchange that will allow dealers to post and search in-stock inventory from other gun dealers.
  • vArmoryPOS – A point-of-sale system designed exclusively for gun dealers that will support inventory purchasing, retail sales, and ATF reporting.
  • e-Commerce Plug-in – A ready-made, easy to customize e-commerce cart that will integrate with supplier inventory systems and in-store inventory to create the most comprehensive product offerings available on the web.

To learn more about FFL Design, visit our website at www.ffldesign.com.

About FFL Design

FFL Design is the first software company to build products exclusively for the shooting sports industry. Our mission is to support local, independently-owned retail gun stores by providing affordable access to enterprise-level software solutions. We PROUDLY build software for the shooting sports industry.

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