NFA Weapons Now Legal In Tennessee

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Signs Reform to Defense To Prosecution Law.

Sig Sauer P239 9mm Piston Silencer
Sig Sauer P239 9mm Piston Silencer is now legal in TN
NFA Freedom Alliance
NFA Freedom Alliance

NASHVILLE, TENN. –-( In a major advance for NFA gun owners, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed a bill to reform Tennessee’s so-called “Defense to Prosecution Law” (DTP). , making NFA items legal in Tennessee.

DTP laws says that NFA items are technically illegal, but that the owner has a defense to prosecution if the item is registered with the BATFE pursuant to the National Firearms Act.

The practical effect is that a person arrested for possession of an NFA item in a DTP state can offer the registration as a valid defense in court, but still must go through the expense, humiliation and ordeal of an arrest.

“When we were recently researching the various state laws relating to NFA ownership we were shocked to learn that in some states like Tennessee NFA items were technically illegal to possess. That’s when I decided we were going to do everything we could to fix that issue in those states. Governor Haslam’s signature on SB181 is the first step in fixing these laws in all those states” said Todd Rathner, executive director of the NFA Freedom Alliance.

“As an organization the NFA Freedom Alliance is not going to pretend these laws don’t exist, we are going to fix them, and Tennessee is just the beginning,” Rathner added.

The NFA Freedom Alliance is currently working on a similar bill (HB989 / SB473) in Texas.

The NFA Freedom Alliance would like to thank Governor Haslam as well as Tennessee State Senator Mike Bell and Representative Jeremy Faison for taking on this important issue and making NFA items LEGAL in Tennessee! The bill has an immediate effective date.

The NFA Freedom Alliance is the strongest direct action/lobbying organization working at the state and federal level to ease restrictions on the ownership, manufacture, sale, and use of items regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

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The practical effect is that a person arrested for possession of an NFA item in a DTP state can offer the registration as a valid defense in court, but still must go through the expense, humiliation and ordeal of an arrest.

Has anyone considered how damn ludicrous that statement is? Youre not breaking the law but we still get to cost you a bunch of money, humiliate you and arrest you.
This is a government of the people, for the people?


The proper way to deal with this NFA stuff is repeal the National Firearms Act. If you ever study how it came to be it presents the image that somebody like hillary and a couple other folks like her pushed the crap through during a night session. ANY restriction on the second amendment is illegal. Is that so hard to grasp. Yet it is tolerated….. it should not be. The 1968 Gun Control Act should also be repealed for the same reason – on it’s name alone. We don’t need things modified they need to be repealed. Much easier. Tine… Read more »


This is a Tennessee statute. The NFA will have to be repealed at the Federal level.

John E Ritenor

Dr Carson is an MD. He has lived for most of his life in the PDROM (Peoples Domkratik Republik of Maryland.) His main exposure to firearms therefore has come from treating gunshot victims. He has been bombarded with the propaganda that guns are evil and wrong. He has dealt with many people to whom …”life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…” mean a bigger government check and easy access to firearms for illicit purposes. They are basically predators who want to steal, and terrorize innocent people, I predict when he meets responsible, law abiding gun owners, he will change his… Read more »


For all of you spelling cops. Education does NOT equate intelligence. I can discern what that person was trying to say even with a few spelling problems. Grow up and lighten up.

John Kelley

I have and will continue to vote and support Bill Haslam, he is the best Governor this state has had….I have also sent him (e-mail) a letter regarding this food stamp program we have. I am hoping to hear back from him and would like to meet and discuss this with him….

Paul C.

I would say people who can’t spell think they deserve to own a suppressor for some of the same reasons people who don’t work think they deserve cell phones, food stamps, welfare checks, Medicare, Social Security, and on and on and on.

Sam F.

Why in the hell would you think that someone that legally owns firearms NEEDS to qualify in some way to save their hearing, not annoy nearby neighbors or not scare animals, especially rifles ? They make so many laws to lessen noise pollution, but don’t want people to make less noise sighting in rifles or guns. If you have to defend yourself inside your home, you’ll probably suffer permanent ear damage.


Now if only the NFA Freedom Alliance would get South Carolina to be a “shall sign” State, then the people in some of these Counties (Charleston County for one) would not have to go through the trouble of making a gun trust to bypass the anti-gun Sheriffs. Fortunately the Sheriff in my County is pro-2A and signed off on my Form 1. Even got the fingerprint cards free. Better still, repeal the NFA. Make the items the same as buying a firearm. Now I have to spend another $200 and 9 month wait to build my 30 caliber suppressor for… Read more »

Frank G

You have got to love Tennessee ………… Relocated here 13 years ago and I do! Keep up the great work, no question you will get my vote AGAIN!

jimmy crack corn

I would like to know why someone who can’t spell thinks they deserve to own a suppressor.


F you smart a**. Like you’re some mental giant.

Daniel Mccarty

would love to know what all weapons and other this this includes thanks Daniel

william sppuhler

cool now if we could do away with the pricey stamp we would all save our hearing , and maybe make this a safty item that doesnt need a sheriff to sighn off on just a standered background check like a firearm purchase . dont get me wrong 10 fee sucks but would be better than present red tape and waiting period