Real Facts About NH’s Constitutional Carry Bill from an Active Duty Policeman

Constitutional Carry
Constitutional Carry
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition

Milford, NH –-( Next week, the New Hampshire House of Representatives will consider SB 116, Constitutional Carry.

We only have a few more days to make our views known to legislators. Please use the information below to contact your State Representatives and urge them to vote SB 116 “ought to pass”.

We have told you about people who have been denied licenses even though they are legally allowed to own firearms, we have told you about the sudden change to the application form by the Department of Safety and of course, we have made it clear that law abiding, peaceable people, should not have to grovel to a government bureaucrat to exercise a constitutionally protected civil right.

SB 116, if it becomes law, will stop all of the above abuses. SB 116 will once again, make New Hampshire the leader among states for firearms freedoms!

Please deliver this message to all state representatives. You need to contact YOUR State Representatives and ask them to vote SB 116 “ought to pass”. Click here for contact information for all New Hampshire State Representatives.

Please be polite, but firm, when you ask your Representatives to support SB 116.

We know that certain anti-gun police chiefs are also contacting legislators in opposition to SB 116. I want you to know that many police officers actually support Constitutional Carry.

I recently heard from an NHFC member who is a 17 year police veteran, a Sergeant employed by a city police department in New Hampshire.

Police Thumbs Up
He strongly supports SB 116. asked me to avoid pitting the police (as a whole) vs. the public in discussions about Second Amendment civil rights.

He strongly supports SB 116 and shared the following thoughts with me. He asked me to avoid pitting the police (as a whole) vs. the public in discussions about Second Amendment civil rights.

He said “we are mostly on the side of strongly supporting gun rights. It’s also important to note that while a few Chiefs are opposing SB 116,(I’ll bet that MOST of these “few chiefs” are transplants from anti-gun states – like CT, RI, NJ, etc…) MOST of the police officers who work the street DO NOT share their views. The cops on the street support citizens owing and carrying firearms.”

He also wanted me to tell you that most cops view the current system as essentially nothing more than an inconvenience, and a waste of time and money, for decent people who want to discreetly carry a handgun for protection.

He went on to say that “even though the chiefs will argue that it’s a public safety issue. It’s NOT.”

The important thing to understand is that the ONLY thing a NH pistol/revolver license legally allows a person to do – is to drape their shirt over their loaded handgun. THAT’s IT.

It does NOT prevent someone from legally:

  • 1) purchasing a firearm of any kind
  • 2) possessing a firearm of any kind
  • 3) carrying a loaded firearm openly
  • 4) Transporting a firearm
  • 5) carrying concealed in a persons home or place of business
  • 6) carrying an unloaded pistol concealed (with ammunition for said unloaded pistol in a pocket), which can then be loaded in a matter of seconds.

The public safety issue is a farce. It’s designed to trick fearful people into thinking that if someone is denied a pistol/revolver license that they won’t have access to firearms. That’s not true. It’s also FOOLISH to assume that those people who are seeking to abuse firearms for criminal purposes will come to the police department, ask for permission, and when denied simply say “awwww shucks” and steer clear of guns.

My trusted friend, the veteran Sergeant, said that he read a statement from one of the chiefs that said eliminating the license requirement will be like returning to the “wild west”.

His response to that is: “This is simply a dumb and naive statement. My dad was a western movie junkie. So, I had to watch a bunch of them growing up. I recall every “cowboy” with a very pretty leather gun belt, and an EXPOSED revolver on their person. They also had long guns in open and exposed side saddle holsters or openly carried. The FACT is that THIS is what is currently allowed in NH. The wild west. Yet, New Hampshire enjoys repetitive ranking each year of being amongst the safest states in the country with the LOWEST violent crime rates. In other words, it’s not a problem. But, many people who would otherwise open carry, are not comfortable with attracting any unwanted attention from open carrying. So, they want to drape their shirt over their gun. This will NOT create chaos in the street any more than the passing of the “stand your ground” did.”

So there you have it, in the words of a 15 year veteran New Hampshire police sergeant; gun control only inconveniences the law abiding citizens. Now please call and email your State Representatives and urge then to pass SB 116.

Click here for contact information for all New Hampshire State Representatives. Please don’t wait, contact your State Representatives now and urge them to vote SB 116 “ought to pass”.

Thanks for your support.

In Liberty,
Scott A. Krauss
Vice President – NHFC

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