Congress Stops Obama From Giving Iran Nuke

Congress Votes 98 to 1 Against His Plan. Media buries the story.

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The Historic bipartisan vote was and is unprecedented.

The lamestream media told you:

“The Senate voted 98-1 to approve bipartisan legislation that would require president Obama to let Congress review, and possibly reject, any final nuclear deal with Iran. The bill still must be approved by the House, where Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said he will urge its passage.” USA Today

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

In a one-inch blurb buried at the page bottom under “Briefs,” and then last, under “Also,” USA Today, an outspoken promoter of the person currently in the White House, embarrassingly buried a disastrous defeat in Mr. Obama’s radical effort to provide radical Iran with nuclear-weapon capabilities.

By a virtually unheard of vote of 98 to 1 against Obama’s major foreign-policy initiative, Congress voted against his plan to create a nuclear scheme for the world’s most rogue islamist nation that would expire completely in a number years, and during its existence would do little to prevent the sharia-based warlike jihadi muslim dictatorship gear up for atom-bomb production.

As USA Today describes it, Congress will be able to see only the “final” deal, and “possibly” reject it, as if the near unanimous vote doesn’t signal the outrage within Congress over Mr. Obama’s efforts — which have been obvious so far. As a last-gasp effort to suggest Obama may somehow squeak through without a need for Congress, the one incher points out that John Boehner, Speaker of the House, would still have to move the bill. Boehner and Obama are arch rivals.

Iran Nuke Map
Iran Nuke Map

Iran has already publicly stated it has no duty to obey the terms of the deal, and it wants sanctions against it lifted immediately upon signing.

The mainly financial sanctions are hurting it badly and are the only reason it is negotiating at all, if you can call it that, and all deals with it in the past have been grossly violated without compunction. It refuses to repeal its adamant call to murder all Jews and wipe Israel off the map, it remains the largest state-funding source for the global jihad, the jihad it sponsors calls for the extermination, enslavement or conversion of the entire world population to islam, and Hussein-Obama has already agreed, through his rep John Kerry, to let the entire deal expire in a decade and a half anyway, making it basically a go ahead for Iran to build atom bombs.

Why would an American president do that, Congress asks itself, then votes 98 to 1, in unheard of unison effort, against letting him do so.

USA Today decides this news should be buried. The biggest story on page one for the day, including a large color photo and double-spaced type, announced that David Cameron might win as Prime Minister of Great Britain, but they don’t know yet. Was that bigger news? (He eventually won.)

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Thomas Kingsbury

Why would an American president do that?
The answer: A sworn pact of Solidarity between the Communist SDS (1960’s”New Left”) and the Radical Islamic Jihad terrorists. His communist and Jihadist mentors imbedded this alliance deep into his basic beliefs.
When you become aware of this solid Solidarity Alliance the goals of his policies become obvious.
My source personally transported representatives of the Communist SDS and Middle Eastern Jihadists to conferences and meetings in the performance of his duties.


About time Congress grows a pair. They should be stopping more of this lawlessness.






John C. Respect is earned not given to someone because of their title, he does not respect the American people. Does your title earn you respect? John C. THE GRAND POOBA of UPPER BUTT CRACK.


Misreporting, the headline on this story is misleading and disingenuous. Congress did not stop the President from giving Iran a nuke. It said that any agreement must pass congressional approval. No official including the President has endorsed a nuclear bomb for Iran.


“Why would an American President…?” Good question and no honest answers about a liar, cheat, thief, muslim traitor. Still a mystery. And like the Clintons who claim there is not one shred of evidence they have broken the law, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, there is no mystery of what it is. But the BS media won’t even point that out.

john Carr

Herb,you just answered your own question, MEDIA, far left MEDIA.


Who was the one vote for ? I sure hope Israel depises that african born muslim piece of scum as much as he despises them.


The one vote Nay was cast by the less than honorable Senator from Arkansas. Believe it or not Senator Tom Cotton pushed for a quick vote on this bill and then voted against it. Total grandstanding by the freshman hawkish Senator that supposedly penned the infamous letter to the Iranian officials undermining the recent negotiations on Iranian nuclear development. Shame on the Senator.


Hey people READ! it was one vote FOR not against! They shot the a.h. down…! 98 were against him and stopped the evil bas-ard!!


Tex your amazing disrespect for our commander in chief is deplorable. You ignorant dumbass.


That low life, scumsucking, queer, communist, muslime ahole might be your commander in chief, but is not for the rest of us that have “normal intelligence”…..

John J.

John C…… Tex is just telling the truth and if you would listen to more than msnbc and the likes you could see obama fits all those adjectives. I also have no respect for this man. PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES.


JohnC I think Tex holds the same opinion as most of the country and most of the Military! Why wouldn’t you have contempt for someone that basset the country toward ruin with his stepping all over the contstitiouion! He isn’t even an American! If so he would have released his school records.