Team FNH USA’s Sindelar Earns 2nd Place Finish at International IPSC Shooters Cup

Tidd Sindelar Wins Medal
Tidd Sindelar Wins Medal

McLean, VA -( Team FNH USA’s Todd Sindelar took to the range for the IPSC 2015 Shooters Cup in Athens, Greece May 9th and 10th, earning a second-place finish and silver medal in production division for the team.

Equipped with his FNS-9 Longslide competition pistol, Sindelar proved yet again how FN products give him a distinct advantage when it matters most. Read on for a short interview with Sindelar on the events of the weekend match.

FN: What handgun and gear did you compete with?

TS: For this match, I competed with my factory-stock FNS-9 Longslide, which is a striker-fired, double-action handgun. The FNS Longslide is my go-to competition handgun and it functioned flawlessly and accurately, just like always. I also had my Safariland belt, holster and mag pouches.

FN: What was your favorite stage? How about your toughest?

TS: Truthfully, all of the stages were a lot fun and well designed but stage one was my favorite. It was a medium course with two movers. I only dropped one Charlie and had the fastest time by a long shot! My most difficult stage was when they had us shoot at small steel plates at 15 meters from our weak hand sitting on bike. It was definitely an interesting and challenging stage.

FN: Any other comments about your match experience?

TS: Yes, I was proud to be able to represent my country and my FNH USA teammates in Greece. There were twelve countries represented with a total of 225 competitors, 74 of which I competed against in the Production Division. Overall, we ran 18 stages and shot over 300 rounds. It was definitely a great weekend and I’m looking forward to competing again next year.

Tidd Sindelar
Tidd Sindelar

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