NJ Senator Steve Sweeney Knows He Has a Problem When…

By Rob Morse

New Jersey Citizens Protest the Murder of Carol Bowne in front of Senator Steve Sweeney
New Jersey Citizens Protest the Murder of Carol Bowne in front of Senator Steve Sweeney
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

California – -(Ammoland.com)-  The protesters marching in front of your house might be a clue.  But they are not the only clue for New Jersey Senator Steve Sweeney.

  • A New Jersey Senator knows he has a problem when he has a permit to carry a handgun for self-defense..  and has cops parked at his doorstep, but a domestic violence victim, Carol Bowne, dies facing her stalker disarmed and alone.
  • A New Jersey Senator knows he has a problem when his well-crafted damage control media campaign is completely ignored by the local news stations.
Steve Sweeney
Steve Sweeney
  • A New Jersey Senator knows he has a problem when local police refuse to answer questions about the number of times a domestic violence victim contacted them begging for help.
  • A New Jersey Senator knows he has a problem when he refuses to speak to the family of the murdered victim (Video).
  • A New Jersey Senator knows he has a problem when he asks four policemen to park across the street as protesters march in front of his house.
  • A New Jersey Senator knows he has a problem when twitter followers stop taking his excuses for disarming honorable citizens.
  • A New Jersey Senator knows he has a problem when women in New Jersey realize they or someone they love could be the next Carol Bowne.. and they then carry protest banners in front of his house.
2015 Steve Sweeney Home Protest
2015 Steve Sweeney Home Protest
  • A New Jersey Senator knows he has a problem when he turns on the sprinklers to hose down the protesters marching on the sidewalk in front of his house.  Fortunately, it was a hot summer day and the protesters probably appreciated the spray.

We still don't know who delayed Carol's application to purchase a firearm for her own protection.  The state police, and the local police chief are blaming each other.  So are the legislators and Governor Chris Christie who crafted New Jersey's broken legal system.  We do know that the state firearms license processing division was created simply to delay the verification process and to produce a few full-time jobs for state employees.

The Jersey politicians sold out the citizens for another spoonful of union political contributions.  The voters know it.  No wonder citizens resent their politicians and state bureaucrats.  What will the voters do?

The Recall Sweeney campaign starts on June 27th.

2015 Steve Sweeney Home Protest Street View
2015 Steve Sweeney Home Protest Street View


About Rob Morse: By day, Rob Morse works as a mild mannered engineer for a Southern California defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 25 thoughts on “NJ Senator Steve Sweeney Knows He Has a Problem When…

    1. Why do my rights end at the borders of other states.

      NO permits , Constitutional carry is the only legal answer.
      Liberal , biased Judges that UTTER Public safety and for the children should be exiled.

    2. Sweeney when you go take Christies fat a*s with you ! I’m sick and tired of the good,lawabiding citizens of NJ,NY,CA,etc.having their 2A rights messed with putting their lives in danger. These parasites are the enemy irregardless of party affiliation. Recall them,vote them out !

    3. Sadly and ironically, N.J. was referred to as The Crossroads of the American Revolution, with more Revolutionary War battles fought on N.J. soil than in any other state. Unfortunately, the rural and suburban New Jersey-ites are slaves to the pavement apes from Newark, Camden, Paterson, Trenton, etc., who equate all guns with their gang violence. They dread getting that late night call that their little “angel” was shot and killed by some crazy-ass cracker who had the ridiculous notion that he should be able to defend himself, his family, and his home. Whenever their constituent inner city thugs carjack, rape, gangbang, and murder, the legislative solution is to pass more gun laws that burden the state’s law abiding firearms owners. Worse yet, politicians from those cities are now running the state. “Guns for criminals only, in N.J.” In the Soviet Socialist State of New Jersey, stopping for gas, or to pick up a shooting or hunting companion, or stopping to take a piss on your way to a gun range or hunting destination, even when your firearms and ammo are properly secured in separate, locked cases, gets you 3-5 years mandatory; and up to 10 years in the “prison industrial complex” (which in turn, contributes campaign donations to the scumbag legislators who sanctioned it’s very existence). In N.J., hollow point ammunition has been banned for years. The legislators WANT innocent bystanders to be killed by armed citizens, so they can use the incidents as “ammunition” (pun intended) for their anti-gun agenda. Anyone with half a brain knows that hollow points are more devastating to the intended target, but are less likely to completely penetrate the target and possibly strike an innocent bystander. The legislators pushing these bans know exactly what they are doing. They would gladly sacrifice the lives of “innocents” to further their nefarious, anti-American agenda; government of, by, and for the politicians…. Their foot on our throats. Making law abiding, innocent, people into felons with their ridiculous and unConstitutional legislation is possibly the most reprehensible part of that agenda. Their goal is to ruin as many patriotic American’s lives as possible, for having the sheer audacity to exercise a Constitutional right, while ushering in their ugly socialist, communist, or fascist policies. According to N.J.’s legislators, THE U.S. CONSTITUTION DOES NOT APPLY!

    4. Maybe just maybe the citizens of NJ will get their heads out of their asses and start voting for honest people who care about something besides how long they can stay in office & how much they can steal when they are there. NJ has had draconian gun laws for decades & I wonder how many people had their lives ruined by those laws & how many perished because they are not allowed to protect themselves. I surely hope they wake up before other people die from their commie type of laws.

    5. Four states to avoid at all costs–California, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey. Don’t shop there, don’t vacation there, don’t even pass through on your way to somewhere more sane.

    6. I left the sewer state in the middle of my senior year of high school, and NEVER looked back. When my Mother offered me a trip down memory lane for my 40th birthday, I turned it down flat.

      I am proud to be an adopted son of the south. I do not hide from the accident of my birth, but I take ZERO pride in it.

    7. EVERY PROSECUTER knows that the one who disarms a crime victim is just as guilty of the crime as the one who perpetrates the violence. Hence, this State Senator, as well as EVERY ONE IN NEW JERSEY who put a roadblock in Carol Bowne’s way and kept her from being able to defend herself according to her CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (Read Federalist #’s 29 and 46, please. I know that Progressives like this Democrat and Gov. Christie say that the Fed Papers have no legal power, but the Founders, when they bound the individual essays into a book called “The Federalist Papers”, they subtitles it “An Explanation of the Meaning of the New Constitution.” IT is still the Supreme Law of the Land, as Article XI states!), is JUST AS GUILTY OF HER MURDER AS THE MAN WHO KILLED HER!!!
      Can we find an honest court that will do the right thing in this case? Or EVERY OTHER CASE wherein innocent citizens were accosted successfully because of TREASONOUS ACTIONS by our Government? (See Fed #46 on the PROPER use of “treasonous” here)
      Governor Christie MURDERED Ms. Bowne. EVERY MEMBER of the New Jersey Legislature who voted for ANY LEVEL of “Gun Control” is guilty of her murder. EVERY JUDGE and EVERY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL who justifies or upholds New Jersey’s unconstitutional (ANTI_CONSTITUTIONAL!) “Gun Control” laws is guilty of her murder(!), along with every other crime that an Armed Citizen would’ve been able to stop) May they all have the sentence given murderers meted out to them.
      Just as EVERYONE INVOLVED in making sure that the unquestionably courageous – but unarmed – Principal of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn. is guilty of her murder, the murder of 5 other faculty members, and 20 of our children! If no one else can or will mete out the sentence of murder – and treason – on those involved, then God Himself execute it upon them!
      With the same concern for their lives and their loved ones that they showed when they disarmed American Citizens and made them easy pickings for criminals!
      The wicked shall be turned into Hell. Amen.
      Leaving America to the Citizens that ARE NOT Traitors!

    8. Citizens showing their disgust with a corrupt and defunct politician by issuing a recall. Great to see!!! More people need to wake up and make these politicians fight for their jobs. Now if only the people of Iowa would wake up and recall Boehner. If we’re real lucky Arizona would recall McCain and get some REAL conservatives in those offices.

      Quit crying about these idiots on Facebook and get the word out to recall those who fail to uphold their oaths.

    9. I admire you folks for the self-restraint you exercised in the face of the “senator’s” insulting behavior. I was especially glad to see that Carol’s brother did not beat that slimy SOB to a pulp.

    10. OK, a recall makes a point but, as was mentioned above, does not solve the problem. The mindset of invincibility, of total immunity for the results of their actions, allows our political representatives to act this way.

      For many reasons it is nearly impossible to take effective legal action against our political class, and that needs to change. The electorate needs to be able to hold their “leaders” accountable for their actions, so we need to start talking about limiting the legal immunities these folks abuse so freely.

      If it can be sown that turning on the sprinklers to water the protestors was a deliberate, willful act, does that constitute a crime of battery? If so is that actionable? Beats me, I have more questions than answers.

      I believe that our politician’s attitudes toward the public in general, and self-defense in particular, would change quickly if anyone, elected official, appointed czar, whoever, who acts in such a way as to clearly imperil or injure another, were held personally responsible for their behavior.

      Think about it … talk it over among yourselves … how would removing the shield of invincibility, putting your elected officials on the same level with you, make a difference?

    11. What a scumbag elitist, He carries a gun, and denies other people their right to have the same protection he does, clearly “We The People” are not as important as he is.. he has police in front of his house, yet, he still carries a concealed weapon.. this is the very epitome of what is wrong with American Govt., and Sweeney needs to be the poster boy for it… stunning is his ability to even stand in front of the family of Carol Browne, the woman who was murdered because of the laws he applies to everyone else, and not to himself and other wealthy and powerful citizens..

    12. I was at the protest. Sweeney was SUPER pissed as he got out of his Caddy Escalade. He stormed across the street muttering under his breath. Before he got there his wife had a few choice words for us low lifes. I can just imagine Slimey in his basement or garage trying to make his lawn sprinkler system operate. With the temperature over 90º the spray was very nice. Most of the populous have no clue how the S. Jersey Norcross political scene works.

      With the Demorats running this state and the impostor in the WH this country is headed down the drain.

    13. If you still live in “The Peoples Republic of New Jersey,” I would urge to get the Hell out. It will never get better, and you are risking your life and those you love because the police are under no obligation to protect you, and they can’t, or won’t.

    14. What did you expect from the People’s Republic of New Jersey, where only Mafiosi, politicians, gang-bangers, IslamoFascists and other assorted criminals are protected by guns? This politician is the typical left-wing hypocrite.

    15. I lived in N.J. for 63 years and the corrupt goverment from the top to the lowest official are the reason I no longer live there !!!

      1. Mr. Sweeney is a demoncrate, and like all demoncrates wants to disarm the people while he has his guns. When are the people of N.j going to open their eyes and get rid of the anti gun thugs. What they need to do is recall all the anti gun politicians and put people in place that are for the people having guns, that and relax the most restrictive gun laws in the country.

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