Gator Queen Liz Cookbook

Gator Queen Liz Cookbook
Gator Queen Liz Cookbook

Pecan Island, LA -( What do you do with a ‘gator after you catch it? Elizabeth Choate, from the History Channel’s popular “Swamp People,” has a few delicious ideas in her cookbook Gator Queen Liz. (Jacketless Hardcover with Concealed Spiral Binding, 6 ½ x 8 ½ in, 192 Pages, 75 Color Photographs, 978-1-4236-3922-0.)

And if you’re not the adventurous type (think nutria, not to mention other types of swamp game of Louisiana), you’ll love her takes on venison, duck and Cajun classics like shrimp, jambalaya, crawfish and gumbo, as well as downhome staples like fried pork chops, potato salad and 7-Up cake.

Choate has been learning how to cook Cajun food ever since she was a little girl, watching her mama cook up big meals and inviting friends and neighbors over to spend the evening eating and eating, and always laughing. Then she went on to work as head cook at Too’s Seafood and Steakhouse in Pierre Part, Louisiana. Learning from her parents, Choate’s moto is there’s always room for more people at her table.

Staring on “Swamp People” since 2011, Choate was nervous and sweatin’ at first until she started talking about how her dad showed her how to hunt and cook. Now, Choate is used to the cameras and takes pride in being able to explain to viewers that harvesting game isn’t a sport for her family but it’s a necessity to provide food for her table.

With 100 recipes, the Queen has something for all her fans and she hopes you enjoy cooking her Cajun food!

ELIZABETH CHOATE hunts alligators in “Swamp People,” which airs on The History Channel. She lives in Pecan Island, Louisiana.

You can buy her book “Gator Queen Liz Cookbook” on Amazon.