Halo’s XRT6 Proves You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Own a Quality Rangefinder

Halo XRT6 Rangefinder
Halo XRT6 Rangefinder

Halo Optics

Grand Prairie, TX -(AmmoLand.com)- When it comes to a list of essential hunting gear, a good laser rangefinder is near the top.

Unfortunately, by the time most of us purchase a bow or gun and our camouflage clothing, we’re already running low on funds. The folks at Halo don’t believe you should have to take out a second mortgage just to go to the woods, so their engineers set out to create a quality rangefinder that wouldn’t break the bank. The result is the Halo XRT6 Rangefinder.

While the XRT6 is affordable, that doesn’t mean it has been stripped of features. It’s the perfect rangefinder for bow hunting or gun hunting, and ranges targets out to 600 yards with a fantastic +/- 1-yard accuracy.

The scan mode allows for constant ranging of moving targets, while the 6x magnification means you’ll be able to identify targets without switching to other optics. The XRT6’s ergonomic shape feels good in the hand, while its quality construction means the unit is water resistant to perform in inclement weather.

The XRT6 comes with a carrying case and includes a 1-year warranty. There’s a lot of gear out there competing for your hunting dollars, but very few items have as direct an impact on your success as a laser rangefinder. Knowing the distance to your target is often the difference between a trophy on the wall or another what-if story back at camp.

Before you head out this fall, be sure to check out the affordable but effective Halo XRT6.

XRT6 Features:

  • Maximum of 600 yards to reflective target
  • Scan mode allows for constant ranging
  • 6x Magnification
  • Precise to +/- 1 yard
  • 6x Magnification
  • Water resistant
  • 1 year warranty
  • Uses 1 CR2 lithium ion battery (not included)
  • Carrying case (included)

You can purchase the Halo XRT6 Rangefinder on Amazon.

For more information on the XRT6 or the entire line of Halo’s quality rangefinders, please visit: www.halooptics.com.

Halo XRT6 Rangefinder
Halo XRT6 Rangefinder

Never compromise and never miss with Halo rangefinders.

About Halo Optics:

Halo Rangefinders use the best technology available. All rangefinders come standard with AI Technology, which accounts for slope to target and powered by Opti-Logic technology. Halo Rangefinder models include 6x or 8x magnification and scan mode that allows for constant ranging. Whether you are out in the woods hunting or on the golf course, we have the rangefinder for you. Never miss a target or hole in one with Halo Rangefinders!

For more information, visit www.HaloOptics.com.