The American Firearms Retailers Association Announces Board of Directors & Officers

AFRA’s Leadership Consists of Retailer and Range Owners

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American Firearms Retailers Association (AFRA)

Alexandria, VA -( The American Firearms Retailers Association (AFRA), today announced the election of its Board of Directors and Officers:

  • President – Barry Laws – Openrange Sports, Crestwood, Kentucky
  • Vice President – Kris Jacob – Bullseye USA, Inc., San Rafael, California
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Ryan Pennock – Thunderbird Firearms Academy, Wichita, Kansas
  • Glenn Duncan — Duncan’s Outdoor Shop, Inc., Bay City, Michigan
  • Miles Hall — H & H Shooting Sports Complex, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Jay Wallace — Adventure Outdoors, Smyrna, Georgia

These seasoned small business owners bring decades of knowledge and experience in the firearms industry to their positions on AFRA’s Board. With a clear understanding of the issues critical to the survival of America’s brick and mortar firearms retailers and ranges, these fellow retail, range and pawn shop owners will help position AFRA to best protect and promote the interests specific to firearms retailers.

“AFRA’s retailer and range centric focus puts our members and their interests first as they face daily economic, industry and regulatory challenges. For too long, the retailers have been left to fend for themselves, but those days are over. AFRA is here to protect and promote the interests of America’s firearms retailers – and we are going to fight like hell to accomplish just that,” said AFRA President Barry Laws.

“AFRA gives small, independent firearms retailers and range owners a unified voice. We are here to help our members, fellow small business owners, fight for issues that will bolster their bottom-line, promote best-in-class business and safety practices and protect them from emerging threats,” said AFRA Vice President Kris Jacob.

AFRA is dedicated to promoting good governance, education and pro-growth business practices and will work to establish firearms retail industry standards that improve safety, training, responsibility and community support.

For more information, or to join on the American Firearms Retailers, visit or call 844-687-2372.

About the American Firearms Retailers Association (AFRA)

AFRA, the American Firearms Retailers Association, is dedicated to promoting good governance, education and pro-growth business practices by focusing on issues that adversely impact the unique and critical player in the firearms industry – America’s Firearms Retailers. Firearms Retailers – family-owned small businesses and range owners, are the backbone to the firearms industry because we stand a counter’s width away from the consumer. AFRA is here to give Firearms Retailers a strengthened voice, help expand market share and protect against threats.

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